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ᴱN. dadnuv- v. “*to sink, go down” (Category: to Sink)

⚠️ᴱN. dadnuv-, v. “*to sink, go down” (Category: to Sink)
ᴺS. !duia- “to descend, sink, set [of sun]”

References ✧ PE13/164



dadnyviant aorist ✧ PE13/164: aor. now
dadní aorist ✧ PE13/164: aor.
dadnovath past ✧ PE13/164: imperfect
dadnuvath past ✧ PE13/164: imperfect
dannovath past ✧ PE13/164: imperfect
dadnevaith past plural ✧ PE13/164
dadnyvaith past plural ✧ PE13/164: pl.
dadnyveith past plural ✧ PE13/164
dadnyvethir past plural ✧ PE13/164
dadnévethir past plural ✧ PE13/164
dadnú present ✧ PE13/164: 3 sg.
dadnuveg present masc ✧ PE13/164: m.


#dad “down”
#nuv- “to sink, set”