Q. Ingwion m. “Son of Ingwë”

Q. Ingwion, m. “Son of Ingwë”

The son of Ingwë (WJ/246), whose name is a compound of the name of his father Ingwë and the patronymic suffix -ion “-son”.

Conceptual Development: The basic development of this name was: ᴱQ. Isilmo (as son of ᴱQ. Isil, QL/43) >> ᴱQ. Ingil (LT1/022, Ety/ING) >> ᴹQ. Ingwiel (SM/156, LR/326) >> Q. Ingwil (NM/128) >> Q. Ingwion (WJ/246). The meanings of earlier forms of this character’s name are unclear, but they all contain his father’s name as an element. See the entries for the earlier name for more details.

References ✧ WJ/246; WJI



Ingwë “Chief”
-ion “-son, masculine patronymic”

Q. Ingwil m.

First son of Q. Ingwë in some 1959 notes (NM/128). Elsewhere the son of Ingwë was named Ingwion.

Reference ✧ NM/128

ᴹQ. Ingwiel m.

Son of ᴹQ. Ingwe in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s (SM/156, LR/326). The name Ingwiel contains his father’s name as an element, though the function of the suffix -iel (often “daughter”) is unclear. See later Q. Ingwion for later developments.

References ✧ LR/326; LRI; SM/156, 313; SMI/Ingwiel, Ingwil; WJ/246; WJI/Ingwion




Ingwe “Prince of Elves”

ᴹQ. Ingil m.

See earlier ᴱQ. Ingil and later Q. Ingwion for discussion.

Reference ✧ Ety/ING


ᴹ√ING “first, foremost” ✧ Ety/ING

ᴱQ. Ingil m.

In the earliest Lost Tales, the name of the son of ᴱQ. Inwe (LT1/22). The son’s name contains an earlier, rejected name ᴱQ. Ing for his father. In unrelated story fragments from the 1920s, the name Ing was also used for a great lord who ruled England (LT2/301), and as such Ingil appeared as an element of the name ᴱQ. Ingilnóre “England” (QL/42). The name ᴹQ. Ingil still appeared in The Etymologies as a derivative of ᴹ√ING (Ety/ING), but in the contemporaneous narratives the name was changed to ᴹQ. Ingwiel. See Q. Ingwion for later developments of this name.

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Element In



ᴱQ. Isilmo m.

The earliest name of the son of ᴱQ. Inwe (later Q. Ingwë) who at this early stage was also called Isil (QL/43).

References ✧ GL/39; LT1A/Isil; PE13/99, 103; PE15/7, 25; QL/43





Isil ✧ LT1A/Isil; QL/43