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ᴺS. [G.] ^salch n. “green cut grass, ensilage” (Category: Grass)

ᴺS. [G.] ^salch, n. “green cut grass, ensilage” (Category: Grass)
See G. salc for discussion.


G. salc n. “green cut grass, ensilage” (Category: Grass)

A noun in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s glossed “green cut grass, encilage [sic.]” (GL/66). According to the editors, “encilage” is probably a mispelling of “ensilage”, which is undried green grass stored as animal feed, as opposed to “fodder” which is normally dried. This Gnomish word is probably derived from the early root ᴱ√SḶKḶ¹ and is related to ᴱQ. salki “grass” (QL/84).

Neo-Sindarin: The root ᴹ√SALAK remains the basis of “grass” words in Tolkien’s later writings (Ety/SALÁK), so I think this word can be salvaged for purposes of Neo-Sindarin, but should be modified to ᴺS. salch “green cut grass, ensilage” to better fit Sindarin phonology.

Reference ✧ GL/66 ✧ “green cut grass, encilage [sic.]”