Gnomish Words

-a suf. “genitive suffix”
a-¹ pron. “it, they; 3rd-person pronoun”
prep. “from”
prep. “of” see a(n)
a-² pref. “?”
abair n. “victory”
abod adv. “again; in return, in exchange; back”
abont adv. “back; backwards”
ach adv. “too, *excessively”
âch n. “waterfall” see acha
acha n. “waterfall”
a(d) prep. “into”
ada n. “daddy” see (n)ada
adhin adv. “once (up a time), long ago, formerly” see dîn
adhwen n. “approach, avenue”
adi n. “daddy” see (n)ada
ador n. “father”
adr prep. and adv. “across, athwart”
adr(a) adj. “lying athwart; situated on far side”
adron adv. “further, beyond, over; on other side”
adros n. “crossing, ford”
adrum n. “hammer” see odrum
agla n. “flash”
aglar n. “glory”
aglar(i)ol adj. “glorious”
aglath n. “glory”
aglen n. “flash” see agla
agra adj. “extreme, vehement, excessive”
agraith n. “contempt” see agrech
agrech n. “contempt”
agrectha- v. “to despise, contemn”
agrectharol adj. “despicable, contemptible”
agrecthion adj. “despised”
agros adv. “excessively, too; excess”
ai interj. “oh!”
aibin n. “cherry (tree)”
aibios n. “cherry (tree)” see aibin
aidha n. “nest”
aidlan n. “today” see ain²
aidra- v. “to expiate”
aidros n. “expiation”
aigli n. “bird”
aigos n. “pine-tree”
aiguis n. “pine-tree” see aigos
ail n. “lake, pool”
ailion n. “lake, pool”
ain¹ n. “god”
ain² n. “today”
aina¹ adj. “small”
aina² n. “today” see ain²
ainan n. “today” see aindana
aindana n. “today”
aindanathon adj. “today”
ainil n. “(female) god”
ainog n. “*(male) god” see ainos
ainos n. “(male) god”
ainuil n. “*(female) god” see ainil
air(in) adj. “holy, sacred”
ais n. “knowledge, wisdom”
aisc adj. and n. “sharp, bitter; sharp edge of a blade”
aist n. “reverence, awe”
aista- v. “to revere”
aistog adj. “holy, revered, awful”
aith¹ n. “thorn”
aith² n. “sword”
aitha- v. “to prick, sting”
aitheb adj. “sharp, piercing”
aithi n. “sword” see aith²
aith(i)or n. “warrior, swordsman”
aithl n. “spring”
aithla- v. “to spring (from), issue forth, bubble up”
aithog adj. “thorny”
aithos n. “thorn bush”
aithr n. “thorn, †sword”
aithra adj. “piercing, sharp; thorny”
aithrog n. “warrior”
aithron n. “warrior, †swordsman”
aithweg n. “warrior”
aithwen n. “sword” see aith²
aithyl n. “spring” see aithl
aivin n. “rookery, colony of birds” see aivor
aivor n. “rookery, colony of birds”
âl n. “wood (material)”
alaf n. “broad of the back” see alm
alan n. “shoulder”
alch(ar) n. “shrine, temple” see alc(hor)
alcharn adj. “of wood, wooden” see âlog
alc(hor) n. “shrine, fane, temple”
alepthog adj. “fingered, having fingers”
alewthion adj. “having fingers”
alf n. “swan” see alfa
alfa n. “swan”
alfuil(in) n. “swan”
alm n. “back (from shoulder to shoulder), shoulders”
alm(oth) n. “forest”
âlog adj. “of wood, wooden”
alos n. “forest”
altha n. “shoot, sprig, scion, sapling”
altha- v. “to shoot up, grow (high)”
alw(eg) adj. “lofty (of living things, trees, men)”
alwen n. “tree”
am¹ adv. “up, upwards, towards head of, above”
am² n. “breast, front (chest)”
amabwed adj. “having hands”
amaith n. “mother” see amil
am(b)ros(t) n. “dawn”
ami n. “mummy” see (m)ami
amil n. “mother”
amlad n. “surface”
ammogrint adj. “red-breast[ed]”
ammos n. “byrne, hauberk, cuirass”
amon¹ n. “hill, mount, steep slope”
amon² adv. “uphill, against stream”
amosgarn n. “robin”
amoth n. “breast” see am²
amra- v. “to go up and down, live in the mountains, wander”
amrad n. “nomand, wanderer (f.)” see amraith
amraith n. “nomand, wanderer (f.)”
amrint n. “lark”
amrod adj. “wandering, living in wilds”
amrog n. “nomand, wanderer”
amrog-dorn n. “brown wanderer, gipsy”
amrost n. “dawn” see am(b)ros(t)
a(n) prep. “of”
an¹ n. “person, -body, one, anyone, someone, they; creature”
ang n. “iron”
angrin adj. “of iron, iron”
ann n. “door” see anna
anna n. “door, opening”
annai adv. “far away”
annor(in) adj. “lofty”
annuir adj. “lofty” see annor(in)
anos n. “man (fullgrown), warrior”
anoth n. “†manhood; man (fullgrown), warrior”
anothrin adj. “adult (of men), fullgrown; manly”
ant n. “cheek; face”
antha- v. “to give”
antha adj. “upper”
anthor(in) adj. “lofty (of mountains)”
anthos adv. “up, above”
anthum prep. “upwards, cg. onto”
ar- pref. “beside, along with, compared with”
ar¹ prep. “at; to, towards”
ar² conj. “and, too, besides”
arc adj. “fierce, harsh, ill tempered; awkward, difficult”
arch adj. “fierce, harsh; awkward, difficult” see arc
archod n. “difficulty”
archos n. “savagery, evil temper”
archuis n. “evil temper” see archos
arf adj. “barren, dry, desert” see arp
argulthion adj. “equal, equivalent”
arin(g) n. “kiln”
armin n. “desert, waste”
arn n. “son”
arog adj. “swift, rushing, torrential”
arp adj. “barren, dry, desert”
art adv. “beside, along side of”
artha- v. “to approach”
artha prep. “alongside (of)”
arthaid- v. “to join”
arthi adv. “also, as well, besides, too”
arwad n. “apple tree”
asc¹ n. “water”
asc² n. “bone; stone of fruit” see asg
asg n. “bone; stone of fruit”
ath pron. “they, 3rd pl. pronoun” see atha¹
atha¹ pron. “they, 3rd pl. pronoun”
atha² num. card. “two”
athla adv. “twice”
athron adj. “second, other”
athru adj. “secondly, once more, again”
athwi adj. “both”
auba n. “shout”
augla n. “ray of sunlight, sunbeam”
auglas n. “bright sunshine”
auglos n. “bright sunshine” see auglas
áugwila adj. “sunny, sunlit”
aul adv. “ill, badly”
aulin adj. “wrong”
aur(a) n. “Sun”
aurin adj. “made (by craft of hand), wrought, fashioned”
aurost n. “dawn” see haurost
ausin adj. and n. “rich; fortune”
ausirol n. “fortune”
aus(s)aith n. “avarice” see avosaith
aust n. “summer”
auth n. “sunshine, warmth; noontide”
authmadri n. “midday meal”
authmeg n. “midday, high noon”
avas n. “wealth; luck” see avos
avasaith n. “avarice, greed of gold” see avosaith
avin prep. “into”
-(a)vlid suf. “less”
avos n. “wealth, fortune, prosperity; luck”
avosaith n. “avarice, money-greed, greed of gold”
awl adj. “*lofty” see alw(eg)
adv. “away, off”
ba prep. “in”
bab- v. “to drink, quaff”
bâb n. “father”
baba n. “mummy, mamma” see babi
babi n. “mummy, mamma”
bacha n. “jacket, coat”
bactha- v. “to walk”
bactha n. “leg”
bad- v. “to travel”
bad¹ n. “building, outhouse, shed”
bad² n. “path”
bada- v. “to build”
badweg n. “traveller; pedlar”
bag- v. “to sell, trade”
bageth n. “market”
bagri n. “wares”
bagron n. “trader”
baidha- v. “to clothe”
bail n. “sheath, case, cover; pod”
bain adj. “clad”
baith¹ n. “garment”
baith² n. “way, road, journey”
baithri n. “clothes, clothing”
bâl adj. “worthy, important; great, mighty”
bal [mb-] n. “anguish, pain; evilness”
balc adj. “cruel, evil”
bald adj. “*worthy” see bâl
baldrin adj. “mighty”
balt adj. “rid, soluit, free”
Ban¹ n. “god, one of the Valar”
banc n. “trade”
band n. “hell”
bandra adv. “away, gone, departed, lost”
bang n. “staff”
bant n. “wall”
baptha- v. “to feed; to take sup of”
-bar suf. “dweller; home, -ham”
bar [mb-] n. “home, dwelling”
bara [mb-] n. “home, cottage”
barai [mb-] adv. “at home, home” see barthi
barant [mb-] adv. “homewards, home” see barod
baravlid [mb-] adj. “homeless”
barc n. “dread, terror”
barchol adj. “terrible, awful”
bardha n. “realm”
bardha- v. “to rule, reign”
barn [mb-] adj. “tilled, inhabited”
bar(n)a- [mb-] v. “to dwell in (a land), till (land)”
barod [mb-] adv. “homewards, home”
barog [mb-] adv. “from home, out, away, abroad” see baron¹
baron¹ [mb-] adv. “from home, out, away, abroad”
baron² [mb-] adj. “tilled, inhabited” see barn
baros [mb-] n. “hamlet”
bart¹ n. “change”
bart² n. “*fate” see mart(os)
bartha- v. “to change, exchange, alter”
barthi [mb-] adv. “at home, home”
barwen [mb-] n. “homestead”
bas- [mb-] v. “to bake”
basbos n. “splash”
basbotha- v. “to splash”
basca- v. “to flap” see basga-
bascovas n. “flapping and beating (especially of wings)”
basga- v. “to flap”
basgorn [mb-] n. “loaf (of bread)”
bass n. “wing, pinion”
bast [mb-] n. “bread”
baul n. “body, trunk”
baur [mb-] n. “house”
beb adv. “[unglossed]”
(be)bilfir n. “conscience”
bectha n. “tip; chin”
bedhgad n. “wedlock”
bedhin adj. “wedded, married”
bedhiod n. “wedlock”
bedhren n. “brother in law, kinsman by marriage”
bedhres n. “sister in law, *kinswoman by marriage”
bedhri n. “wedding”
bedhril n. “wife”
bedhron n. “husband”
bedhwen n. “matrimony”
beg n. “chin”
begl n. “beard”
belectha- v. “to extol, magnify”
beleg adj. “mighty, great”
beleth(os) n. “144, a gross; a great number”
belin adj. “expanded, unrolled, unfurled, set (of sails)”
belon n. “sail”
beltha- v. “to open out (transitive), expand, unroll, set sail”
belu- v. “to unroll, unfurl (intransitively), belly (of sails), swell”
belwa- v. “to unroll, unfurl (intransitively), belly (of sails), swell” see belu-
benc n. “small boat” see bent
benin adj. “shapely, pretty”
benli n. “a pretty”
benn¹ n. “husband”
benn² n. “shape, cut, fashion, shapeliness”
benna- v. “to wed”
bent n. “small boat”
bentha- v. “to cut, fashion, shape”
benthi adj. “pretty”
benwed adj. “shapely, pretty” see benin
besgad n. “wedlock” see bedhgad
bess n. “wife”
bi prep. “in”
bil n. “bird”
bilin(c) n. “small bird, sparrow”
biltha- v. “to flutter, flit”
bin prep. “into”
bir prep. “in, within, inside”
bith n. “juice, sap”
bladwen n. “plain”
blaith n. “spirit”
blant adj. “flat, open, expansive, candid, blunt (of words)”
blantos n. “sycamore”
blath n. “floor”
blectha n. “a flame”
blectha- v. “to flash”
bleg n. “a flame”
blenc adj. “brilliant”
blencha- v. “to flash” see blectha-
bless [mb-] n. “grace, kindness, good feeling”
blethrin [mb-] adj. “gracious, kind”
blid- v. “to free, rid”
blith n. “air, breeze, zephyr”
bloss [mb-] n. “wheat”
bo- pref. “son of”
bod adv. “behind, back, of time ago, ‘a while back’”
bod- pref. “back, again; un- (= backwards)”
bodra adj. “back(ward), hinder, rear”
bodra- v. “to hinder, delay, tarry”
bodron adv. “behind, further back”
bodruith n. “revenge”
bodruithog adj. “thirsting for vengeance (for a particular act)”
bodruithol adj. “vengeful (by nature)”
bon- pref. “son of” see bo-
bo(n) n. “son”
bont adv. “back(wards)”
bôr n. “descendant”
bóra adv. “always, ever, continuously”
bordd n. “fireplace”
born n. “age, great period”
botheb- v. “to untie, undo, unloose”
bothli [mb-] n. “oven”
brach n. “shawl, plaid, wrap”
bractha- v. “to refresh; to revive, arouse, awaken”
brada n. “wain, waggon, cart”
brag adj. “fresh”
brageth n. “freshness”
braitha- v. “to wrap, swathe”
branc n. “bow (for shooting)” see brant²
brand n. “hall” see †brann
brann n. “dwelling, hall”
brant¹ [mb-] adj. “cooked, done; overdone”
brant² n. “bow (for shooting)”
branta n. “bow (for shooting)” see brant²
brantha- v. “to scorch”
brath- v. “to cook”
brid- v. “[unglossed]”
bridh(n)ir n. “queen, princess”
bridhon n. “king, prince”
bridhweg n. “liege (m.)”
bridhwig n. “liege (f.)”
bridol adj. “changing, varying, variable”
brig- v. “to fear, be afraid of”
brigla- v. “to change, vary”
brigli n. “variation”
brigol adj. “afraid; fearful, timid”
brinc adj. “clear, transparent”
brindi n. “(Queen) Princess”
bringlast n. “alabaster”
brin(in) n. “glassy substance”
brith- v. “to chance”
brithla n. “pearl”
broch n. “mare” see bros(s)
brod adj. “steadfast, firm” see bron(n)
brog n. “horse”
bron(n) adj. “steadfast, firm”
bronniol adj. “constant, faithful”
bront adv. “perpetually”
brontha adj. “continual, continuous, unceasing; everlasting”
bronwedieth n. “constancy” see bronweth
bronweth n. “constancy”
bros(s) n. “mare”
brum n. “noise” see rum
brumla- v. “to make a noise” see rumla-
buin n. “desire, wish”
#-c suf. “noun or adjective suffix”
cab- v. “to jump, leap”
cacha- v. “to laugh”
cactha- v. “to deride, mock, make fun of, laugh at”
caf- v. “to taste (used of the thing)”
caf n. “blade”
cafalon adj. “bald, *(lit.) head-naked”
cafol adj. “bald” see cafalon
cafwen n. “sense of taste, taste, judgement”
cag n. “joke, jest”
cagli n. “joke, jest” see cagri
cagri n. “joke, jest”
cagrin adj. “funny, amusing”
cagriol adj. “jocular”
cail n. “lip”
cailtha- v. “to kiss”
cailthi n. “kiss”
caineglad n. “fortnight”
caith n. “cause, reason, motive”
caitha- v. “to make to do or be, cause, compel, induce, bring about”
caithl n. “source, fount, origin”
caithonwed adj. “original”
caithos n. “causation”
calon adj. “grown (of plants), budd[ing], in blade (of corn)”
calph n. “bucket”
caltha- v. “to wax, grow, flourish”
caltha n. “plant, herb”
calw n. “green shoot, sapling, sprout”
calwed adj. “flourishing, adolescent”
cam adj. “bent, bowed; submissive, humble”
camba- v. “to stoop, cower” see cam(m)a-
cam(m)a- v. “to stoop, bend, bow, cower; to submit”
camp n. “leap”
canc n. “laughter, mirth, merriment”
cancha- v. “to laugh” see cacha-
cancol adj. “laughing”
cang adj. and n. “tangled, confused, mixed up, awry; tangle, confusion, mêllay”
canga- v. “to tangle”
cangi- v. “to go wrong, get tangled” see cinga-
cant num. card. “four”
cantha n. “flame”
cantharol adj. “glaring, flaming”
canthor n. “blaze, flare, glare”
cantrib n. “square”
captha- v. “to startle”
cara n. “deed, act”
carc n. “jag, point, fang”
cariod(wen) n. “activity”
carm n. “deed, act, exploit”
carn adj. “done, finished”
carna n. “gore, blood (especially fresh blood)”
carn(in) adj. “scarlet”
carp n. “bundle, bunch”
carpa adv. “together, in a bunch, bunched-up”
cartha- v. “to finish, make”
carthion adj. “complete, perfect”
cas n. “head, skull”
cathor n. “helmet, (lit.) head-ward”
caug¹ n. “humpback”
caug² adj. “humped, bulging; bent”
caum n. “knob”
caura adj. “sour (of milk)”
cauri n. “cheese” see cûr
cautha-¹ v. “to taste (of the taster or person); to get flavour of, perceive, notice”
cautha-² v. “to shave”
cauthiol adj. “tasteful, endowed with good taste; discreet, circumspect”
cav- v. “to bend, make stoop”
cavra- v. “to stoop, cower”
cectha- v. “to spout out”
celc n. “glass, a glass”
celchin adj. “of glass”
celchwed adj. “glassy”
celeb n. “silver”
celebrin adj. “of silver”
celebriol adj. “like silver”
celeg n. “glass”
celegrin adj. “glassy, like glass”
celeptha adj. “silvern”
celu n. “rill, stream, runlet”
celu- v. “to trickle”
celwa- n. “to trickle” see celu-
celwin n. “rill, stream, runlet” see celu
ceral n. “jar”
-chi suf. “dim[inutive] suffix”
adv. “here”
cilm n. “rim, brink, edge”
ciloba- v. “to twitter, chirp, chirrup”
cílobi n. “robin” see cilobinc
cilobinc n. “robin”
ciloptha- v. “to twitter, chirp, chirrup” see ciloba-
cilt n. “jerk”
ciltha- v. “to tug, jerk (out)”
cim n. “blade”
cinga- v. “to go wrong, get tangled”
cingra adj. “plaited”
cingra- v. “to plait”
cingrafindl n. “pigtail”
cing(win) n. “spider”
cint adv. “hither”
cintha- v. “to light, set alight”
cîr adj. “sour (of milk)” see caura
cír n. “cheese” see cûr
cîrin adj. “present (place or time), modern”
cith n. “affair, matter, thing”
clamfa- v. “to grab, claw at”
clam(p) n. “grasp, claw”
clann n. “branch”
clast n. “bud, shoot, sprout”
clath n. “small branch, twig”
*cli adj. “?attractive”
clib- v. “to uphold, support; to lean”
clidhron n. “[unglossed]”
climbol n. “[unglossed]”
climli n. “heaven, sky”
cloch n. “stone (small), stone of fruit”
clochiol adj. “stone”
clochrin adj. “stony, stone-like” see clogrin
clochwed adj. “stony, stone-covered” see clogwed
clocthi n. “pebble”
clog n. “stone (small)” see cloch
clogod n. “shingle beach”
clogrin adj. “stony, stone-like”
clogwed adj. “stony, stone-covered”
closs n. “shingle”
cluim adj. “warm, cosy”
cluimri n. “pleasant warmth, cosiness”
clum(mi) n. “mushroom”
cod n. “nut”
codiavol adj. “nutbearing” see codiof
codiof adj. “nutbearing”
codomla n. “*chestnut”
codorn n. “*nut tree”
codrin adj. “nutty”
codron n. “*nut tree” see codorn
codwalion n. “walnut, chestnut”
codwed adj. “nutbearing”
côf n. “savour, smack, odour”
cog n. “claw, fist”
côl n. “herb, vegetable, edible plant; wort”
colc n. “chest, box”
colu n. “pestilence”
coluid adj. “pestilent”
colw adj. “black”
côma n. “disease, illness”
cômathol adj. “diseased, ill”
corin adj. “round, circular; rolling” see corol
corm n. “ring, circle, disc”
corn n. “loaf”
corob n. “skull”
corol adj. “round, circular; rolling”
cortheb n. “bounds, boundary”
coth n. “nutshell, husk”
craig adj. “crooked”
craith n. “foam, froth, spume”
craitho- v. “to spit” see crectha-
cranta- v. “to finish, achieve, accomplish, complete”
crantha- v. “to complete” see cranta-
crech n. “spittle”
crectha- v. “to spit”
crî n. “knife”
crib- v. “to gather, pluck”
crictha- v. “to bend”
crig n. “elbow”
crinc adj. and n. “bent and thin; crescent”
crintha adj. “rosy, pink”
crinthammos n. “robin, (lit.) red-breast”
criptha adj. and adv. “together, in a bunch, bunched-up”
crisc adj. “sharp”
criscolas n. “holly, (lit.) *sharp-leaf”
cris(s) n. “cleft, gash, gully, ravine”
crist n. “knife; slash, slice”
crista- v. “to slash, cut, slice”
crithiol adj. “circular” see crithog
crithla- v. “to encircle; to circle, go round”
crithog adj. “circular”
crithos n. “circle, ring”
croctha- v. “to catch, snare, trap”
crog n. “hook”
crogin adj. “hooked”
crôl adj. “round”
cross n. “ball”
crost n. “lump, ball, cake”
crug n. “beak (espec. of a ship)”
crui n. “colour”
cruim adj. “coloured”
cruith n. “colour, complexion, appearance”
crunc n. “crow”
n. “bow, crescent; the waxing or waning moon”
cub adj. “hollow”
cuctha n. “consideration”
cucthol adj. “painstaking”
cug- v. “to ponder, resolve, think, consider”
cuib adj. “alive”
cuibri n. “vitality”
cuid n. “animal, living creature”
cuil n. “life, lifetime”
cuilborn n. “lifetime”
cuilin adj. “golden” see culwin
cuilog adj. “alive, lively”
cuilogri n. “liveliness”
cuilogwi n. “liveliness” see cuilogri
cuith n. “life, the vital principle; living body”
cuitha- v. “to live, be alive”
cuithos n. “life (period of life); living, livelihood”
culon n. “*gold” see †culu
culu n. “gold”
culwin adj. “golden”
cûm n. “mound (especially grave), burial mound”
cum- v. “to lie (down)”
cumli n. “couch”
cûn adj. “bowed, bent, concave”
cunghol adj. “painstaking”
cuno n. “care, thought, ‘pains’”
cunwed adj. “bowed, bent, concave” see cûn
cuptha- v. “to bend (tr).”
cur- v. “to turn sour, curdle, congeal”
cûr n. “cheese”
curdhu n. “sin, wickedness, evil”
curdhuig n. “sinner [m.]” see curdhweg
curdhuin n. “sinner [f.]” see curdhwin
curdhweg n. “sinner [m.]”
curdhwin n. “sinner [f.]”
curin adj. “magical”
curth n. “curd”
curtha- v. “to curdle, to make cheese (tr.)”
curu n. “magic”
curug n. “wizard”
curus n. “witch”
curusôn n. “witchcraft”
curuthli n. “enchantments, sorcery”
cusc adj. “hushed, quiet; abashed” see susc
cuvon adj. “bowed, bent, concave” see cûn
cwam adj. “ill”
cwanc adj. “sickly, poorly, seedy”
cwancha- v. “to ail”
cwanchri n. “ailment”
cwant adj. “the whole, all the (with article); full”
cwarth (cwardh-) adj. “evil, bad, wicked”
cwas- v. “to shake, wag, nod, flap”
cwast adj. “shaking”
cwath- v. “to shake, wag, nod” see cwas-
cwathil n. “plume” see cwathli
cwathli n. “plume, spray, tassel”
cwathra- v. “to shake (intr.)”
cwed- v. “to say, tell”
Cwedhrin n. “*Elvish (Qenya)” see Cweneglin
cwedri n. “telling (of tales)”
cwel- v. “to fade, wither”
cweleg n. “corpse, dead body”
cwelm n. “dusk”
cweloth n. “fading”
Cweneglin n. “*Elvish (Qenya)”
Cwenn n. “Elf”
cwent n. “tale, saying”
cwerc n. “throat”
cwess n. “saying, proverb”
cweth n. “word”
cwibra- v. “to arouse (tr.)”
cwidhra- v. “to rustle” see cwira-
cwil n. “hue, tint”
cwîl adj. “quiet, peaceful, gentle”
cwildred n. “bat (animal)”
cwileg n. “alder”
cwiliog adj. “bright-hued”
cwilon adj. “bright-hued” see cwiliog
cwim adj. “awake, alert, alive”
cwimp adj. “alert, vigilant”
cwim(ri) n. “body, flesh”
cwing n. “bow”
cwingfim adj. “skilled at archery”
cwingfimli n. “skill at archery”
cwinglios n. “archery”
cwingron n. “archer”
cwintha- v. “to fill”
cwiptha- v. “to arouse (tr.)”
cwir- v. “to stir, stir round, make spin”
cwîr n. “cream”
cwira- v. “to rustle”
cwiril n. “spindle”
cwiruin n. “spinning wheel”
cwist n. “secret”
cwitha- v. “to murmur, whisper”
cwithra- v. “to murmur, whisper” see cwitha-
cwithri n. “whisper”
cwithwiros n. “poplar”
cwiv- v. “to be awake”
cwivra- v. “to awaken (intr.)”
cwivros n. “awakening”
adj. “high”
da prep. “?with, into”
dâd n. “grandfather”
dâf n. “bark” see dafros
daf- v. “to strip, flay, peel skin”
dafros n. “bark, skin, peel”
dai¹ n. “sky”
dai² adv. “very, exceedingly”
daimoth n. “heaven”
dair n. “play, merriment”
daira- v. “to play” see dairtha-
dairiol adj. “merry (of things), funny”
dairion adj. “merry” see dairog
dairog adj. “merry (of persons)”
dairtha- v. “to play, amuse”
dairwed adj. “merry, funny (common)”
dairwen n. “mirth”
dal n. “cairn”
dala- [nd-] v. “to sing or ring”
dalech n. “(upright) stone”
daleg n. “(upright) stone” see dalech
daltha- v. “to erect, set up”
dân n. “day” see dana
dana n. “day (24 hours)”
danoriol adj. “daily”
dant n. “lamp”
dantha- v. “to illuminate, light up, illustrate”
danthos n. “(artificial) light, illumination”
dara adj. “lofty”
darath n. “summit, peak” see daroth
daroth n. “summit, peak”
dauth n. “skin, hide”
dautha adj. “naked, stripped”
dauth(r)a- v. “to strip, flay”
deg pron. “what (n[euter])”
deil(i)an n. “beech tree” see deldron
deldrin grontholas [nd-] n. “oakleaved beech” see deldron grondolas
deldrinwed [nd-] adj. “beechen”
deldrogod [nd-] n. “beech nut”
deldron [nd-] n. “beech (tree)”
deldron grondolas [nd-] n. “oakleaved beech”
delmos n. “beech nuts, mast [= fruit of beech, oak, chestnut]”
delwen n. “beech tree” see deldron
difedhin adj. and n. “*outlaw” see nifedhin
dim adj. “past, over, former”
dimborn n. “the past, past days, olden times”
dîn adv. “once (up a time), long ago, formerly”
dir pron. “who (f.)”
dîr adj. “long (of time)”
diradhim adv. “once upon a time” see diradhin
diradhin adv. “once upon a time”
diriol adj. “tedious”
dod n. “berry”
dod- v. “to fall down, drop”
dodri n. “falling”
dodri·lassion n. “autumn, *(lit.) falling of leaves”
dôf n. “hide, skin”
dol- [nd-] v. “to dig”
dolc [nd-] adj. “deep”
doldrin [nd-] n. “mole”
dolfa [nd-] n. “mole”
dólin n. “song”
dolm [nd-] n. “pit”
dolmeg [nd-] n. “mole”
don pron. “who”
dôn ? “[unglossed]”
dont n. “fall, bump, drop”
dôr [nd-] n. “land, country (inhabited), people of the land”
dori n. “queen”
dorm n. “summit”
dorn n. “seat”
dorn(a) [nd-] n. “(holm) oak, ilex”
doros n. “throne”
dortha- v. “to settle”
dorven [nd-] n. “landscape, scene, *(lit.) land-shape”
dos adv. “when”
doth [nd-] n. “drizzle, damp, moisture”
dothli n. “drizzle”
drab n. “labour, toil, irksome work”
drab- v. “to labour, work; (impersonal) to irk, annoy”
drabri adj. “labouring”
drambor n. “thudder”
drauth adj. “weary, toilworn, tired”
drautha- v. “to weary, tire out”
drauthiol adj. “arduous, labourious”
drauthos n. “toil, weariness from labour”
drib- [nd-] v. “to rot, decay, wear out”
dribin adj. “worn out”
drim n. “dew”
-drin suf. “suffix in the name of languages” see -glin
drinn n. “ring, disc”
drint n. “twist, wrench, turn”
drintha- v. “to turn (tr.), twist”
drio [nd-] n. “hero, warrior”
driod [nd-] n. “heroism, valour”
driodweg [nd-] n. “hero, warrior”
driodwen [nd-] n. “heroism, valour”
driog [nd-] adj. “valiant”
driothweg [nd-] n. “hero, warrior” see driodweg
driothwen [nd-] n. “heroism, valour” see driodwen
drith [nd-] n. “savour, smell, flavour; suggestion, inkling”
drith- v. “it smells, smacks of, savours of”
drô n. “wheel track, rut”
drog n. “slave, thrall, servant”
drogla n. “cart”
drogod n. “slavery, bondage, thraldom”
drogol adj. “servile, slavish; base, mean” see drogwed
drogwed adj. “servile, slavish; base, mean”
drogwin n. “slave woman”
dronn [nd-] n. “race, course, track”
drû n. “wood, forest” see drui
drui n. “wood, forest”
drum adj. “stout, firm, strong”
dui adv. “where”
duif (duiv-) n. “stream”
duil¹ n. “flight, power of flight; having power of flight, fledged”
duil² n. “swallow”
duila- v. “to fly”
duileg adj. “having power of flight, fledged”
duilinc n. “swallow” see duilin(g)
duilin(g) n. “swallow”
duivrad n. “canal”
duivrant n. “aqueduct”
dûl [nd-] adj. “hollow”
dultha- v. “to dine”
dultha n. “supper, dinner”
dulwen n. “feast”
dum adj. “secret, not to be spoken”
dumgort n. “(evil) idol” see dungort
dungort n. “(evil) idol”
durog adj. “wooden”
duru n. “wood; pole, beam, log”
duruin adj. “wooden” see durog
dwindi n. “a swift (bird)”
ectha- v. “to spout, jet”
ectha n. “sword”
ecthadra- v. “to slay, put to the sword”
ecthel(uin) n. “fountain, fount”
ecthor n. “warrior, swordsman”
ed prep. “close by”
edh prep. “outside, near borders of, near, hard by, beside”
edhos prep. “just without, close by”
#-eg suf. “adjectival suffix” see #-og
eg¹ n. “point”
eg² adv. “far away, wide, distant, far off”
egelmion adj. “broadshouldered”
egiont adj. “further, farther”
Egla n. “fairy, (lit.) being from outside”
egli(n) n. “needle”
egra adj. “distant, far away”
egrin adj. “wide, vast, broad; far”
egriol adj. “excessive”
egros adv. “distant, far away”
egwed adj. “far, distant”
eiben n. “cherry” see aibin
eilian n. “branch”
eilin n. “pool” see ailion
eirin adj. “holy” see †air(in)
eithlos n. “family”
eithog n. “ancestor, †father, sire”
eithweg n. “ancestor, †father, sire” see eithog
el conj. “or”
elc adv. and n. “else, something else”
elef n. “half, half a ...”
eleg adj. “other, else”
elegrin adj. “different, strange”
elf n. “heart”
elfeg adj. “half”
elfel adj. “different, like something else”
elf(in) num. card. “five”
elma- v. “to marvel at, admire”
elm(en) n. “wonder; singular, marvelous or unique thing; something strange”
elt¹ n. “change”
elt² n. “dig, poke (probe), tug, lug”
elta- v. “to draw, tug, lug; to thrust, dig, poke (inward)”
eltha adv. “or, otherwise”
eltha- v. “to alter, change”
el(u)m interj. “think of that!”
em adj. “named, called by name”
embrin adj. “by name, named”
emfeg adj. “infamous, of evil name”
en pron. “that by you, that already mentioned (by you), that past”
end n. “birds nest”
enfeg adj. “infamous, of evil name” see emfeg
eng adj. and n. “smooth, level”
eng(a) n. “plain, vale”
engan n. “spear”
engri n. “flat surface, level, plane”
engri[n] adj. “of iron” see angrin
engriol adj. “vale like, of the vale”
enn n. “name”
enos n. “title”
entha- v. “to name, call, indicate, point out”
entha adv. “there by you, thither”
enu- v. “to be called, be named”
enuith n. “title” see enos
enwa- v. “to be called, be named” see enu-
enweg n. “name sake”
enwiol adj. “nominal”
er adj. “one”
ereg adj. “alone, only”
ereth n. “solitude, oneness, loneliness”
er(e)tha- v. “to isolate, rob, deprive”
erethog adj. “isolated, solitary, lonely” see erethrin
erethrin adj. “isolated, solitary, lonely”
ermin n. “desert, waste” see armin
ert adv. “once, once only”
erth (erdh-) n. “wish”
erthi adv. “also, as well, besides, too” see arthi
erw adv. “only”
erwed adj. “unique”
esc n. “sharp point, sharp edge”
est(i)rin n. “pinnacle, tower”
estirion n. “pinnacle, tower” see est(i)rin
-eth suf. “abstract noun” see #-(o)th
ethl(in) n. “ivy”
fâ- v. “to have, hold, possess”
fab- v. “to handle, touch, feel”
fabli n. “sense of touch”
fabwed adj. “corpulent”
fad adv. “enough”
fadin adj. “sated, saturated”
fadra- v. “to sate, weary, ‘feed up’”
fadrin adj. “sufficient”
fadriol adj. “sufficient” see fadrin
fadrog adj. “tiresome”
fadro(n) adj. “too much”
fadros n. “satiety, weariness of anything”
faf- v. “to puff, blow, pant”
fafli n. “bladder”
fag- v. “to cut”
fagin adj. “cut”
faidwen n. “freedom”
faig adj. “cruel”
faigli n. “hair, long tresses”
faiglim adj. “having long hair”
faiglion adj. “having long hair”
faigri n. “cruelty”
fail adj. “pale, pallid”
failtha- v. “go pale”
failthi n. “pallor”
faina- v. “to get free”
fair adj. “free, unconstrained”
fairtha- v. “to set free, release”
fairthos n. “liberty”
faith n. “liberty”
faithir n. “liberator, Saviour”
falas n. “beach” see falos
falc n. “cleft, gash; cleft, ravine, cliffs”
falchon n. “great two-handed sword, twibill”
falchor n. “cliffs” see falchos
falchos n. “cliffs”
falin adj. “naked” see falon
falm n. “breaker, wave”
falon adj. “naked”
falos n. “sea-marge, surf, coast, line, beach; margin, fringe, edge”
falt adj. “bare”
faltha- v. “to strip, despoil, rob, make bare”
fam n. “fat belly, paunch”
famfa- v. “to maul”
famfolc adj. “fat-bellied”
famp n. “handling, touching, feeling; stroking, caressing, ‘fuss’; fingering, appraising, assay”
fanc n. “cut”
fang n. “(long) beard”
fann n. “year”
fant adj. “crooked, bent, bowed”
far adv. “yet, however”
far- v. “to separate, sever, divide; to depart, leave”
farc n. “split, crack; division, quarrel”
farn n. “mark, boundary; shore”
far(o)n adj. “separate, different, strange”
faronwed adj. “foreign”
faronweg n. “foreigner (m.)”
faronwin n. “foreigner (f.)”
faroth n. “boundary”
fartha- v. “to divide (tr.)”
fas- v. “to wash”
fasc adj. “clean”
fasca- v. “to splash, sprinkle”
fass n. “tassle” see fath
fast¹ n. “wash, cleaning”
fast² n. “holder, stand”
fath n. “tassle”
fath² n. “possession, property; rights, legality”
fathli n. “tasselled fringe”
fathrin adj. “tasselled”
fathwed adj. “tasselled”
fau- v. “to smell, give off a smell”
faug¹ adj. “stinking”
faug² n. “wood smoke”
fauglas n. “tobacco” see fuglas
faust n. “smell, odour (neither pleasant nor unpleasant)”
fautha- v. “to snow” see fôtha-
fech adj. “bad” see fêg
fectha- v. “to destroy, ruin, spoil”
fecthi adj. “less bad; baddish, naughty”
fecthir n. “destroyer, slayer; bane”
fedhin n. and adj. “bound by agreement; ally, friend”
fedhir n. “law; properly bond, convention, agreement”
fedhirweg n. “lawman, lawyer”
fedhra- v. “to unite in a band”
fedhril n. “one bound by oath [f.]”
fedhrog n. “one bound by oath”
fedhwed adj. “lawful”
fedhwen n. “treaty”
fêg adj. “bad, poor, wretched”
fegla adj. “worse”
fegrin adj. “free”
feigien adj. “worse”
fel prep. and adv. “like; (as av.) as, like”
felcha- v. “to equal” see felegra-
felectha- v. “to make equal, equalize”
feleg adj. “equal”
felegra- v. “to equal”
felegrin adj. “equable”
feltha- v. “to resemble, seem like; to seem likely, be probable”
feltha adj. “similar, like”
felthadrin adj. “probable”
felu- v. “to seem”
felweg n. “one’s fellow or equal, rival”
fem n. “venom (of snakes), poison in general”
feng n. “arrow, war arrow”
fengvain n. “quiver”
fengwathil n. “arrow feathering”
fenlug n. “snake”
fenog adj. “venomous”
fent n. “snake”
fenwed adj. “venomous” see fenog
fesc adj. “itching, irritating”
fesca- v. “to itch, irritate”
fess n. “itch, itching”
fest n. “breath, breathing”
festa- v. “to breath[e]”
feth n. “one breath”
fi- pron. “you, 2nd-person singular”
n. “[unglossed]”
fidhra n. “collective hair”
fidhrad adj. “hairy, hirsute”
#fidhrin adj. “haired”
fien adv. “worse”
filc n. “fern” see fileg
fileg n. “fern”
fim adj. “clever, right hand”
fimli n. “skill”
fimlios n. “skilfulness”
finc n. “trick”
findel n. “tress”
fing adj. “narrow”
fingl n. “tress”
fingli n. “narrow place, straits, sound, pass in mountains”
finig n. “trick” see finc
fini(o)s n. “larch”
finn n. “lock of hair”
finnil n. “tress” see fingl
fintha- v. “to twist; to deceive, cheat, take in”
fintha pron. “thine”
finthi n. “idea, notion”
finweg n. “craftsman, man of skill”
finwi n. “skill” see fimli
fion n. “bowl, goblet”
fiont adj. “least”
fiont(ha) adj. “later”
fir adj. “less”
fîr adj. “late”
fith (fidh-) n. “single hair”
flad n. “sward, grass”
fladwen n. “meadow, grassland”
fladweth n. “meadow, grassland” see fladwen
flan n. “scorn”
flant n. “expression of scorn, leer, sneer”
flantha- v. “to scorn, utterly despise”
flanthog adj. “scornful”
flass n. “sea-marge, surf; foam; margin, ragged margin, fringe”
flathnir n. “foam fay” see flathwin
flathrin adj. “foamy, tasseled”
flathwi n. “scud, spray, spindrift”
flathwin n. “foam fay”
flathwing n. “scud, spray, spindrift” see flathwi
flidhra adj. “‘willowy’, graceful”
flig- v. “to hew”
flinc n. “chip”
floss n. “breaker”
fluim n. “(black) smoke, reek”
fo n. “a clan”
n. “snow”
fod n. “end, butt, bottom”
fodra adj. “the last, latest, endmost”
fodra- v. “to bring to an end, end, finish; to come to an end, end, finish”
fôf n. “fool”
fofri n. “folly”
fofrin adj. “foolish”
fofru n. “folly” see fofri
fôl adj. “empty, bare, leafless (esp. of trees)”
folc adj. “evil-smelling”
folorin n. “winter”
foltha- v. “to emit smoke, smoulder, reek”
fôr n. “gulf, gap”
forog n. “enemy”
fôs n. “bath”
fost n. “odour”
fostrin adj. “odorous”
fôtha- v. “to snow”
fô(tha) n. “hoard”
fring n. “necklace, carcanet”
fripthon n. “stalk”
fuctha- v. “to smoke (over a wood fire)”
fufril n. “moth”
fufuin n. “hoard” see fûn
fug- v. “to smoulder”
fugla- v. “to smoke (a pipe)”
fuglas n. “tobacco, *(lit.) smoke leaf”
fuglathrod n. “pipe”
fuglos n. “tobacco” see fuglas
fugri n. “smother (of smoke)”
fui n. “night”
fuin¹ adj. “secret, dark; hoarded”
fuin² adv. “worse” see fien
fuior n. “deadly nightshade”
fuis n. “hoard”
fuitha-¹ v. “to hide (tr.)”
fuitha-² v. “to fall (of night); to grow dark”
fuithlog n. “dragon (who guards treasure)” see fuithlug
fuithlug n. “dragon (who guards treasure)”
fûn n. “hoard”
func n. “smoke”
fund n. “hoard”
fung adj. “dark (esp. of colour)”
funt n. “elephant”
fûr n. “lie”
fur- v. “to conceal; to lie”
furion adj. “secret, concealed, hidden”
furn adj. “secret, concealed” see furion
fweg n. “broom”
fwegli n. “brush”
fwegra- v. “to sweep”
fwi- pref. “fem. patronymic prefix”
fwion n. “nephew”
fwîr n. “niece”
ga- pref. “very, more”
gab- v. “to bark, bay (of dogs)”
gach n. “milch cow”
gad(a) n. “joint, link; small lane, track; isthmus”
gada- v. “to join, connect, unite”
gadorwen n. “society”
gados n. “union, association, fellowship”
gadr n. “joint, link of chain”
gadren n. “*brother in law, kinsman by marriage”
gadres n. “*sister in law, kinswoman by marriage”
gadron n. “fellow, associate”
gadros n. “union, association, fellowship” see gados
gadu adj. “joined, connected”
gadweth n. “union, joining; wedding”
gadwi n. “twins”
gag n. “jaw”
gagron n. “yoke ox, bullock”
gaib adj. “*pregnant” see gaiw
gaibra- v. “to impregnate”
gaid adv. “more”
gaig n. “weapon, tool”
gaigin n. “arms” see gaig
gail n. “star”
gais n. “steel”
gaisin adj. “of steel”
gaist n. “torment, oppression”
gaista- [ng-] v. “to oppress, cause great grief to”
gaithrin adj. “like steel”
gaiw adj. “pregnant”
gal- v. “to shine (golden, as the Sun)”
gal(a) n. “daylight, light”
galdon n. “tree”
galoth n. “window, *(lit.) light hole”
galt n. “yoke”
galtha- v. “to kindle”
galwed adj. “brilliant, shining”
galwen n. “brilliance”
gam n. “shout”
gama- v. “to call, shout to”
gam(m)a- v. “to gain, profit, increase; to be profitable, bring in revenue”
gân adj. “young”
gand adj. “dark & gloomy; morose; harsh, ill tempered, sour, gloomy of temper”
gandos n. “morose temper”
ganos n. “youth”
ganothrin adj. “youthful”
gant adj. “larger, greater, more, (lit.) increased”
gantha adv. “more”
ganthan adj. “waxen, grown big, grown up, adult, [originally?] large”
garob n. “cloak, outer garment”
gar(th) (gardh-) n. “place, district”
garth adj. “beloved”
gartha- v. “to admire, have affection or respect for”
garw n. and adj. “sown-field; tilled”
gath¹ n. “neck”
gath² (gadh-) n. “gloom, blight”
gatha ? “[unglossed]”
gaudhwen n. “fever”
gaul¹ n. “burden”
gaul² n. “light” see gal(a)
gaust n. “corn, crop (espec. of cereal)”
gauth n. “heat (esp. of body)”
gav- v. “to produce, yield, bear fruit”
gavon n. “harvest (time)”
gavos n. “yield, crop, produce”
gawlas n. “forest” see goloth
ged n. “kinsman†; friend, chum”
gedfel adj. “friendly, affable, amiable”
gedren n. “second cousin (m.)”
gedres n. “second cousin (f.)”
gedrin adj. “sib, akin”
gedweth n. “kinship†, friendship”
-gen suf. “*earth”
gen n. “closed hand, grip”
gentha- v. “to grip, seize, lay hold of”
ger n. “ore, metal”
gerd(h)olm n. “mine”
gerin adj. “metallic”
gersauth n. “mine”
gersoth n. “mine” see gersauth
geth¹ n. “clan, kindred, folk”
geth² n. “ore of metals (esp. raw iron)”
gethli n. “friendship”
gethlir n. “friend; †kinswoman”
gil- v. “to gleam, shine pale and silver (as of the moon)”
gî(laith) adv. “once, in past”
Gilim n. “winter”
gilm n. “moonlight, silver light”
gilt n. “a gleam”
giltha n. “white metal”
gima- v. “to hear”
gimli n. “(sense of) hearing”
gimra- v. “to hearken to, listen to”
gimri n. “hearkening, attention”
gimriol adj. “audible, noticeable”
ging n. “spider” see gung
gintha- v. “to join to (intr.), add, increase, add to” see intha-¹
giol adj. “fecund; conceiving, having conceived, just pregnant”
gioth n. “germ, foetus, embryon”
giothra- v. “to germinate, be conceived”
giothrin adj. “embryonic”
gîr n. “yesterday”
gîrin adj. “bygone, old, belonging to former days, olden, former, ancient”
giwl adj. “fecund; conceiving, having conceived, just pregnant” see giol
giwol adj. “fecund; conceiving, having conceived, just pregnant” see giol
giwth n. “germ, foetus, embryon” see gioth
glâ n. “day, daytime”
glaib adj. “dripping wet”
glaim adj. “serene, clear, fair (espec. of weather)”
glaimri n. “serenity, fair weather”
glair n. “meadow”
#(g)lairin n. “*poem”
glais n. “sweetness”
glâm n. “hatred, loathing, fierce hate”
glamog adj. “loathsome”
glamra- v. “to abominate, loath, detest”
glamri n. “bitter feud”
glan adj. “pure, clean, (originally) bright”
glantha- v. “to cleanse, purify, purge”
glant(hi) n. “cleanness”
glanthin adj. “cleanly, pure”
glanweth n. “cleanliness, purity”
glanwethrin adj. “cleanly, pure”
glar(os) n. “glare, blaze, splendour”
glarossiol adj. “dazzling”
glarosta- v. “to dazzle”
glartha- v. “to dazzle” see glarosta-
glarw(ed) adj. “bright, light”
glâs n. “brilliance, clarity” see glass
glass n. “brilliance, clarity”
glast n. “marble”
glastrin adj. “marble”
glathrin adj. “brilliant, lucent”
glaur adj. “light, bright” see glarw(ed)
gledhrin adj. “slender” see glen(d)rin
gledhrinios n. “slenderness” see glen(d)rinios
(g)leg adj. “keen, sharp, piercing”
glen(d)rin adj. “slender”
glen(d)rinios n. “slenderness”
glen(n) adj. “thin, fine, slender”
glent n. “thinness” see glenweth
glenweth n. “thinness”
glest [ng-] n. “moot, gathering, concourse, assembly”
glesta- v. “to gather”
glib¹ n. “drop of water”
glib² adj. “liquid”
glim adj. “shimmering”
glimri n. “sheen”
glin n. “sound, voice, utterance”
-glin suf. “suffix in the name of languages”
glindwil n. “swallow”
gling n. “music”
glingon n. “song, chanting, chant”
glingrin adj. “musical”
glint n. “crystal”
glîr n. “song, poem”
glis adj. “sweet”
glisc adj. “fond of sweets; fond of saying sweet or flattering things, suave, flattering”
glisca- v. “to have a sweet tooth, like sweet things”
glissith n. “sugar”
glist n. “sugar”
glith n. “dale, hillslope”
glô n. “sunrise, dawn, daybreak”
glod n. “gullet, throat”
glóna- v. “to dawn”
glonta- v. “to swallow, gulp, devour”
glonthen n. “dandelion, (lit.) eye of the day”
glôr n. “gold”
glôrin adj. “golden, of gold”
glôriol adj. “golden, like gold”
glo(r)nethlin n. “meadowgold, buttercup”
glôs n. “flower, best of anything; blooming time, acme, floruit”
gloss adj. “white, clear white”
glost n. “whiteness”
glothrin adj. “white, clear white”
glui n. “snow”
glum¹ adj. “(over) burdened; dull, heavy, sad”
glum² n. “cloud” see lum
glumri n. “moroseness, sadness”
go-¹ pref. “together, in one; with”
go-² pref. “son of”
gob n. “hollow of hand”
gôbi n. “large hound”
gobli n. “dell”
gobos n. “haven”
gochest n. “brother and brother, brother and sister, etc.”
gochestri n. “consanguinity”
gochethri n. “consanguinity” see gochestri
gôd n. “joint, link of chain”
godaithion adj. “educated”
godaithri n. “education, erudition; grammar”
godaithrinwed adj. “grammatical”
godaithri(o)n adj. “learned, educated”
godra adj. “joined, united, joint”
gôf n. “fruit (esp. of tree)”
gôf·clochiol n. “stone-fruit”
gofedhin adj. “united, allied, ‘friends’”
gofedhra- v. “to unite in a band”
gofedhrog n. “ally”
gofel adj. and adv. “exactly alike”
gofeltha adj. “*similar, like”
gofelthi n. “exact similarity”
gofelweg n. “one’s fellow or equal, rival”
gofil adj. and adv. “exactly alike” see gofel
gôg adj. “clumsy; left (hand)”
gogail n. “mouth”
gogel n. “mouth” see gogail
gogìl n. “mouth” see gogail
gol- v. “to stink”
gôl¹ n. “daylight, day”
golairin n. “rime, rhyme; riming poem”
golaudri n. “deluge, flood”
golc n. “stink, stench” see golod
Gold [ng-] n. “Gnome” see Golda
Golda [ng-] n. “Gnome, wise one”
Goldogrin n. “Language of the Gnomes”
Goldrin adj. “Gnome”
golesta- v. “to gather (intr.)”
golma n. “lore, wisdom, ancient lore”
golod n. “stink, stench”
golog adj. “stinking”
goloth [ng-] n. “forest”
Goltha [ng-] n. “Gnome” see Golda
golw adj. “stinking” see golog
golweg n. “*Gnomish man”
golwin n. “*Gnomish woman”
gôm n. “shout, call; name, nickname”
gôma adv. “by name, nicknamed”
gôma- v. “to nickname”
gomaithri n. “government”
gomintha adv. “together”
gomod n. “companionship, living together; community, fellowship”
gomodril n. “companion, associate, fellow (f.); nun”
gomodron n. “companion, associate, fellow; monk”
gomol n. “the teeth, two rows of teeth”
gon- pref. “son of” see go-²
gond n. “stone” see gonn
gonn n. “(great) stone, rock”
gonothri(n) adj. “of same kindred”
gontha¹ n. “pillar, stele, memorial”
gontha² n. “boy”
gonthos n. “great rock”
gonwed adj. “rocky”
gôr adj. “each, all”
gor-¹ [ng-] pref. “all, altogether, quite”
gor-² v. “to die”
goredhin [ng-] adj. “related, sib, akin”
goredhnir n. “cousin (f.)” see goredhwin
goredhweg n. “cousin (m.)”
goredhwin n. “cousin (f.)”
goredin adj. “*related” see goredhin
gorin n. “circle of trees”
gorn n. “dung”
gort n. “idol”
gorthin n. “fane, temple”
goth n. “war, strife”
gôtha- v. “to possess, have, hold”
gothfeng n. “(war-)arrow, a great arrow; an arrow sent as a summons to war”
gothnir n. “amazon” see gothwin
gothri n. “warfare”
gothriol adj. “warlike”
gothweg n. “warrior”
gothwen n. “battle”
gothwilm n. “armistice”
gothwin n. “amazon”
govaithum adj. “clad”
govedhri n. “wedding”
govedhwen n. “matrimony”
goveg adj. “just like”
govin(d)riol adj. “long-acorned”
govinra adj. “long-acorned” see govin(d)riol
govron n. “acorn”
grail n. “ring, circle, circlet”
grand n. “town” see grann
grann n. “strong place, fort; walled town, city”
gratha- v. “to rub, scratch, fray”
graug n. “demon”
graus n. “sow, *female pig”
grendi n. “cousinship, family (in a wide sense)”
grest n. “succour, salvation”
gresta- v. “to aid, help, succour, support”
gretha- v. “to save, rescue, preserve”
grethron n. “saviour”
grileg adj. “ringed, hooped shape”
grilthi n. “finger-ring”
grim n. “host, folk”
-grin suf. “suffix in the name of languages” see -glin
grind n. “ankle, wrist” see grinn
grinn n. “ankle, wrist”
grintha adj. “*red” see crintha
grith (grith-) n. “care, attention, affection”
grith- v. “to attend to, tend, care, care for, mind”
grithonwed adj. “thoughtful, careful; unselfish”
grôg n. “demon” see graug
grôn adj. “oak, oaktree”
grondolas adj. “oakleaved” see grontholas
grondos n. “oaktree” see gronthos
grondrui n. “oakwood”
gronduru n. “oakwood (mat)”
gronoch n. “acorn”
grontholas adj. “oakleaved”
gronthorn n. “oaktree”
gronthos n. “oaktree”
gronthos deldrinwed n. “oakleaved beech”
grosgen n. “soil”
groth n. “earth, soil”
grothorf n. “potato”
grûd n. “cavern”
grûda n. “cave” see grûd
grui adj. “ferocity, horror”
gruigarm n. “*deed of horror, angry or violent act, vengeance”
gruim adj. “fierce” see grum
gruith n. “deed of horror, angry or violent act, vengeance”
gruithod n. “ferocious wrath”
gruithodwen n. “ferocity, barbarity”
gruithog adj. “ferocious, mad with wrath”
grum adj. “fierce”
gudh- v. “to be hot (intr.)”
gudhri n. “inflammation; conflagration”
gudhrin adj. “inflamed, burning hot”
gudhriol adj. “inflamed, inflammatory”
gui adv. “just, just now, only just, already”
guig n. “piece of property”
guin n. “*woman” see gwin
guin¹ adj. “ready, fresh”
guin² adj. “own, held, possessed”
guinir n. “slave”
guinog n. “chattel”
guinoth n. “property”
guira- v. “to possess”
Gul [ng-] n. “Gnome” see Golda
gul- v. “to ooze, trickle”
gulin adj. “patient, enduring, long suffering; (lit.) burdened”
gulta- v. “to pour out (tr.)”
gultha- v. “to bear up; to weigh, balance it on scales; to be worth, value or be equivalent to; to endure”
gulweg n. “*Gnomish man” see golweg
gulwin n. “*Gnomish woman” see golwin
gum- v. “to lade”
gûm n. “burden”
gumlaith n. “weariness of spirit, depression, grief”
gumri n. “burden (metaphoric), worry, trouble”
gumriol adj. “burdensome”
gund n. “boil, pus”
gung n. “spider”
gunn n. “?dragon”
gur adj. “sweet” see gûri
gûri adj. “sweet”
gurmir n. “drink of the Valar, *(lit.) sweet wine”
gurth(u) n. “death”
gusta- v. “to burn (tr.), destroy”
#gw- pref. “negative prefix” see u-
gwa- pref. “together, in one; with” see go-¹
gwâ n. “wind”
gwachest n. “brother and brother, brother and sister, etc.” see gochest
gwâd n. “stranger, foreigner, traveller”
gwada- v. “to wander, roam, travel (far)”
gwadath(wen) n. “wandering, journey”
gwadh- v. “to dwell”
gwadhra adj. “habitable”
gwadhril n. “inhabitant (f.)”
gwadhron n. “inhabitant (m.)”
gwafel adj. and adv. “exactly alike” see gofel
gwaid n. “kinsmen, relations; companion”
gwaidhi n. “a rime (i.e. the 2 actual rhyming words)”
gwaidhin n. “web”
gwail n. “air”
gwailtha- v. “to air; expose to air”
gwais n. “kinship, relation”
gwaith¹ n. “people”
gwaith² (gwaith-) n. “semen”
Gwala n. “one of the gods”
gwalest n. “concourse, moot, folkmote”
Gwalion n. “male god” see Gwalon
gwalir n. “rime” see golairin
Gwalir n. “female god” see Gwalthir
Gwalon n. “male god”
gwalt n. “good luck, any providential occurrence or thought”
gwaltha n. “fortunate, happy”
gwaltha- v. “bless, send good luck to”
gwalthi n. “fortune, happiness”
Gwalthir n. “female god”
gwalwed n. “fortunate, happy” see gwaltha
gwalwen n. “fortune, happiness” see gwalweth
gwalweth n. “fortune, happiness”
gwam n. “gust of wind”
gwamod n. “companionship, living together; community, fellowship” see gomod
gwandra adj. “beautiful”
gwandreth n. “beauty”
gwanin adj. “beautiful” see gwandra
gwanos n. “family, birth, heredity”
gwant adj. and n. “beautiful, fair; loveliness”
gwanthi n. “fairness, beauty; a fair face, pretty”
gwanwen n. “beauty” see gwandreth
gwanweth n. “beauty” see gwandreth
gwar-¹ v. “to watch (all senses), guard”
gwar-² v. “*to dwell” see gwadh-
gwardhos n. “m. companion, comrade” see gwar(e)dhon
gwar(e)dhir n. “f. companion, comrade”
gwar(e)dhon n. “m. companion, comrade”
gwaren n. “family” see gwarin(n)
gwarest n. “cousinhood, -ship”
gwarestrin n. “watch-tower”
gwareth n. “watch, guard, ward; vigilance”
gwarieg n. “watchman, warden”
gwarin n. “circle of trees” see gorin
gwarin(n) n. “family”
gwarth adj. “dead (only of persons)”
gwâs n. “juice”
gwass n. “rush, rushing, noise of rushing, splash”
gwassiol adj. “rushing, noisy, loud, rustling or splashing”
gwast n. “dwelling”
gwavwed adj. “windy”
gwe- pron. “you (plural), 2nd-plural pronoun”
gwectha- v. “to impregnate, generate”
gwed- v. “to wind, turn, bend (intr.)”
gwed n. “*brook, small river” see gwent²
gwedhweg adj. “meandering, twisting, winding; intricate”
gwedhwin n. “bend, loop”
gwedhwion adj. “bending, looping”
gwef n. “louse”
gweg n. “man, male of the Elda”
gwegla adj. “crooked”
gwegri n. “manhood (time or state)”
gwegrin adj. “masculine”
gwegwed adj. “male”
gwegweth n. “male sex, manhood (state)”
gwegwin n. “hermaphrodite”
gwein n. “*woman” see gwin
gweith n. “people” see gwaith¹
gweithiad n. “nation, folk”
gwel- v. “to boil; to bubble (intr.)”
gwelaith n. “boil, bubble”
gwelc n. “bubble”
gweleb adj. “cool, fresh (esp. of water)”
gweleth n. “boil, bubble” see gwelaith
gweltha- v. “to squeeze, press”
gwelwi n. “spring of water”
gwem n. “worm”
gwembel n. “weevil”
gweml(i) n. “weevil” see gwembel
gwenedh adj. “womanly?”
gwenithli n. “maidenhood”
gwen(n) adj. “big, large; fine”
gwennin n. “girl”
gwenniniol adj. “maiden(ly), girlish”
gwent¹ adj. “big, large; fine” see gwen(n)
gwent² n. “brook, small river”
gwer- v. “to wind, turn, bend (tr.); to weave”
gwerb(e)lin n. “top, whirligig, *(lit.) wind-unwind”
gweron adj. “spun, rounded, cylindrical”
gwert n. “a twist”
gwes- v. “to greet, welcome”
gwesol adj. “affable”
gwest¹ n. “greeting, welcome, salute”
gwest² n. “entertainment” see gwîs
gwesta- v. “to entertain”
gwethli n. “maiden, little girl”
gwethlir n. “song of welcome”
gwethra- v. “to bloom, flourish”
gwethrin adj. “welcome, acceptable”
gwethriol adj. “welcome, acceptable” see gwethrin
gwi- pref. “twi-, bi-, di-”
gwiaith n. “people, men” see ᴱN. gwaith
gwidh- v. “to weave (tr.)”
gwidh-a-ging n. “cobweb”
gwidhin n. “woof”
gwidhon adj. “woven”
gwil- v. “to sail, float, fly”
gwîl n. “cessation, quiescence, leaving off; peace”
gwilb adj. “quiet, peaceful, full of peace”
gwilbrin n. “butterfly”
gwilbriniol adj. “like a butterfly”
gwilith n. “breeze”
gwilm n. “peace, quiet, rest; cessation”
gwiltha- v. “to cease, leave off”
gwilthi n. “peace”
gwilvrin n. “butterfly” see gwilbrin
gwilw adj. “quiet, peaceful” see gwilb
gwim n. “spark, wink”
gwimla- v. “to wink, twinkle”
gwimpel n. “sparkling (n.), scintillation”
gwin n. “woman, female”
gwinc n. “spark, flash”
gwindod n. “elder tree; elderberry”
gwineth adj. “female”
gwing n. “wave-crest, crest, foam”
gwingil n. “foam maiden, mermaid”
gwingli n. “loom”
gwiniel n. “lady”
gwiniol adj. “feminine”
gwinios n. “womanhood (time or state)”
gwinlaith n. “womanhood (time)”
gwinn n. “net” see gwith
gwint n. “face”
gwinta- v. “to see”
gwintha- v. “to face”
gwinwed adj. “female”
gwinwen n. “youth, freshness”
gwinweth n. “female sex, womanhood (state)”
gwiog adj. “young” see gwiw
gwion adj. “young” see gwiw
gwionert n. “deed of valour”
gwioth n. “youth”
gwir- v. “to look (at)”
gwir¹ n. “master, lord, possessor”
gwiril n. “*spindle”
gwirith n. “expression, look (on face); look, regard, fixed look; countenance”
gwirn adj. “unwished for, unwelcome”
gwirth n. “unwillingness, reluctance”
gwirtha- v. “*to not to wish, not mean to, mean not to”
gwirthol adj. “reluctant”
gwîs n. “entertainment”
gwist n. “weft”
gwista- v. “to be ignorant of, not to know”
gwith n. “net”
gwithadr n. “shuttle”
gwithant n. “shuttle” see gwithadr
gwivrin adj. “barren”
gwiw adj. “young”
habach n. “big shoe, clog, sabot”
habin n. “shoe”
hacha n. “the hams, buttocks”
had prep. “facing, opposite, over against; (c. allative) against, instead of, in return for, for, as”
had- pref. “for-, in return for, back, instead of”
hada- v. “to throw at, aim at”
hadang n. “javelin, (lit.) hurling iron”
hadha- v. “to cling, cleave to; to wait on, wait for, abide with patience”
hadhol adj. “abiding; enduring, constant, faithful”
hadra- v. “to face, oppose, stand in way; to resist, thwart”
hadra adj. “opposing, facing, opposite; equivalent”
hadron prep. and adv. “opposite”
hadruith n. “revenge”
hadruithog adj. “thirsting for vengeance”
hadruithol adj. “vengeful”
hadung n. “javelin, (lit.) hurling iron” see hadang
hag- v. “to sit, sit down”
hagra adj. “seated”
hai¹ adv. “there (by him)”
hai² adv. “in good time, punctually, early”
hai³ interj. “go!, hence, begone, away”
haid n. “way, road, path” see haig
haidra adv. “timely, punctual, in good time”
haidri n. “forenoon, after breakfast”
haig n. “way, road, path”
haim adj. “gone, departed, lost” see haithin
haimadri adj. “lunch, food in morning, elevens”
hair adj. “timely, punctual, in good time”
haitha- v. “to hie, go, fare, walk”
haithin adj. “gone, departed, lost”
haiva interj. “hence!, begone, be off; (as av.) away, hence, off”
hal(a)- v. “to drag, draw, pull”
halcha- v. “to drag on ground (roughly)”
halm n. “draught, draft, drawing (of fishes etc.)”
halthi n. “sheath”
ham n. “ground, level of Earth’s service [surface]”
hamra adj. “lowly, lowlying; base”
hamra- v. “to abase, abash; to humble oneself”
hanna- v. “to mow, cleave”
hant¹ adv. “thither”
hant² n. “throw, cast; turn or move in games”
hantha- v. “to fling, hurl, aim at, direct”
hara n. “flesh meat, meat”
harach n. “she-wolf”
harc n. “flesh (on a living body)”
harog n. “wolf”
harw n. “wolf” see harog
has- pref. “close to, by, beside, touching” see hath-
hast n. “waiting, wait, pause, rest, stop”
hasta- v. “to tarry, wait, pause, stay, stop”
hath- pref. “close to, by, beside, touching”
hau- v. “to lie”
haug adj. “low”
haugrin adj. “lowly, humble, mean”
haurost n. “dawn”
haus n. “bed”
hautha- v. “to lay, stretch out, lay flat on ground”
hauthwaid n. “consort, wife or husband”
hauthwais n. “matrimony, conjugal rights”
heb prep. “round about, around”
heb- v. “to bind, bind round”
hebon adj. “bound; (also) bounded, surrounded”
hebrim n. “bound(ary)”
hebwirol adj. “circumspect”
hel- v. “to freeze”
helc¹ adj. “ice-cold, icy, cold”
helc² n. “ice” see heleg
heleg n. “ice”
helfileg n. “frost on panes, etc.”
helfingl n. “icicle”
helfin(n) n. “icicle” see helfingl
helon adj. “frozen”
heloth n. “frost”
heltha- v. “to freeze, congeal (tr.)”
helw adj. “ice-cold, icy, cold” see helc¹
hemp n. “a band, bond; cord”
hen n. “eye”
hent n. “eyesight”
herma n. “protection, lordship, sway”
hermin n. “realm, tutelage”
hermon n. “lord”
hesc adj. “withered, dead; chilled, chill”
Hess n. “winter”
hest n. “brother or sister, *sibling; †consanguinity”
hestri n. “consanguinity”
heth¹ n. “brother or sister”
heth² adj. “white, pallid, wan”
hetheglon n. “daisy”
hethgadwi n. “twins”
hethgedwi n. “twins” see hethgadwi
hethir n. “sister”
hethos n. “brother”
hethren n. “first cousin (m.)”
hethres n. “first cousin (f.)”
hethri n. “consanguinity” see hestri
hethrin adj. “of the same family (in a close sense), consanguine”
hîl n. “frost”
hilm n. “posterity; one’s descendants, progeny, offspring”
hilming n. “inheritance, heritage”
hilmir n. “heir (m. or f.)”
hilon adj. “adolescent” see hilwed
hiltha n. “youth (more often masculine)”
hilwed adj. “adolescent”
hîr n. “care, anxiety; heed”
hiril n. “princess, †queen”
hirilwen n. “anxiety”
hiriol adj. “anxious”
hiron n. “guardian, overseer, lord, master” see hiros
hiros n. “guardian, overseer, lord, master”
hirtha- v. “to care for, mind, tend; to care, reck, mind”
hirthol adj. “careful, attentive”
hist n. “listening, attention”
hista- v. “to listen, hearken, listen to” see hitha-
hith interj. “listen! hark!”
hitha- v. “to listen, hearken, listen to”
hithadrin adj. see hilwed
hodhir n. “hope”
hôm n. “ground, base, bottom, seabed”
ho(n)- pref. “grandson of”
honn n. “heart”
hôr adj. “old, aged, ancient”
horoth adj. “age, eld, oldness”
hortha- v. “to grow old”
horweg n. “an ancient, old man”
hosta- v. “to gather, collect”
hôth (hôdh-) n. “expectation, hope”
hoth n. “folk, people, †army”
hothri n. “army”
hothrim n. “army” see hothri
hothron n. “captain”
n. “dog”
hûbi n. “hound”
hugin n. “young pig”
huil n. “bitch, *female dog”
huir adj. “foggy”
huith n. “fog”
huitha- v. “it is misty”
hulc adj. “naked”
hum adv. “(right) down, (lit.) to bottom”
hum- v. “to sleep, drowze”
hûm n. “sleep, slumber”
humethla n. “(red) poppy” see hum(i)los
hum(i)los n. “(red) poppy”
humiol adj. “sleepy, drowzy”
humloth n. “(red) poppy” see hum(i)los
hûn n. “bone”
hunc n. “pig”
huniol adj. “bony, rawboned”
hunn n. “boil, pus” see gund
hunt n. “nose, nostrils, snout”
hûs n. “crowd, heap, pile; very great number”
husta- v. “to burn (tr.), destroy” see gusta-
hŷr n. “sun”
hyrost n. “*dawn”
-i suf. “dative suffix”
i article. “the”
í pron. “indefinite indeclinable relative particle”
-iant(ha) suf. “*superlative” see -iont(ha)
ictha- v. “to egg on, excite, arouse, agitate”
îd n. “treasure, thing of great worth, jewel” see idri
idhr(a) adv. “long, a long time”
idhraluin adv. “long ago” see in(d)raluin
idhril n. “*Man (f.)” see idhwin
idhrog n. “*Man (m.)” see idhweg
idhruglin n. “the language of Men”
idhweg n. “*Man (m.)”
idhwin n. “*Man (f.)”
idra- v. “to value, prize”
idra adj. “dear, valued, precious”
idreth n. “value, dearness”
idri n. “treasure, thing of great worth, jewel”
idril n. “sweetheart”
idrisaith n. “excessive love of gold and gems and beautiful and costly things”
#-iel suf. “name suffix”
ig n. “excitement, fuss, ado”
igin adj. “excited, agitated”
igli n. “young of fish, small fry”
igol adj. “exciting; excitable”
il- pref. “the opposite, the reversal”
-il suf. “feminine agent” see #-(r)il
ilbar n. “heaven, the uttermost region beyond the world”
ilbrant n. “rainbow”
ilbrin adj. “oily, fat, greasy”
il(d)rim n. “unquiet, disturbance; disease”
ilf n. “heart”
ilgiol adj. “barren”
ilgioth n. “sterility”
ilm n. “oil, fat, grease”
ilon n. “sky”
ilrimog adj. “uneasy”
ilt- v. “to yoke, join”
ilta- v. “to stick in, prod, prick”
iltanc adj. “unsteady”
ilt(h)a- v. “to yoke, join” see ilt-
ilvrant n. “rainbow” see ilbrant
ilwi(n) n. “sky, heavens” see ilwint
ilwint n. “sky, heavens; (lit.) face of god”
im n. “fairy”
in n. “a go, a move, turn, occasion”
in- pref. “house of”
-in¹ suf. “plural suffix”
-in² suf. “adjective ending”
inc adj. “little”
-inci suf. “diminutive superlative”
inco pron. “the same, the identical”
ind n. “house, abode”
indor n. “master (of house), lord”
indos n. “house, hall”
ind(r) adv. “long, a long time” see idhr(a)
in(d)ra adj. “long (also used of time)”
in(d)raluin adv. “long ago”
in(d)wed adj. “indoors, at home; homely, domestic(ated)”
ineg adj. “small” see inig
ing n. “fish”
inig adj. “small”
inn n. “house, abode” see ind
inna adv. “in home, to its house/its right place”
inni adv. “home, at home, in right place”
innor n. “master (of house), lord” see indor
innos n. “house, hall” see indos
int¹ n. “way, path, track”
int² adv. “in home, to its house/its right place” see inna
intha-¹ v. “to join to (intr.), add, increase, add to”
intha-² v. “to go (indefinite), fare, proceed”
inthi adv. “less”
-inthir suf. “diminutive”
inthorn n. “eagle’s nest, eyrie”
inweg n. “*fairy (male)”
inwin n. “*fairy (female)”
-iof suf. “-bearing”
#-(i)ol suf. “adjective suffix”
iol n. “lamb”
iolinc n. “little lamb, lambkin”
#-(i)on suf. “adjectival suffix”
-iont(ha) suf. “*superlative”
ior n. “eagle”
ioroth n. “eagle”
#-ios suf. “abstract noun” see #-os¹
ir prep. “dative and allative”
îr- v. “to be willing; to will, intend to, mean to”
#-ir suf. “agental suffix” see #-or
irm n. “a wish, intention, resolve”
irn adj. “desired, wished for”
irt n. “beak (of small birds)”
irtha pron. “her”
irtha- v. “to peck”
irthod n. “intent, intention, will”
irthol adj. “intentional”
ist n. “feeling, sensation; notion”
ista- v. “to know, be aware, perceive, feel”
-ith suf. “abstract noun” see #-(o)th
ith¹ n. “fine snow”
ith² n. “anything”
itheg n. “anything” see ith²
ithog adj. “any”
ithrin adj. “of any kind”
ithriol adj. “of any kind” see ithrin
ithweg n. “anyone”
ithwin n. “anyone” see ithweg
ivangod n. “walnut”
ivogodron n. “walnut tree”
ivongod n. “walnut” see ivangod
ivrin adj. “fertile”
n. “space, room, place”
#-la¹ suf. “verbal suffix”
#-la² suf. “noun suffix”
laboth n. “a hare”
labra adj. “loose, lax, flapping; weak”
lactha- v. “(tr.) gather together, collect, amass”
lad n. “a level, a flat; fair dealing”
lada- v. “to smooth out, stroke, caress, soothe, beguile”
ladin adj. “level, smooth; fair, equitable”
ladinios n. “equity”
ladog n. “tin”
ladwen n. “levelness, flatness; plain, heath; plane; surface”
laf n. “loose-end, end of rope, hem of robe”
lag- v. “to gather up, pick up, get”
laib adj. “green”
laibrin adj. “green, fresh, youthful”
laigos n. “verdure, greenness”
laim n. “thong, rope”
lais n. “green sward, glade”
laith¹ n. “time, the course of time; (properly) lapse”
#laith² adj. “*lost”
laithra adj. “dead and gone, over, former, of yore, forgotten”
laith(r)a- v. “to let slip, lose, mislay, forget; (intr.) to be lost”
lalm n. “elm, elm-wood”
lalmir n. “elm tree”
lalt n. “dance”
laltha- v. “to dance”
lam n. “tongue, speech”
lanc n. “chance; pick, choice, selection”
land adj. “broad”
lang- v. “to blare, clang, ring”
langon n. “great bell”
lann adj. “broad” see land
lant n. “(high) road, level way, street”
lantha- v. “to fall onto, settle on, alight”
laptha- v. “to relax, loosen”
larm n. “elm, elm-wood” see lalm
las- v. “to look at, glance at”
lasgweloth n. “leaf-fading, autumn”
lass n. “leaf; petal”
last n. “look, glance, flash of the eye”
lasta- v. “blink, wink”
lath n. “year”
laub n. “shirt”
laud n. “flood; high tide; tide, motion of the sea”
laug adj. “(of plants) alive, having sap, green, vigorous”
laur adj. “threatening, foreboding, darkling”
laus n. and adj. “juice, sap; energy, vitality; (aj.) fresh”
lauth n. “a plant, herb”
lauthra- v. “to refresh; to revive (intr.)”
lav- v. “to lick”
lavra- v. “to lap (of animals), suck up”
le prep. “and” see li
leb- v. “to pick, pluck, take or feel or touch with fingers, cull”
lech¹ adj. “smooth, slippery”
lech² n. “smooth place; slide”
lectha- v. “to sharpen”
leg adj. “keen, sharp, piercing” see (g)leg
lemfadrin adj. and n. “of the finger; ring”
lemfarilt n. “ring”
lemfin adj. “halved, in half”
lemp¹ n. “crooked finger; little finger”
lemp² n. “half”
lempa- v. “to beckon, crook the finger”
lempachùn n. “wishbone”
len adj. “come, arrived”
len¹ adv. “wherewith, far, long, away”
lenc adj. and adv. “far, distant”
lenchos n. “distance”
lendri n. “coming, arrival” see lenthos
lendriol adj. “coming, approaching”
lent adv. “near, close to, up by, along side of; (c. dat.) at, towards, up to side of; therewith, with it, withal”
lentha- v. “to come towards speaker, approach, draw near”
lenthol adj. “coming, approaching” see lendriol
lenthos n. “coming, arrival”
lenu- v. “to stretch, extend in length, trail”
lenweg n. “‘arrival’, a stranger”
lenwi n. “length, distance”
lenwin n. “‘arrival’, a stranger (fem.)” see lenweg
leptha n. “finger”
lepthadrin adj. “fingered, of fingers”
lepthindros adj. “fingered, of fingers” see lepthadrin
lest n. “gathering, assembly, concourse, moot”
lesta- v. “to gather, assemble, meet (intr.)”
leth adv. “therewith, with it, withal”
lethrin adj. “slippery, peril(o)us”
li prep. “with; and”
#-li suf. “noun suffix”
n. “folk, many people, ‘they’, a crowd of folk”
lib n. “drop, gout”
lib- v. “to drip”
libli n. “small glass; small drop”
lieg n. “the folk, the citizens”
lieglest n. “a folk moot”
ligin n. “curved horn, trump”
ligindon n. “blare of trumps”
lillir n. “a song, lullaby”
-lim suf. “many”
lim¹ adj. “many”
lim² n. “sheaf, bundle”
limfa n. “drink of the fairies”
limfelis n. “drink of the fairies” see limfa
limp(elis) n. “drink of the fairies”
lin- v. “to sound (intr.)”
lin n. “sound”
lind n. “twine”
lindwil n. see glindwil
ling n. “small snake”
lingos n. “snake”
lingwir n. “dragon”
lint adj. “quick, agile, nimble, light”
lintha- v. “to sound (tr.), strike or ring bell, play an instrument”
linthanin n. “playing or music of instruments”
-liont suf. “*tendril”
lir- v. “to sing”
lisc n. “reed, sedge” see lisg
liscaloth adj. “reedy, reed grown”
lisg n. “reed, sedge”
list n. “grace, favour, kindness”
lista- v. “to bless”
lith- v. “to go, depart, be over, finish, end, die”
lithin adj. “bygone, ended”
lithra- v. “to cease speaking, become silent”
n. “pool, lake”
lob- v. “to run, gallop (of animals)”
lobrob n. “gallop; sound of horse’s feet”
lobros n. “steed, horse”
loctha n. “twist, tendril, spiral, coil”
loctha- v. “to curl (tr.), bend, wind, twine, tie knot, tangle”
lôda- v. “to smooth out, stroke, caress, soothe, beguile” see lada-
loda- v. “to swallow, gulp down”
log- v. “to curl (intr.), bend (intr.), wind (twine round anything), twine”
lôg n. “fuel, firewood”
logrifidhrin adj. “curly haired”
logrifindel adj. “curly haired” see logrifidhrin
logrin adj. “curled, curly”
lôm n. “gloom, shade”
lómin adj. and n. “shady, shadowy, gloomy; gloom(iness)”
lomiol adj. “dismal”
lonc n. “curl”
lor- v. “to sleep deep, dream (tr.)”
lorc adj. “drowsy, dreamy, lazy”
lortha- v. “to put to sleep, send to sleep”
lorwen n. “slumber, sleep”
lôs n. “flower”
losbas n. “ryebread”
losc n. “rye”
losg n. “rye” see losc
loss n. “blossom, bloom” see lost
lost n. “blossom, bloom”
-loth suf. “-grown”
lothli n. “floret”
lu n. “occasion, time”
lub n. “fat, fat flesh”
lubi adj. “corpulent”
lud- v. “to flow, stream, float”
lûda- v. “to bloom, grow”
lûg n. “snake”
lûgi n. “a wind, a twist; guile, deceit”
lui n. “blueness, livor, livid mark”
luib adj. “thirsty”
luibri n. “thirst” see luist
luim adj. “blue”
luin¹ adj. and adv. “gone, past; ago”
luin² adj. “blue” see luim
luis n. “florescence, blooming”
luist n. “thirst”
luista- v. “to be thirsty; to parch, dry up”
luitha- v. “to bloom, blossom”
luithon n. “sky”
lul- v. “to sing, hum a lullaby”
lulwi n. “a lullaby”
lum n. “cloud”
lûm n. “time”
lumba adj. “overcast” see lumbrin
lumbri n. “foul weather”
lumbrin adj. “overcast”
lung n. “heavy; grave, serious”
lungra- v. “to weigh, bear on, hang heavy”
lunta n. “ship”
luntha- v. “to balance, weigh”
lunthang n. “balance, scales”
lur- v. “to frown, scowl”
lûr n. “slumber”
lurc n. “a frown, scowl”
lust n. “weather; tide; time”
lûtha- v. “to pass (of time); to come to pass, occur”
luv- v. “to hang, lower (of clouds)”
ma prep. “with instrument or by agent”
mab n. “hand(s)”
mab(a) n. “mother”
mabinos n. “plane tree”
mabinos gwilbriniol n. “sycamore”
mabir n. “mother” see mab(a)
mablad n. “palm of the hand”
mablios adj. “cunning”
mablod n. “palm of the hand” see mablad
mabol adj. “skilful”
mabrin(d) n. “wrist”
mabwed adj. “handed, having hands, dextrous”
mabwedri n. “dexterity”
macha n. “slaughter, battle”
mactha- v. “to slay, kill”
mad- v. “to eat”
mâd n. “meal”
madheg n. “something”
madhin adj. “some”
madhir n. “someone (f.)”
madhon n. “someone (m.)”
madri n. “food, edibles; a meal”
madrin adj. “edible, fit for food, wholesome”
madriol adj. “edible, fit for food, wholesome” see madrin
magli n. “great sword”
magru n. “slaughter, battle”
magruluib adj. “bloodthirsty”
magruluist n. “bloodthirstiness”
magrusaig adj. “bloodthirsty”
magrusaith n. “bloodthirstiness”
mai adv. “well”
maidhon n. “midday”
maien adj. “better”
maig adj. “thirst”
maiglos adj. see maig
mail n. “flour”
maimelion adj. “dearly beloved”
main adv. “better”
mair n. “horse”
mairien adj. “better” see maien
mairos n. “mane, long hair”
mais n. “gore”
maith n. “rule, power, permission”
maitha- v. “to rule, govern, wield control, hold”
maithog adj. “having control”
maithri n. “control”
maivenin adj. “shapely”
maiwest n. “welcome”
maiwethrin adj. “welcome”
mal- v. “to chew”
mal¹ n. “paved way, road”
mal² adj. see bal
malc¹ adj. “rich, powerful”
malc² n. “lord”
malcos n. “lordship, power, a province or principality”
malcrin adj. “lordly, noble, mighty”
malcwed adj. “lordly, noble, mighty” see malcrin
maloglin n. “yellow song, daffodil”
malogrintha adj. “orange, tawny”
malon adj. “yellow”
maltha adj. “golden yellow, rich, mellow”
malthin n. “cream”
malthos n. “butter cup”
mam n. “grandmother, mother”
(m)ami n. “mummy”
manc n. “grip, grasp, hold”
manca- v. “to grab, seize”
mandra adj. “noble”
mang n. “butter”
mani adj. “good (of men and character only), holy”
manos n. “spirit that has gone to the Valar”
mar n. “Earth, ground, soil”
mara- v. “to dwell”
mara n. “sand” see marol
maragwast n. “earth quake”
maroglin n. “yellow song, daffodil” see maloglin
marol n. “sand”
mar(o)n adj. “ripe”
maros n. “ripe fruit”
martion adj. “fated, doomed, fey”
mart(os) n. “fate, portion, lot”
masgar n. “pasture”
mast n. “feed, food, nourishment; fodder”
masta- v. “to feed, graze”
mastir n. “*shepherdess”
math n. “dusk”
mathrin adj. “dusk, dusky”
mathron n. “herd, herdsman, shepherd”
mathusgi n. “twilight”
mathwen n. “evening”
mau adv. “soon, early”
maudra- v. “be early, come first; to prefer, to be preferred”
maudri n. “early morn before dawn, time before first meal”
maudrimad n. “breakfast”
maudrin adj. “early, betimes, up early; premature” see maurin
maudro adv. “sooner, earlier; rather”
maug adj. “silent”
maugli adj. “secret, hidden”
maul n. “the lowing of cattle, bellowing”
maur n. “dream, vision”
maurin adj. “early, betimes, up early; premature”
maus n. and adj. “pleasure; pleasant taste, pleasant”
mav- v. “to like”
mavlant n. “*palm (of hand)”
mavlantos n. “sycamore”
mavra adj. “eager after”
mavri n. “appetite”
mavrin adj. “delectable, delightful, desireable”
mavrog adj. “eager”
mavros n. “desire, eager longing”
mavrothwed adj. “delectable, delightful, desireable” see mavrin
mavuin n. “ancestress, †mother” see mavwin¹
mavwen n. “ancestress, †mother” see mavwin¹
mavwin¹ n. “ancestress, †mother”
mavwin² n. “wish”
mawr adj. “good” see mora
(m)bara- v. “to dwell” see mara-
me- pron. “we, 1st-plural pronoun”
mechor n. “gore”
mectha n. “goal, intention”
mectha- v. “to aim at; to intend, mean”
mecthos n. “meaning”
meg n. “any small animal; (esp.) mole”
mel- v. “to love”
meleth n. “love”
melethli n. “darling, sweetheart”
melethril n. “lover”
melethron n. “lover”
melon adj. “dear, beloved”
meltha adj. “dear, beloved” see melon
mem n. “mouth”
miaug n. “tomcat”
miaulin n. “she-cat”
mib n. “little kiss, peck”
mibli n. “little kiss, peck” see mib
mictha- v. “to kiss, bill”
migin adj. “little”
miginthi n. “littleness”
mim n. “gum”
min num. card. “one, single”
mindon n. “tower”
mineth n. “island”
mintha adj. “ūna, in one place, together”
minthon n. “tower” see mindon
miog n. “cat”
mîr n. “wine”
mirobin n. “grape”
mirofor n. “drink of the Gods”
miros n. “wine”
mirwelthin n. “vintage”
n. “hand”
mod n. “a number, figure”
modog adj. “*a large number” see modwen
modra- v. “count, measure”
modri n. “measurement”
modrog adj. “rich man” see modron¹
modron¹ adj. “rich man”
modwen adj. “a large number”
mog- v. “to detest, hate”
mogri n. “detestation”
mogrin adj. “hateful”
môl n. “the (inside of the) mouth”
molnaith n. “molar”
môn n. “bare hill, knoll”
môna n. “spirits of the air”
môni n. “spirits of the air” see môna
mora adj. “good”
morc n. and adj. “stain, smut, black mark; dirty”
mord n. “man, warrior; †shepherd” see mort
morn adj. “dark, black”
mort n. “warrior, champion, hero; man; †sword, †shepherd”
morth n. “darkness”
mortha adj. “dim”
môs n. “food (of men)”
moth n. “sheep”
moth(in) n. “1000; †flock”
mothweg n. “shepherd”
mothwen n. “1000; †flock” see moth(in)
n. “ox”
mu¹ prep. “from”
mu² prep. “will, am going to, am about to” see mutha
mug- v. “to keep silent, say nothing (about)”
mugli n. “calf”
mugol adj. “taciturn”
mugwen adj. “secret”
mui n. “cat” see miog
muig adj. “soft, gentle”
muil n. “tarn”
muin¹ adj. “safe, secure”
muin² n. “kine, cattle”
muinos n. “security”
muir n. “heifer”
muis n. “softness, tenderness, gentleness”
mul- v. “to low, bellow”
mum- v. “to low, bellow” see mul-
mûm n. “lowing”
mumla- v. “stammer, gibber”
mumloth n. “stuttering”
mumol adj. “stammering, gibbering, inarticulate”
munc n. “shut mouth, silence, secretiveness; (aj.) mum”
mur- v. “*to slumber, sleep”
murc n. “a nightmare, vision of the night”
mûri n. “darkness, †night”
murtha- v. “to dream”
mûs n. “cow”
musc adj. “grey”
mûst n. “byre, cowhouse”
mutha prep. “will, am going to, am about to”
mútha- v. “depart, go, leave; (c. gen.) leave the place of/time of/speaker, go forward”
muthli n. “heifer” see muir
muthra- v. “to veil”
-n suf. “genitive suffix”
na- v. “to be”
na prep. “of (the)”
nab- v. “to take, lay hold of”
nabos n. “seizure”
naboth n. “seizure” see nabos
nactha- v. “bite”
nacthanaith n. “incisor (tooth)”
nâd n. “grandfather” see dâd
nad n. “*thing”
(n)ada n. “daddy, father”
(n)adi n. “father, daddy” see (n)ada
naf- v. “to suspect, have inkling of”
nafa n. “suspicion, inkling”
nafol adj. “suspicious (subjective)”
nafra- v. “to nose about in others’ business”
nag- v. “to chew, gnaw”
naith n. “tooth”
naitha- v. “to lament, weep, wail for, make moan for”
naithol adj. “miserable”
naithonwi adj. “misery”
nal¹ n. “dale, vale”
nal² adv. “down, downwards”
nâla n. “yellow-lily”
nalairin n. “iris”
naldron adj. “lower down”
nalos n. “sinking, setting, descent, a slope”
naltha adj. “downward, lower, lower-down; (av.) below, beneath”
nam- v. “withdraw, draw out, draw back, take back; (intr.) withdraw, retire”
nan prep. “of” see na
nân¹ n. “mother”
nân² n. “*thing” see nad
nanc n. “bite”
nand n. “field acre”
nandor n. “farmer”
nandri n. “the country (as opposed to town)”
nandriol adj. “rustic, rural”
nann n. “field acre” see nand
nanweg n. “*farmer” see nandor
nanwin n. “mother” see nân¹
naptha- v. “to seize”
narcolas n. “the fall of the leaf, Autumn”
narcos n. “rot, decay”
narp adj. “rotten, decayed, corrupt; overripe”
narth n. “odour”
narthiel n. “fragrance”
narthol adj. “fragrant, odorous”
nast n. “being (abstract); being (creature)”
nath n. “thing, affair, matter”
nathanwi n. “fatherhood”
nathon n. “father”
nathrin adj. “real; possible (in sense possible to exist or think of)”
naud adj. “bowed, bent; ashamed, abashed, bashful”
naudra- v. “to abash, to make ashamed”
naug n. “dwarf”
naugla adj. “of or belonging to the dwarves”
nauglafel adj. “mean, avaricious, (lit.) dwarf-natured”
naugli n. “dwarf”
nauin adj. “dwarf” see naugla
naur¹ adj. “ill-tempered, sour, grumbling”
naur² n. “a snarl, ugly grin”
naus adj. and n. “keen-witted, observant; notice”
nautha- v. “to hint at, give a hint to”
necha n. “woe”
nectha n. “honey comb”
neglis n. “honey”
nel n. “point, end, tip, jutting end”
nelu- v. “ring (tr. & intr.)”
nendil n. “waterfay”
nen(n) n. “water; river”
nennil n. “waterfay” see nendil
nermil n. “a fay that haunts the meadows and riverbanks”
nern n. “brook”
nert n. “prowess, a feat, strength”
nerthi n. “manhood, manliness; virtue”
nerthog adj. “stout, vigorous, doughty”
ness n. “water meadow; long grass”
nesta- v. “to put to grass, graze, pasture, feed”
nethli n. “long lush grass, little meadow”
nethron n. “herd”
(n)gôl n. “slaughter”
ni- pron. “I, 1st-singular pronoun”
ni prep. “without (both senses)”
nib n. “snowflake”
nictha- v. “to rain, hail, snow”
niel n. “granddaughter”
nien(n) n. “tear” see nîn
nifedhin adj. and n. “outlaw, outcast”
nig- v. “to steal, creep, do or go by stealth”
nigla- v. “to thieve, pilfer”
nig(la) n. “mouse”
nigor n. “rain, rainy weather”
nigrim n. “to swarm” see niogrim
nigrin adj. “stealthy”
nigweth n. “(snow) storm”
nigwin adj. “rainy”
nil adj. “empty”
nilta- v. “to empty (tr.)”
niltha- v. “to empty (tr.)” see nilta-
nim adj. “pale blue, blue green”
nimp adj. “pallid”
nîn n. “tear”
nîn² n. “pool”
ninconin n. “snowdrop”
nind n. “blue stone, turquoise”
ninghonin n. “*snowdrop” see ninconin
ninion n. “water lily”
ninios n. “lamentation, dropping of tears”
ninn n. “blue stone, turquoise” see nind
ninna- v. “to weep”
nintha- v. “to weep” see ninna-
niogrim n. “swarm”
nion¹ n. “grandson”
nion² n. “bee” see nio(s)
nio(s) n. “bee”
niost n. “hive”
niosturwin n. “queen bee”
#-(n)ir suf. “(feminine) agent”
nir pref. “grandchild of”
nîr¹ n. “grief, sorrow”
nîr² n. “woman”
nîriol adj. “sad, sorrowing”
nirnaithos n. “great lament”
nith n. “wax”
nitha n. “a candle”
nithla n. “candlestick”
niwin n. “female bee”
no adv. “then, next, again; then, after(wards)”
no- pref. “re-, back, again”
nobra- v. “to follow, go after”
nobromath n. “‘second twilight’, first signs of dawn”
nobron n. “the second, next following”
nocha n. “acorn”
nochinra adj. “long-acorned”
nod adv. “forward, on, in advance”
nodro adv. “farther on, further forward, later, again”
nôf n. “suspicion, inkling” see nafa
nog n. “hill, knob, prominence”
nogin n. “boy, lad, urchin”
nogra- v. “to excell, exceed”
nogrin adj. “excellent, conspicuous”
nogriol adj. “excellent, conspicuous” see nogrin
nôl n. “head”
nôn n. “tomorrow, the next day on from one mentioned or in thought, the morrow”
nontha adj. “the next, the succeeding (time only)”
nor- v. “to run, roll”
norn n. “wheel”
northa- v. “to send rolling, speed”
nos n. “kin, people”
nôs n. “birthday; nature”
nosc adj. “damp, wet”
nosied n. “kinsman”
noss¹ n. “rain”
noss² n. “birthday” see nôs
nost n. “birth; blood, high birth; birthday”
nosta- v. “to be born”
nosteg adj. “birth”
noth¹ adj. “damp, wet” see nosc
noth² n. “rain” see noss¹
nothri n. “family, kinship”
nothrin adj. “highborn noble”
nud- v. “to incline head, bend face down”
nûda adj. “prone, face down”
nudin adj. “prone”
nuf- v. “to get smell of, perceive scent of, smell (tr.)”
nufleg adj. “keen-nosed” see nuthleg
nufli n. “sense of smell” see nufri
nufri n. “sense of smell”
nui adv. “afterwards, again, later”
nuidro adv. “still later”
nuimath n. “‘second twilight’, first signs of dawn”
nuimoth n. “‘second twilight’, first signs of dawn” see nuimath
nuin adj. “born”
nuiri n. “afternoon”
num- v. “to sink, decline, slope down, descend”
numbros n. “incline, slope”
nûmin adj. “the west, sinking”
nûn n. “a nose (of men only)”
nunta- v. “to assent”
nunthi adv. “downward”
nûr adj. “smooth, rolling free, easy, easy going”
nur- v. “to growl, grumble”
nurn n. “plaint, lament, a complaint”
nurna- v. “to bewail, lament, complain of”
nus- v. “to take notice, perceive”
nusimos n. “sagacity”
nusiol adj. “sagacious”
nusiothli n. “sagacity” see nusimos
nûth n. “scent, ‘wind’, odour”
nuthleg adj. “keen-nosed”
nybol adj. “?snowy”
o prep. “from” see
o- conj. “he”
ô n. “the sea”
ob prep. “after, close behind (time and place)”
obaidra- v. “to expiate (crime), avenge”
obauthri n. “afternoon”
obin adj. “second, next”
obra- v. “to follow; to succeed”
obra adj. “close behind (of place), following, succeeding, next behind or after (time or place)”
obromath n. “the twilight that follows the night, ‘second twilight’, just before dawn”
obron adv. “*next”
obruith n. “(evil) consequences”
och n. “egg”
ocha n. “fleece”
ochlad n. “week”
octha n. “knee”
#-od suf. “noun suffix”
od¹ prep. “at, up to, against”
od² n. “sharp corner” see og²
odin num. card. “seven (orig[inally] many)”
odinthos num. card. “seventeen”
odog adj. “mighty, great; violent, excessive, exceeding, very”
odra adv. “very”
odra- v. “am able, can”
odrim adj. “(very) many”
odrog adj. and n. “dour, mighty, stout, brave; a brave man” see odron
odron adj. and n. “dour, mighty, stout, brave; a brave man”
-odro(n) suf. “augmentative”
odrum n. “hammer”
ôf n. “hood”
#-og suf. “adjectival suffix”
og- v. “to be able, can”
#-og² suf. “agental suffix”
og² n. “sharp corner”
oglad n. “week” see ochlad
-oglo(n) suf. “augmentative” see -odro(n)
ogor n. “might, power, ability”
ogra- v. “to be able, can” see og-
ogra prep. “able to”
ogriol adj. “possible”
ol n. “cliff, seaward precipice”
ol- v. “to appear, seem”
ôl¹ n. “forearm; bough”
ôl² n. “height, stature”
ôla n. “cliff, seaward precipice” see ol
oland n. “tide, motion of sea” see olod
olaud n. “tide, motion of the sea” see olod
olch adj. “bad” see ulc
olf(in) n. “branch, wand, stick”
olfin(g) n. “branch, wand, stick” see olf(in)
olm n. “dream”
olma- v. “to dream”
olod n. “tide, motion of the sea”
olor n. “dream, apparition, vision” see oloth
oloth n. “dream, apparition, vision”
oltha- v. “to appear as an apparition; to dream”
ôm n. “mind, heart, thought”
ômgulin adj. “patient”
ômgulwen n. “patience”
omla n. “a horse chestnut”
omlos n. “(horse) chestnut tree”
on pron. “he”
#-on suf. “noun suffix”
ôn¹ n. “crown of head, top”
ôn² n. “gift”
ong n. “great pain”
ongos n. “anguish”
-onta suf. “superlative”
ontha pron. “his”
#-or suf. “agental suffix”
or adv. and prep. “(av.) on, on top; (prep.) on, onto”
or- pref. “on, onto, up, in addition to”
ôr n. “dry sand”
orc n. “goblin”
orcômin adj. “fierce and bloody minded”
orf n. “apple”
orfing n. “pear”
orm n. “hill top, summit”
ormagod n. “a (Spanish) chestnut”
ormagodron n. “a (Spanish) chestnut tree”
orn n. “tree”
orod n. “mountain”
oros n. “rising”
orosaura n. “sunrise”
orost n. “rising, sunrise” see oros
ort n. “mountain” see orod
ortha adj. “upper”
orthi adv. “up”
ôs n. “bog”
’ôs n. “[unglossed]”
#-os¹ suf. “abstract noun”
#-os² suf. “masculine suffix”
osp(a) n. “foam”
ospa- v. “to seethe, foam, spout”
ospathol adj. “ebullient”
ospoth n. “froth”
oss n. “outer wall (with moat), town wall, moat”
ost¹ n. “enclosure, yard; town”
ost² n. “summer”
ost³ pron. “yourselves”
osta- v. “to surround with walls, build up, fortify, protect; to surround”
ostor n. “enclosure, circuit of walls”
ôth n. “hole, opening”
oth pron. “ye”
#-(o)th suf. “abstract noun”
pâ- v. “to put”
pactha- v. “to utter, speak, talk”
pad n. “[unglossed]”
padhra- v. “to skin, peel, flay” see pasta-
padhwen n. “bark”
padra- v. “to walk”
paga n. “court, paved floor”
paglant n. “a pavement”
paglos n. “parchment”
pagra- v. “to pave”
pagri n. “pavement”
pagros n. “pavement” see pagri
paib adj. “sour”
paithri n. “a speech, speech, talk”
paithron n. “orator”
paithwen n. “oratory”
palta- v. “to beat”
paltha n. “blade (of swords, knives, oars, etc.); wide flat leaf; page of book”
pan n. “arrangement, settlement; place, spot”
pand n. “bark; book”
pant n. “arrangement, grouping; book”
panta- v. “to arrange, order, settle; to set, put, place; to write a book”
paptha- v. “to tremble, quiver”
past n. “skin”
pasta- v. “to skin, peel, flay”
path n. “peel, skin of fruit, fine bark (paper)”
pau n. “a beard”
pectha n. “plume”
pecthon n. “plume, feather”
pel suf. “village, hamlet, -ham”
pelectha- v. “to hew”
peleg n. “axe”
pelu- v. “to fence, enclose”
n. “anything very small, a bit, mote”
pibin n. “small berry, haw”
pibinaith(ros) n. “hawthorn”
pictha- v. “to make urine” see pigla-
piectha- v. “to pin, prick”
pieg n. “pin”
pigla- v. “to make urine”
piglin n. “urine”
pigwa adj. “bitter”
pigwed adj. “bitter” see pigwa
piligwathil n. “feathering of an arrow”
pilingwathil n. “feathering of an arrow” see piligwathil
pilon n. “arrow, dart”
pim n. “bead, any small round thing, seed”
pinaithros n. “hawthorn” see pibinaith(ros)
pinig adj. “tiny, little”
piog n. “berry”
plador n. “oar” see plados
plados n. “oar”
pleg n. “hedge-stake, stake”
pless n. “hedge, fence”
podod n. “potato”
podra- v. “to turn round, turn back, retrace” see ponta-
polc adj. “thick, fat”
polm n. “strength (physical)”
polmog adj. “strong (physically)”
polod n. “power, might, authority”
polodrin adj. “mighty”
polwed adj. “strong (physically)” see polmog
polwin n. “strength (physical)” see polm
pont n. “the back, reverse or far side”
ponta- v. “to turn round, turn back, retrace”
porog n. “fowl (domestic)”
porogog n. “the clucking and noise of fowls”
porogwil n. “hen”
praust n. “[unglossed]”
pridu- v. “to decide”
pridwen n. “judgment”
pridwir n. “judge”
prind n. “distinction”
prog n. “[unglossed]”
pruin n. “charcoal”
pui n. “child”
puibra- v. “to wash, cleanse, soap” see puidra-
puictha- v. “to clean, wipe out; to condone, do away with, pardon, forgive”
puidra- v. “to wash, cleanse, soap”
puig adj. “clean, neat, tidy”
puim n. “soap”
puthli n. “baby”
quing n. “bow” see cwing
-r¹ suf. “plural in verbs”
-r² suf. “dative suffix” see -i
n. “arm, strength”
#-ra¹ suf. “adjective suffix”
#-ra² suf. “verb suffix”
rab- v. “[unglossed]”
ractha- v. “to shatter”
ractha n. “breach”
rada n. “track, path, way”
rag- v. “to break asunder, burst”
raib adj. “scored, striped”
raibrog n. “zebra”
raibros n. “(female) zebra” see raibrog
raig adj. “awry, twisted, distorted, perverse, wrong, leering (of face)”
raim n. “edge, border-line”
rain n. “anniversary, year complete”
raina- v. “to return”
raith n. “extent, reach; region, sphere, district, scope”
raitha- v. “to reach at, reach for; to reach, extend (intr.)”
rala- v. “to sing, carol, trill”
ram n. “wing, pinion”
Rân n. “Moon”
ranc n. “burst, breach”
ranoth n. “month”
rantha n. “arch, bridge”
ras- v. “to scorch, toast”
rasc n. “toast(ed bread)”
rath n. “the full arm, the extent of one’s arm, one’s reach; a measure = 2 feet”
rau n. “lion”
raug adj. “swift, rushing”
raust n. “hunt, chase”
rausta- v. “to hunt, chase, pursue (only in actual sense of following game)”
rautha- v. “hunt, chase, pursue”
redhin adj. “related”
redhos n. “land”
redhweg n. “cousin [m.]”
redhwin n. “cousin [f.]”
ren(d) n. “cousin (m.), relative”
renni n. “family”
ress n. “cousin (f.), relative”
rest¹ n. “aid, support, help”
rest² n. “kinship”
resta- v. “to support, to aid”
restu adj. “out of land, abroad, away from home”
reth- v. “to save, rescue, preserve”
#-ri suf. “abstract noun”
n. “coolness, cool; a sudden breeze or cold breath”
rib n. “shore; stripe, line; border, fringe”
ribin adj. “striped, edged”
ribrog n. “zebra” see raibrog
rictha- v. “to contort, twist, confuse, disarrange, upset”
rig n. “a snarl, a sneer”
rig- v. “to twist, contort”
#-(r)il suf. “feminine agent”
-rim suf. “*many” see -lim
rim¹ n. “stripe, line; border, fringe”
rim² n. and adj. “peace, quietness, calm; quiet, calm, peaceful”
rimin¹ adj. “striped, edged”
rimin² adj. “quiet, calm, peaceful”
rimp n. “shred, slice, sliver”
#-(r)in suf. “adjective suffix”
rin- v. “to revolve, return, come back; to do again”
rinc adj. and n. “circular; disc, rondure”
ring adj. “cool, cold”
rinta- v. “*to return”
#-r(i)ol suf. “adjective suffix”
rô- v. “to remain, stay, stand; to endure”
rô¹ adj. “enduring, long suffering; quiet, gentle, docile”
rô² n. “[unglossed]”
rod n. “tube, stem”
rodos n. “cavern”
rodrin adj. “cylindrical”
rôg adj. “doughty, strong”
rogli n. “little pipe (especially musical)”
rôl n. “a song”
rôma n. “shoulder”
#-(r)on suf. “agental suffix”
rôn¹ n. “embrace, clasp”
rôn² n. “liver”
ront adj. “high, steep”
rôs¹ n. “embrace” see rôn¹
rôs² n. “endurance, meekness, patience, gentleness”
ross n. “pipe”
rost n. “slope, hill side, ascent”
rosta n. “ascent, uprising, rising”
roth n. “cave, grot”
rôtha- n. “embrace”
rothrin adj. “hollow”
rû¹ n. “dwelling, house”
rû² n. “mystery” see rûm
rûdin adj. “hollow, cavernous”
ruf- v. “to tear”
rui n. “whisper”
ruim adj. “secret, mysterious”
ruin adj. “inhabited, tilled”
ruitha- v. “to whisper, rustle”
rum n. “noise”
rûm n. “secret, mystery”
rumla- v. “to make a noise”
rûs n. “endurance, long suffering, patience”
rusg n. “oatcake”
rust n. “inhabitation; cultivation, tillage”
rûtha- v. “to dwell, remain”
ruthla adj. “oaten”
ruthli n. “oats”
n. “fire”
sabli n. “spade, shovel”
sachwen n. “summer, midsummer” see saiwen
sactha- v. “to fight”
sad- v. “to reck, care, value, esteem, show respect for, consider”
sâd n. “riches, wealth”
safwen n. “summer” see saiwen
sagruin adj. “ferocious; full of hate towards”
sagruith n. “hatred; revenge”
saib n. “boot”
saichwed adj. “fiery, fierce” see sairin
saictha- v. “to have hunger” see saitha-
saidhon n. “noon”
saig adj. “hungry”
saigri n. “hunger (great), famine”
sair adj. “hot”
sairin adj. “fiery, fierce”
saith n. “hunger”
saitha- v. “to have hunger”
saiwen n. “summer, midsummer”
salc n. “green cut grass, ensilage”
salca- v. “to scythe or mow”
salf n. “bowl, basin”
salfinc n. “spoon”
salta n. “a game”
saltha- v. “play”
salum n. “*harp”
sam adj. “arranged, settled, done” see samin
sam- v. “to arrange, put together, adjust, settle, reconcile”
samin adj. “arranged, settled, done”
samri n. “arrangement”
samtha- v. “to settle a matter legally”
sana- v. “can; to know how to; to have knowledge, craft or skill”
sanc n. “jag, tooth”
santha- v. “to show, declare, point out, make known or clear”
santhi n. “knowledge, experience (in) or skill (in)”
saptha- v. “to dig, bite into”
sara- v. “ait”
sard n. “table”
sarn n. “a stone”
sarofarn n. “the seashore”
saros n. “surf, sea”
saroth n. “sea” see saros
sarothod n. “voyager, seafarer, (lit.) foreigner from overseas”
sarothwad n. “voyager, seafarer, (lit.) foreigner from overseas” see sarothod
sath num. card. “ten”
saul n. “great wind”
saur n. “hound, wild dog”
sauth n. “a hole, tunnel”
sectha n. and adj. “centre”
sectha- v. “to aim at”
secthadron adj. “midmost” see segron
seg n. “point, middle point”
segrin adj. “middle”
segron adj. “midmost”
sempios n. “holly, (lit.) *red-berry”
sen adj. “brown-red, russet”
sentha adj. “russet”
seth adj. “dry”
sethra- v. “dry up”
sî¹ n. “bead, small gem or pearl”
sî² adv. “here”
sibra- v. “to weep, whimper”
siel n. “granddaughter”
sigweth n. “lamentation, weeping”
sigwithiel n. “lamentation; weeping willow”
Sil n. “Rose of Silpion, Moon”
silc n. “flint”
Silma n. “*Moon”
silwin n. “swan”
sin adv. “*here” see sî²
si(n)- pref. “granddaughter of”
sinc n. “metal”
sincli n. “crystal”
sind n. “[unglossed]”
sing n. “salt”
singrin adj. “salt”
sinnai n. “today”
sint n. “spark”
sinta- v. “to sparkle”
sinthi pron. “[unglossed]”
sion n. “grandson”
siptha- v. “to whistle”
sîr n. “river”
siriol adj. “flowing, fluent, liquid, melliflous”
sirp n. “straw”
sith adv. “hither”
sitha¹ n. “fly”
sitha² adj. “this”
sithagong n. “dragonfly”
sithaling n. “fly snake, dragonfly”
sô- v. “to wash clean, bathe”
soctha- v. “to give to drink, quench”
socthor n. “a drinking-horn”
sog- v. “to drink”
sogli n. “a drinking-horn”
sogridâr n. “a drinking-horn”
sôm n. “law, custom, rule”
sôn¹ adj. “pure, clean”
sôn² n. “craft, skill”
sôr n. “wave, billow”
soros n. “ash-tree”
soth n. “bath”
sovri n. “cleansing”
sovriel n. “purification (religious)”
#-st suf. “noun suffix”
#-sta suf. “verb suffix” see #-tha¹
n. “noise of wind”
sui n. “daughter” see suil
suib adj. “dry”
suil n. “daughter”
suith n. “drink, draught”
suitha- v. “to dry, wipe”
suithlas n. “tea”
suithli n. “towel”
sulus n. “air-spirit”
sûr adj. “long, trailing”
susc adj. “hushed, quiet; abashed”
suss¹ interj. “hush”
suss² n. “hush, sudden quiet”
sûtha- v. “to blow (of wind)”
suthra- v. “to hush, to make or go quiet”
tab- v. “to cut to shape, fashion”
tadhos n. “hawthorn”
tag- v. “to fix, make firm, construct”
taglos n. “smith” see tagros
tagor n. “smith”
tagros n. “smith”
tair n. “look-out, watch, guard; gaze, regard”
taith n. “a letter, mark, sign”
taitha- v. “to teach”
taithion adj. “educated”
tâl (tald-) n. “foot”
talc adj. “upright”
taleg n. “(foot)path”
talgrin(d) n. “ankle”
taloth n. “(foot)path” see taleg
talp¹ n. “prop, support”
talp² n. “glass”
talpa- v. “to prop up, buttress up”
talpon n. “a slender pillar”
taltha n. “foot (of things), base, pedestal, pediment”
tam n. “copper”
tambin adj. “of copper”
tambos n. “cauldron”
tambrin adj. “like copper”
tan n. “firewood”
tanc adj. “firm, steady, settled”
tand n. “enclosure, garden”
tang n. “flame, flash”
tanga- v. “to set light to, kindle” see tantha-
tangar n. “hearthgrate, fireplace”
tangor n. “hearthgrate, fireplace” see tangar
tant n. “a number”
tanta n. “a dance”
tantha- v. “to set light to, kindle”
târ n. “horn”
tarc n. “root (especially edible roots)”
tarf adj. “dry, stale” see tarp
tarn n. “gate”
tarnon n. “porter”
tarog n. “ox”
tarp adj. “dry, stale”
taru¹ n. “cross; crossing”
taru² adj. “horned”
tast¹ n. “border, fringe”
tast² n. “total, amount”
tath- v. “to count”
tath n. “hedge, fence”
tathn n. “number”
tathna- v. “to number, count, reckon”
tathrin n. “willow”
taudha n. “phosphorous”
tauga adj. “suitable, fitting, convenient”
taul n. “pillar”
taur¹ n. “dense wood or forest”
taur² n. “ability, power”
taura adj. “powerful”
taus adj. “shaggy”
tavor n. “wood fay”
tavros n. “forest, wooded land”
n. “mark, line; track; path”
teb n. “point, nib, neb, nose”
tectha- v. “to write”
tefla- v. “to scorn”
teflarol adj. “abject, mean” see tefra
tefra adj. “abject, mean”
teg n. “point, dot, spot”
teglath n. “noted year, special year, feast year”
teglos n. “awning”
teilian n. “mockery”
teilin n. “stunt or jest”
teld n. “roof”
telfod n. “final end, the very last”
telm n. “roof; sky”
teloth n. “roofing, canopy, shelter”
telt n. “lid”
teltha- v. “cover in”
telthion adj. “roofed in, sheltered, protected”
telthon n. “roof” see teld
telu- v. “to close, end, finish”
telu n. “end”
telum n. “roof; sky” see telm
telwed adj. “roofed in, sheltered, protected” see telthion
tenc n. “pen, nib”
tent n. “toe”
tentha- v. “feel with the feet, walk on tiptoe”
teraith n. “waste, ruin, destruction”
terch n. “worm” see tereg
tercha- v. “to devour, destroy” see tertha-
tereg n. “worm”
tertha- v. “to devour, destroy”
tess(il) n. “little flower; †maiden”
teth n. “bud”
tethla- v. “to bud”
tethlas n. “petal, *(lit.) bud-leaf”
-th suf. “plural suffix”
#-tha¹ suf. “verb suffix”
#-tha² suf. “noun or adjective suffix”
thaf n. “hay”
thafwen n. “hay, harvest”
thaig n. “choice”
thaigra adj. “choice, select, elegant”
thail n. “[unglossed]”
thairin adj. “magic”
thairiniol adj. “magical”
thairinwed adj. “magical” see thairiniol
tham n. “chamber, room”
thambros n. “hall”
thanc n. “loathing, hatred”
thancol adj. “loathsome”
thang n. “a crowd, crush, herd”
thar- v. “to saw (up)”
tharm n. “saw”
thas pron. “thy”
thas- v. “to shave”
thasc adj. “shaven”
thasgim n. “*razor, (lit.) shave-blade”
thast n. “shaving”
thastril n. “razor”
thathri n. “shavings, sawdust”
thê- v. “to see”
thed n. “eye; bud”
thegin adj. “leading, chief”
thegla n. “first lights of dawn”
thegor n. “chief”
thegra adj. “first, foremost”
thel n. “[unglossed]”
thelg n. “[unglossed]”
ther- v. “to tie”
theres n. “tie, ribbon”
thest n. “sight (sense of); a sight, vision”
#-thi¹ suf. “noun suffix”
-thi² suf. “*diminutive suffix” see -chi
thibin n. “flute”
thibindon n. “flute-playing”
thibinweg n. “piper”
thig- v. “to pick out, select, choose”
thil n. “[unglossed]”
Thilim n. “*Moon” see Silma
thim n. “milk (after separation)”
thimli n. “whistle, piccolo”
thimp n. “the stop on a flute”
thimpa- v. “to play a flute or whistle”
thimpion n. “a piper”
thin- v. “to skim”
thinc n. “a pick, a choice; a bunch, posy”
thinta- v. “to skim” see thin-
thion n. “[unglossed]”
thisc adj. “dry, waterless”
thisin adj. “parched, withered”
thista- v. “to dry up (tr.)”
thith n. “dust”
thithrin adj. “dusty”
thlib- v. “to sup, lap up, suck”
-thlib suf. “-ly or -like”
thlibri n. “soup”
thlid- v. “to sort out, sift, sieve, discriminate”
thlid n. “sieve”
thlidhra adj. “‘willowy’, gracile”
-thlim suf. “race, folk”
thlim n. “race, kind, species, sort”
thlind adj. “fine, slender”
thloss n. “breaker”
thloth n. “breakers, waves, surf”
*-thol suf. “adjective suffix”
thol- v. “to roll”
tholos¹ n. “axle of a wheel”
tholos² n. “sea-marge”
thorn n. “eagle”
thoth n. “spell, evil enchantment of magic”
thothri n. “black magic”
thothweg n. “wizard”
thrad n. “a plank, board, shelf”
thram n. “saw” see tharm
thred n. “knot”
thribin adj. “lean”
thrim ? “[unglossed]”
thrimp n. “stalk”
thripthon n. “stem”
thrond n. “(eyrie), pinnacle”
throsta- v. “to beat, splash”
throth n. “beat (of oars, wings, etc.)”
throthriol n. “wizardous”
thû- v. “[unglossed]”
thuctha- v. “to adhere to, cleave”
thug n. “?resin”
thugli n. “resin”
thuif n. “resinous juice; any adhesive substance” see thuith
thuith n. “resinous juice; any adhesive substance”
-thwi suf. see fwi-
adj. and n. “straight; line”
tibli n. “drizzle, sleet”
tîf n. “resentment, ill feeling, bitterness”
tif- v. “to whistle”
tifin n. “small flute”
tigla- v. “to prick”
tiglas n. “remorse” see tiglath
tiglath n. “remorse”
tîl n. “cicatrice, scab, healing of a wound”
tilithli n. “little elf”
tilithril n. “f. elf”
tilithrin adj. “elfin”
tilithron n. “m. elf”
tim n. “spark, gleam, (star)”
timp n. “hoot, note of a flute”
timpa- v. “to ring, jingle, tinkle”
timpi n. “little bell”
timpintha- v. “to ring, jingle, tinkle” see timpa-
tinc n. “a flicker, a gleam”
tinta- v. “to dance”
tintiltha- v. “to twinkle”
tinwin n. “a small star”
tinwithli n. “group of stars, star-cluster, constellation”
tion n. “a straight line”
tir- v. “to look (out) for, watch for, await, expect”
tîr¹ adj. and n. “†straight, upright, honest (aj.); esteem, regard, honour”
tîr² n. “king” see tûr
tirin n. “watch-tower, turret, tower”
tirion n. “watch-tower, turret, tower” see tirin
tisc adj. “ticklish”
tisca- v. “to tickle”
n. “wool”
tôb(a) n. “shape, cut, fashion”
tôd n. “hat”
tôdhi n. “paddock”
tôg n. “storey, floor (of a house)”
togli n. “cap”
tôl n. “mantle”
tol n. “isle (with high steep coast)”
tôn n. “fire (on a hearth)”
torc n. “a sear, mark of a burn”
torn adj. “sunburnt, swart, dark-brown”
torod adj. “fierce, violent”
tortha- v. “to scorch”
tram n. “bridge”
tranc adj. “criss-cross, crossed; cross, at cross purpose, perverse”
trantha- v. “to cross (tr. & intr.); to mark with a cross”
trath n. “passage, ford”
tricthon n. “(fibrous fine) root”
trôn n. “a cross; a crossing”
trug adj. “easy to handle; convenient, tractable, docile”
trum ? “[unglossed]”
-tt suf. “dual”
tû- v. “to get, receive, take; to become”
tub- v. “to cover”
tubla- v. “to hide (intr.)”
tubrin adj. “hidden”
tuf n. “down, fluff”
tufrin adj. “fluffy”
tug- v. “to hit, reach mark; to light on, chance on, find; to arrive; to chance, occur; to suit, fit, be convenient, ‘do’”
tuig n. “shoot, sapling, sprout”
tuil n. “spring”
tuilir n. “spring(time)”
tuim n. “steam”
tuitha- v. “to sprout, spring, gush”
tul- v. “to bring; to come to; †to support”
tulga- v. “to make firm, confirm, settle, steady; to comfort”
tulog adj. “steady, firm” see tulug
tultha- v. “to lift, carry”
tulug adj. “steady, firm”
tûm n. “valley”
tum n. “hollow”
tumbol adj. “valley-like, hollow, excavated”
tumla- v. “to excavate, hollow out”
tumli n. “dale”
tump n. “shed”
tûn n. “[unglossed]”
tunc n. “chance; occurrence; arrival; hit at shooting; luck”
tund n. “log for the fire”
tung n. “a thought, an idea”
tungol adj. “wise, knowing”
tûr n. “king”
tur- v. “can, to have power to”
turinthi n. “princess”
turinthir n. “*queen” see turwin
turioth n. “kingship”
turm n. “authority, rule; strength”
turwin n. “queen”
tûs- v. “to tease wool, comb out”
tusc adj. “inflammable; touchy, irritable; explosive”
tusta- v. “to inflame, kindle, set light to, burn (tr.)”
tustarol adj. “inflammable”
tuth n. “tinder”
tuthli n. “match”
tuthlos n. “a teazle”
tuvrin adj. “acceptable”
tuvriol adj. “acceptable” see tuvrin
u- pref. “negative prefix”
û- v. “not to be, not to do”
u adv. “no, not, nor”
ub¹ adj. “wet, moist, damp”
ub² adj. “no, none”
ubra- v. “to rain”
ubri n. “rainfall, rain”
uch n. “rain”
uchir n. “recklessness; carelessness; security”
uchirin adj. “secure”
uchirthol adj. “reckless”
udathnarol adj. “countless, innumerable”
udathriol adj. “countless”
udrug adj. “intractable, fierce, untamed”
uf¹ prep. “out of, forth, from”
uf² n. “fine wool, down”
ufedhron n. “lawless man”
ufedhwed adj. “lawless”
ufestog adj. “breathless”
uf(f)edhin adj. and n. “outlaw, outcast; one who changes his clan and goes to a new kinship”
ufra adj. “outer”
ug- v. “negative verb”
ûg n. “mud”
ûgrin adj. “muddy”
ugwedriol adj. “ineffable, unspeakable, awful”
-ui suf. “dual” see -wi¹
uil n. “hen”
uimoth n. “whale, (lit.) sheep of the waves”
uin n. “whale, †wave”
*-uin suf. “*noun suffix”
uir- v. “not to wish, not mean to, mean not to”
uirol adj. “unwilling, reluctant”
uista- v. “not to notice”
uith adj. “both”
uitha- v. “to lay eggs, nest”
uivrin adj. “barren”
ul- pref. “miss-, wrongly, ill, badly”
ûl n. “a ghost”
ulc adj. “bad, evil, wicked”
ulcarm n. “sin”
ulch adj. “bad” see ulc
ulcoth n. “wickedness”
ulcrum n. “sin” see ulcarm
ulin adj. and n. “liquid”
ulm n. “jar, flagon”
ulna- v. “to ooze”
ultha- v. “to pour out (tr.)”
ulthanc n. “[unglossed]”
uluch n. “she-dragon”
uluchnir n. “she-dragon” see uluch
ulug¹ n. “dragon”
ulug² n. “wolf” see urc
ulugwin n. “she-dragon” see uluch
ulvon n. “*monster, giant”
ûm n. “voice”
-(u)m suf. “?indefinite suffix”
um¹ pron. “we”
um² adj. “lowlying”
umbart n. “fate”
umbath n. “nightfall” see umboth
umbel n. “a dell”
umboth n. “nightfall”
umeg ? “[unglossed]”
ûmi adj. “large”
umin pron. “we” see um¹
umir n. “nobody, no one (fem.)”
umli n. “a dell” see umbel
umrod n. “fate” see umbart
ûna n. “hope”
ûna- v. “to hope”
unandrathrol adj. “unabashed, shameless”
unath n. “nothing” see unt
unathriol adj. “unreal; impossible”
unc¹ pron. “ourselves”
unc² n. “ear, handle (of a jar)”
ungathos n. “eighteen” see unthos
ungra adj. “eighth”
ungwi n. “spider”
unt n. “nothing”
untha adj. and adv. “no, none”
unthos n. “eighteen”
unweg n. “nobody, no one”
uptha- v. “to shout”
ûr n. “smith”
urc n. “wolf”
urf n. “apple (tree)”
urin adj. “hot, very hot”
urm n. “brazier, grate”
urna- v. “to blaze, burn (intr.)”
urtha- v. “to work, wreak, fashion, make, devise”
urthu n. “*death” see gurth(u)
us- v. “to leave, depart”
usb n. “fog, mist” see usc
usc n. “fog, mist”
usfeg- v. “to release”
usg n. “fog, mist” see usc
ust n. “cloudy air”
usta- v. “to leave, depart” see us-
ûtha- v. “to emit; to issue”
uthairiol adj. “unintentional, unintended; reluctant”
ûthi n. “outside”
uthra- v. “to get away, escape”
uthwen n. “escape, way out, exit”
uvin n. “eight”
-vran suf. “dwelling”
-vron suf. “dwelling” see -vran
#-wed suf. “adjective suffix”
-weg suf. “masculine suffix”
-wein suf. “*female suffix” see -win
#-wen¹ suf. “noun suffix”
-wen² suf. “*augmentative”
#-weth suf. “noun suffix”
-wi¹ suf. “dual”
#-wi² suf. “noun suffix”
#-wig suf. “*female suffix” see -win
-win suf. “*female suffix”
ŷr n. “smith” see ûr
yrin adj. “made (by craft of hand)” see aurin