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N. #ell n. “sky” (Category: Sky, Heavens)

N. #ell, n. “sky” (Category: Sky, Heavens)
G. climli “heaven, sky”
ᴱN. dai “sky; high”
G. ilon “sky”
G. ilwint “sky, heavens; (lit.) face of god”
G. luithon “sky”
ᴱN. telum “sky; [G.] roof”
G. telm “roof; sky”

An element meaning “sky” in several names from The Etymologies of the 1930s: N. Elfaron “Sky-hunter” (Ety/SPAR) and N. Elthoron “Eagle of the Sky” (Ety/THOR). It was derived from the root ᴹ√ƷEL “sky” which had an Old Noldorin form: ON. elle (Ety/ƷEL). However, Tolkien said “In Noldorin and Telerin this is confused with EL star”, implying that the word was not used in modern language; an earlier but rejected version of this entry had archaic N. †ell, el “sky” (EtyAC/ƷEL).

Neo-Sindarin: Despite the above statements, ell is probably the best attested option for “sky” in Neo-Sindarin, and I would use it as such, since it is in fact distinct from S. êl “star”, a word that is itself archaic/poetic versus more common S. gil.

References ✧ Ety/SPAR, THOR; EtyAC/ƷEL



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Phonetic Developments

ON. elle > ell > el [elle] > [ell] ? [el] ✧ EtyAC/ƷEL