Q. Essecenta Eldarinwa pn. “Enquiry (into the origins) of the Elvish names”

Q. Essecenta Eldarinwa, pn. “Enquiry (into the origins) of the Elvish names”

Title of an essay on the naming of divisions of Elves, more commonly known by the title “Quendi and Eldar” (WJ/359-424). It is described as an “Enquiry into the origins of the Elvish names” (WJ/359), though “into the origins” is not directly represented in the Quenya title. Its first element is a compound of essë¹ “name” and centa “enquiry”, and its second element is the possessive form of Eldarin, meaning “of Elvish”.

References ✧ MR/415, 470; WJ/359; WJI/Essekenta Eldarinwa




essë¹ “name” ✧ WJ/359
centa “enquiry, *essay” ✧ WJ/359 (kenta)
Eldarin “of the Eldar; Elvish (language)” possessive ✧ WJ/359 (Eldarinwa)