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S. go-² pref. “*away” (Category: From, Away)

⚠️S. go-², pref. “*away” (Category: From, Away)
N. #gwa-² “*away”

A hypothetical element in the name Gódhel, a late Sindarin replacement for Ódhel “Elf who left for Aman”, but Tolkien said “it seems most probable that it took g- from the old clan-name Golodh, pl. Goelydh, which it practically replaced” (WJ/364). Thus *go- “away” < ✶wā- is probably a false etymology.

Neo-Sindarin: For purposes of Neo-Sindarin, I would use gwa- as the prefix for “away”, as in gwahae “*far away”.

Reference ✧ WJ/364 ✧ go “*away”


Phonetic Developments

> gwǭ > go [wā-] > [wǭ-] > [gwǭ-] > [gwau-] > [gwo-] > [go-] ✧ WJ/364