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G. sabli n. “spade, shovel” (Category: Spade)

⚠️G. sabli, n. “spade, shovel” (Category: Spade)
ᴺS. ^samp “spade, shovel”

A noun appearing as G. sabli “a spade, shovel” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s (GL/67), clearly based on the early root ᴱ√SAPA “dig, excavate” (QL/82).

Neo-Sindarin: If adapted to Sindarin of the 1950s and 60s, this noun would likely become *sabol. However, that conflicts with the active-participle sabol “digging” of the verb ᴺS. sab- “to dig”. I would therefore revise this noun to ᴺS. samp “spade, shovel” for purposes of Neo-Sindarin, a direct cognate of [ᴱQ.] sampa of the same basic meaning.

Reference ✧ GL/67 ✧ “a spade, shovel”