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S. eryn n. “wood, forest (of trees)” (Category: Woods, Forest)

S. eryn, n. “wood, forest (of trees)” (Category: Woods, Forest)

A word for a wood or forest of trees, most notably in the name Eryn Lasgalen “Wood of Greenleaves”, the name of Mirkwood when it was restored after the War of the Ring (LotR/1094, Let/382).

Possible Etymology: Tolkien gave a couple different explanations for this word. Sometimes he explained it as derived from ✶oronī, an ancient variant plural of S. orn reinterpreted a collective word, much like English “woods” (PE17/33, 153). But elsewhere he said it was derived from an ancient abstract noun ✶oronyē “of trees” (PE17/119). Of the two, I prefer the first explanation as a nice parallel to English.

References ✧ PE17/33, 119, 153; RC/lxv; UT/281; VT42/20




orn “(tall straight) tree” plural ✧ PE17/153 (†oron)

Element In


Phonetic Developments

oronī > Eryn [oronī] > [oroni] > [oruni] > [œryni] > [œryn] > [eryn] ✧ PE17/33
oronyē > eryn [oronjē] > [oronje] > [oronie] > [œrœnie] > [œrœni] > [œrœin] > [œryn] > [eryn] ✧ PE17/119