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SEN root. “let loose, free, let go”

SEN root. “let loose, free, let go”

A primitive form given as *sen- “let loose, free, let go” to explain the verb ✶ab(a)sene- > Q. apsen- “remit, release, forgive” from the final Quenya version of the Lord’s Prayer from the 1950s (VT43/12, 18). It is probably the basis for the (mutated) element hen in similar words in the Sindarin version of the Lord’s Prayer: S. díhena- and gohena-, as suggested by Bill Welden (VT44/22, 28-29). This primitive element *sen- appears nowhere else with this meaning, and is similar in semantic scope to the better established root √LEK.

Reference ✧ VT43/18 ✧ sen- “let loose, free, let go”