Q. Yáranoldorin pn. “Ancient Noldorin”

Q. Yáranoldorin, pn. “Ancient Noldorin”

A term for Old Noldorin appearing in linguistic notes from the 1930s and early 1950s (PE18/26, 76), a compound of yára “old” and Noldorin.

Reference ✧ PE18/76 ✧ “Ancient Noldorin”


yára “old, ancient” ✧ PE18/76 (#Yára)
Noldorin “of the Noldo; the Noldor language” ✧ PE18/76

ᴹQ. Yára-noldorin pn. “Old Noldorin”

See Q. Yáranoldorin for discussion.

Reference ✧ PE18/26 ✧ “Old Noldorin”


yára “old, ancient, belonging to or descending from former times” ✧ PE18/26
Noldorin “Gnomish” ✧ PE18/26