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S. bardh [mb-] n. “home” (Category: Home)

S. bardh [mb-], n. “home” (Category: Home)
G. barthi “at home, home”

A word for “home” appearing in draft notes from the 1960s discussing the root √MBAR, where it was contrasted with bâr “house, dwelling”:

In Sindarin bar [< *mbăr-] (pl. bair) was used for a single house or dwelling, especially of the larger and more permanent sort; barð [< *mbardā̆] was much as English “home”, the (proper) place for one (or a community) to dwell in (PE17/164).

It was also contrasted with milbar “dear home” which was used for the “emotional senses ‘home’ as the place of one’s birth, or desire, or one’s home returned to after journey or exile” (PE17/164). In later versions of these notes on √MBAR, Tolkien mentioned bâr and milbar but not bardh (PE17/109).

Neo-Sindarin: Given its absense from the final version of the √MBAR notes, it is possible Tolkien abandoned bardh “home”. However, I prefer to retain it for purposes of Neo-Sindarin for the ordinary sense of “home”, and reserve milbar for one’s “emotional home” or “*true home” from which one is currently separated, as opposed to the home that you are living now = bardh. I would use bâr primarily in the sense “house, dwelling”.

Reference ✧ PE17/164 ✧ barð “home”

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Phonetic Developments

mbardā̆ > barð [mbarda] > [barda] > [barða] > [barð] ✧ PE17/164