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S. glad n. “wood” (Category: Woods, Forest)

S. glad, n. “wood” (Category: Woods, Forest)

A word for a “wood” in the name Methed-en-Glad “End of the Wood” (UT/153) and possibly also Gladuial “*Twilight Wood” (WJ/183, 188 note #48). It resembles galadh “tree” and is probably related to it, but it cannot be derived directly from the same root ᴹ√GALAD as that would produce **gladh. It was either derived from a variant root *√GALAT, or was a loan word from Nandorin where the word for “tree” was Nan. galad (MR/182; PE17/50, 60).

Reference ✧ UT/153 ✧ Glad “wood”


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