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G. polodrin adj. “mighty” (Category: Strong, Mighty, Powerful)

⚠️G. polodrin, adj. “mighty” (Category: Strong, Mighty, Powerful)
ᴺS. ^polodhren “mighty, *powerful (politically)”

A word appearing as G. polodrin “mighty” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s, an adjective form of G. polod “power, might, authority” (GL/64). It had an archaic variant {poldurin >>} †polurin or polorin which was sometimes used as a sobriquet for Tulcus.

Neo-Sindarin: Since ᴹ√POL(OD) still had to do with “strength” in Tolkien’s later writings, I’d adapt this word as ᴺS. polodhren “mighty, *powerful” for purposes of Neo-Sindarin using the later Sindarin adjective -ren. Given the meanings of its base noun (including authority), I’d assume this adjective has a connotation of political power. I’d constrast it with S. belaith which I’d use for “mighty” in general (independent of authority).

References ✧ GL/64; LT1A/Poldórëa





polod “power, might, authority” ✧ GL/64; LT1A/Poldórëa