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S. -ien suf. “feminine ending” (Category: Female)

S. -ien, suf. “feminine ending” (Category: Female)

An occasional feminine suffix in Sindarin, in one place given as a feminine patronymic (PE17/170) as in the name Lúthien “Daughter of Flowers” (PE17/15, 161). See the entry on the root √YE(L) for a discussion of conceptual vacillations on its connection to “daughter”.

Conceptual Development: In Noldorin it seems N. -ien was simply a feminine suffix in the name N. Lhúthien “Enchantress” (Ety/LUK).

Reference ✧ PE17/170 ✧ “feminine patronymic”

Element In



Phonetic Developments

(ĭ)ondī > -ien [-iondī] > [-iondi] > [-iœndi] > [-iœnd] > [-iœnn] > [-ienn] > [-ien] ✧ PE17/170

N. *-ien suf. “feminine ending” (Category: Female)

See S. -ien for discussion.

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