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ᴺS. [G.] ^nogen n. “boy, lad, urchin; *(orig.) short (of persons)” (Category: Boy)

ᴺS. [G.] ^nogen, n. “boy, lad, urchin; *(orig.) short (of persons)” (Category: Boy)
See G. nogin for discussion.


G. nogin n. “boy, lad, urchin” (Category: Boy)

A noun appearing as G. nogin “boy, lad, urchin” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s (GL/61); its derivation is unclear since no nearby words seem to be related, but it could be a variation on G. naug “a dwarf” (GL/59).

Neo-Sindarin: I think this word may be salvageable as Neo-Sindarin ᴺS. nogen, reinterpretted as a derivative of the root √NUK “stunted”, originally an adjective *nukina used to refer to short persons or children in a less-than-flattering way. Given its glosses, I would use this word mainly for a mischievous or irritating male child; for a more ordinary word for “boy”, I’d instead use S. ion(n).

Reference ✧ GL/61 ✧ “boy, lad, urchin”