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G. gwailtha- v. “to air; expose to air” (Category: Air, Ether)

⚠️G. gwailtha-, v. “to air; expose to air” (Category: Air, Ether)
ᴺS. ^gwiltha- “to air, expose to air”

A word appearing in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s as G. gwailtha- “to air — expose to air”, a verb form of G. gwail “air” from the root ᴱ√gu̯il (GL/45).

Neo-Sindarin: I think this word can be salvaged as a causative verb ᴺS. gwiltha- of the same meaning, from the later version of its root: ᴹ√WIL which still have derivatives related to “air”, such as N. gwelw “air (as a substance)” (Ety/WIL).

Reference ✧ GL/45 ✧ “to air; expose to air”


gwail “air” ✧ GL/45
#-tha¹ “verb suffix” ✧ GL/45 (#-tha)