Dan. short final vowels vanished; [-S{ĭĕăŏŭ}] > [-Sø]

Dan. short final vowels vanished; [-S{ĭĕăŏŭ}] > [-Sø]

In The Etymologies, all attested Danian words with short primitive vowels had lost those vowels. The timing of this loss is unclear, however. Some of the vowels may have been lost in the Common Eldarin stage, and others lost later. In particular, primitive short [ĭ] seems to have caused i-mutation in ᴹ✶lugni > Dan. lygn before vanishing. However, with ᴹ✶edel- > Dan. Edel, any final vowel (probably short) was lost early enough to prevent the Danian syncope.

See Dan. (unstressed or final?) [ĕ] became [i] for further discussion.

Order (01600)

Before 01900 second short vowel of same quality lost ᴹ✶edel- > Dan. Edel Ety/ELED

Phonetic Rule Elements

[-Sĭ] > [-Sø]
[-Sĕ] > [-Sø]
[-Să] > [-Sø]
[-Sŏ] > [-Sø]
[-Sŭ] > [-Sø]

Phonetic Rule Examples

edela > edel -Să > -Sø ᴹ✶edel- > Dan. Edel ✧ Ety/ELED
lygni > lygn -Sĭ > -Sø ᴹ✶lugni > Dan. lygn ✧ Ety/LUG²
urku > urk -Sŭ > -Sø ᴹ✶órku > Dan. urc ✧ Ety/ÓROK
utubnu > utubn -Sŭ > -Sø ᴹ✶Utubnu > Dan. Utum ✧ Ety/TUB