Q. Curufinwë m. “*Skilled-Finwë”

Q. Curufinwë, m. “*Skilled-Finwë”

The father-name of S. Curufin, from which his Sindarin name was derived (MR/217, PM/352). It is a compound of curu “skill” and his grandfather’s name Finwë. The short form of this name was Curvo (PM/352). This name was also the father-name of Curufin’s father, Fëanor (S/63, MR/87).

References ✧ MR/217; MRI; PE17/39, 118; PM/343, 352; PMI/Curufin, Fëanor, Kurufinwë; SA/curu; SI/Curufinwë, Fëanor; VT41/10




curu “skill” ✧ SA/curu; SI/Fëanor
Finwë ✧ MR/217; PE17/39; PE17/118; PM/343; VT41/10
KUR “have power, strength, ability inherent physically or mentally; skill” ✧ VT41/10 (kuru-)