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G. ilwint n. “sky, heavens; (lit.) face of god” (Category: Sky, Heavens)

⚠️G. ilwint, n. “sky, heavens; (lit.) face of god” (Category: Sky, Heavens)
N. #ell “sky”
S. menel “the heavens, firmament, region of the stars”

A noun in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s described as follows:

ilwint (face of God ?) = Q ilwe. The blue airs (above Gwilfa) that flow about the stars. The etymology “face of god” is popular and responsible for form, which is properly (and so occurs) ilwi or ilwin (GL/50).

Thus this word is the equivalent of ᴱQ. ilwe “sky, heavens” from the root ᴱ√ILU (QL/42), but a folk etymology assumed the final element was G. gwint “face”, and this supplemented the more ordinary historical form ilwi(n).

References ✧ GL/50; LT1A/Ilwë





ᴱ√ILU “ether, the slender airs among the stars”
gwint “face”