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S. nadha n. “fetter” (Category: Chain)

S. nadha, n. “fetter” (Category: Chain)

A word for “fetter” in green-ink revisions from around 1970 to the Outline of Phonology (OP2), from primitive ✶nazgā based on the root √NASAG that was related to Black Speech nazg “ring” (PE19/101). Here the [zg] spirantalized to [ðɣ], and later the final [ɣ] became [a] after the loss the more ancient final vowel .

Reference ✧ PE19/101 ✧ “fetter”



Phonetic Developments

nazg- > nadha [nazgā] > [nazga] > [naðɣa] > [naðɣ] > [naða] ✧ PE19/101