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S. loss n. “snow” (Category: Snow)

S. loss, n. “snow” (Category: Snow)
G. “snow”
G. ith¹ “fine snow”

The usual Sindarin word for “snow” (Let/278; PE17/161; RGEO/62), especially fallen and long-lying snow (VT42/18), derived from primitive ✶lossē (PE17/161) based on the root √(G)LOS (PE17/26; RGEO/62). It sometimes appeared in a shorter form los (PE17/26, 161). See the entry on [s] for a discussion of these long vs. short variations; for purposes of Neo-Sindarin loss is probably preferable.

Conceptual Development: Perhaps the earliest iteration of this word was G. glui “snow” from the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s, likely related to nearby words like G. gloss “white” (GL/40). In The Etymologies of the 1930s, N. gloss from the root ᴹ√GOLOS was both noun “snow” and adjective “snow-white” (Ety/GOLÓS), but in later writing Tolkien split these into S loss “snow” (see above) and S. gloss “(dazzling) white” (RGEO/62; VT42/18).

References ✧ Let/278; PE17/26, 161; RGEO/62; SA/los; VT42/18




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Phonetic Developments

LŎS > los [lossē] > [losse] > [loss] ✧ PE17/26
lossē > loss [lossē] > [losse] > [loss] ✧ PE17/161
los > loss [lossē] > [losse] > [loss] ✧ RGEO/62
los > loss [lossē] > [losse] > [loss] ✧ SA/los
(G)LOS > loss [lossē] > [losse] > [loss] ✧ VT42/18

G. glui n. “snow” (Category: Snow)

See S. loss for discussion.

Reference ✧ GL/40 ✧ “snow”

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