N. Forannest loc. “North Entrance [?In]”

N. Forannest, loc. “North Entrance [?In]”

According to Christopher Tolkien, a name for the north gates into the Rammas Echor in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, glossed “North entrance [?in]” where the last word is obscure (WR/354). The same notes contained the rejected forms fornest and Anfornest, along with the words nesta, nethra and nest, the last with a difficult-to-read gloss, apparently “?heart, core” (WR/357, note #18). The other elements of this name seem to be the prefixal form for- of forn “north” and a reduced form of annon “gate”.

References ✧ WR/354, 357; WRI




forn “right or north”
annon “great gate, door”
nest “?heart, core” ✧ WR/357