Q. Ingwë Ingweron pn. “Chief of the Chieftains”

Q. Ingwë Ingweron, pn. “Chief of the Chieftains”

A title of Ingwë as lord of the Ingwi (PM/340). The name is a combination of his name interpreted as “Chief”, and the genitive plural form of his name, which was also used as a name of the Vanyar. This plural formation is somewhat usual. The normal plural form of this name would be Ingwi, so the expected genitive plural would be Ingwion. For discussion, see the entries for Q. Ingwi and the Quenya plural nouns.

Reference ✧ PM/340 ✧ “Chief of the Chieftains”


Ingwë “Chief” ✧ PM/340
Ingwi “People of Ingwë, Chieftains” genitive plural ✧ PM/340 (Ingweron)