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S. duinen n. “flood, high tide” (Category: Sea)

S. duinen, n. “flood, high tide” (Category: Sea)
G. golaudri “deluge, flood”
G. laud “flood; high tide; tide, motion of the sea”
G. lust “weather; tide; time”
G. olod “tide, motion of the sea”

A noun for “flood, high tide” in notes from the late 1960s (VT48/24, 26), a combination of the root √DUY “flood” and S. nen “water”, as suggested by Patrick Wynne (VT48/32 note #19).

Reference ✧ VT48/26 ✧ “flood, high tide”



DUY “flow (strongly), flood, drench, inundate, pour” ✧ VT48/26
nen “water; lake, pool; (lesser) river”