S. Dúnadan pn. “Man of the West”

S. Dúnadan, pn. “Man of the West”

Sindarin term for a “Man of the West”, the descendants of the Elf-friends of Beleriand and Númenor (LotR/233). This name is a combination of dûn “west” and Adan “Man” (SA/andúnë, adan; PE17/18).

Conceptual Development: In an early version of Glorfindel’s greeting to Aragon, this term was N. Torfir (TI/61), and throughout the Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, the most common term for “High Men” was ᴹQ. Tarkil (TI/84, WR/310). It was not until very late in the drafts that the terms Dúnadan/Dúnedain appeared (WR/363 note #6).

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Dún-edain plural “Númenóreans” ✧ Let/282
Dúnedain plural “Men of the West” ✧ LotRI/Dúnedain; PM/324
Dúnedain plural   ✧ MRI/Dúnedain; PMI/Dúnedain; RSI/Dúnedain; SA/adan; SA/andúnë; SDI1/Dúnedain; SDI2/Dúnedain; TII/Dúnadan; WJI/Dúnedain; WJI/Núnatani; WRI/Dúnedain
Dúnedain plural “western men” ✧ PE17/18; PE17/32
ᴸN. Dúnedain plural   ✧ PM/55
Dúnedain plural “Edain of the West” ✧ SI/Dúnedain; UTI/Dúnedain
Dúnedain plural “West-men” ✧ WJ/378
Dúnedain plural “Western Men” ✧ WJ/386
N. Dúnedain plural   ✧ WR/363
ᴸN. Dúnedein plural   ✧ PM/55
Dúnedein plural   ✧ PMI/Dúnedain


dûn “west” ✧ PE17/18; SA/andúnë
Adan “Man (as a species)” ✧ Let/282 (Edain); PE17/18; PM/324; SA/adan (Edain)

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