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S. †thoniel adj. “kindler (in the past)” (Category: to Light, Kindle)

S. †thoniel, adj. “kindler (in the past)” (Category: to Light, Kindle)

An element in the name Gilthoniel “Star-kindler” which Tolkien explained as “an archaic perfect participle/adjective of √THAN, kindle” in a 1955 letter to David Masson (PE17/82).

Neo-Sindarin: This perfect participle implies the existence of a verb *than- “to kindle”, but since Tolkien said the participle was archaic, the verb may be as well, and it is probably better to use attested [N.] nartha- for “kindle” in Neo-Sindarin.

Reference ✧ PE17/82 ✧ “kindler (in the past)”

Element In


Phonetic Developments

THAN > †thoniel [tʰāniel] > [θāniel] > [θǭniel] > [θauniel] > [θoniel] ✧ PE17/82