Ad. Inziladûn m. “Flower of the West”

Ad. Inziladûn m. “Flower of the West”

Son of Ar-Gimilzôr and Inzilbêth and the 24th ruler of Númenor, whose Quenya name was Tar-Palantir “The Farsighted” (LotR/1035). The meaning of his Adûnaic name is “Flower of the West” (UT/227), so he is an example of a Númenorean ruler whose Adûnaic and Quenya names had different meanings. The name Inziladûn was his given name and he adopted Palantir when he ascended the throne.

As pointed out by Andreas Moehn (EotAL/JIL), the ordering of the elements in this name are inconsistent with the rules outlined in Lowdham’s Report, which indicate that the adjectival element “West” should come before the noun “Flower” that it modifies (SD/428), so that the name properly should be *Adûninzil, similar to Adûnakhôr “Lord of the West”. The name as written would mean “West of the Flower”. Perhaps Tolkien relaxed or altered those rules in his later writings.

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inzil “flower, lily”
adûn “west, westward”