Ilk. [t]

Ilk. [t]

The voiceless dental stop survived initially from Primitive Elvish into Ilkorin (PE19/18), but it became [d] after vowels (PE19/23) and became [θ] (“th”) after liquids and voiceless stops. It was preserved medially in some clusters, notably [st] and sometimes (final) [nt], though primitive medial [nt] became [nd].

References ✧ PE18/104; PE19/18, 21

Element In

Phonetic Development

Ilk. [no change] t < t ✧ PE19/18 (t- > t-); PE19/21 (tr- > tr-); PE19/21 (tl- > tl-)
Ilk. [h] vanished before consonants lengthening the preceding vowel V̄t < Vht ✧ PE18/104 (ʒt > ´t)
Ilk. voiceless stops voiced after vowels Vt > Vd ✧ PE18/104 (´t > ´d)