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S. faroth n. “*hunting” (Category: to Hunt)

S. faroth, n. “*hunting” (Category: to Hunt)
G. faroth “boundary”

An element in the name S. Taur-en-Faroth (S/168), untranslated in Tolkien’s later writings, though this location was described as the Hills of the Hunters in the Lays of Beleriand of the 1920s (LB/61). In The Etymologies of the 1930s the name was given as N. Taur-na-Faras, where N. faras was a noun for “hunting” under the root ᴹ√SPAR “hunt, pursue” (Ety/SPAR). It seems likely that S. faroth also means “hunting”, as an abstract noun form of the verb [N.] fara- “to hunt”.

Conceptual Development: In the first map of The Silmarillion, the Elvish name for “The Hills of the Hunters” was N. Duil Rewinion (SM/225). The word N. rewinion “of the hunters” seems to be a genitive plural, perhaps connected to N. rhui(w) “hunt, hunting” from The Etymologies of the 1930s (Ety/ROY¹).

References ✧ SA/faroth; UTI/Faroth


N. fara- “to hunt”
-th “abstract noun”

Element In


N. faras n. “hunting” (Category: to Hunt)

See S. faroth for discussion.

References ✧ Ety/SPAR; EtyAC/PHAR²


Element In


Phonetic Developments

ON. (s)pharasse > faras [sɸarasse] > [ɸarasse] > [farasse] > [farass] > [faras] ✧ Ety/SPAR

N. rewinion n. “of the hunters” (Category: to Hunt)

See S. faroth for discussion.

References ✧ SM/225



Rewinion genitive plural “of the hunters” ✧ SM/225

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