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ᴺQ. !lina adj. “many” (Category: Much, Many)

ᴺQ. !lina, adj. “many” (Category: Much, Many)
ᴱQ. olli “many”
ᴱQ. limba “many”
A neologism for the adjective “many” derived from the root √LI, typically appearing in its plural form linë. Like English, it has the sense “many but not all, a majority (of)”: compare with nótima which can be used with the “some”. Early versions of this lexicon recommended using ᴱQ. lia, but that word’s plural form collides with Q. lië “people”.


ᴱQ. lia(r) adj. “many” (Category: Much, Many)

Reference ✧ QL/53 ✧ “many”


Phonetic Developments

ᴱ√ > lia(r) [liar] ✧ QL/53