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G. piog n. “berry” (Category: Berry)

⚠️G. piog, n. “berry” (Category: Berry)
ᴺS. pibin “small berry, haw”
ᴺS. dod “berry”

A word in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s glossed “berry”, the cognate of ᴱQ. piukka “blackberry” (GL/64; QL/74). The io is probably the result of the Gnomish sound change whereby iu became io (PE15/13).

Neo-Sindarin: In Sindarin, iu became ŷ, so this word might be adapted as ᴺS. pŷg, but I prefer to use ᴺS. dod for “berry”.

References ✧ GL/64; LT2A/Silpion


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