S. Inglorion m. “*Son of Inglor”

S. Inglorion, m. “*Son of Inglor”

Sobriquet of Gildor of the house of Finrod (LotR/80), a combination of Inglor and -ion¹, hence “*Son of Inglor”.

Conceptual Development: In his first appearance in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, Gildor already had the sobriquet N. Inglorion, and was said to be of the house of Finrod (RS/60). At this stage, N. Inglor was the given name of Felagund lord of Nargothrond and N. Finrod was his father (LR/113, 116), so it is possible that Tolkien conceived of the character as the son (or descendant) of Felagund when he was first created. Later the names of these characters where rearranged, as described in the entry for S. Felagund, and Tolkien decided that Finrod never married (WJ/44), so this scenario became impossible. It is conceivable that Gildor became instead the son of some other Elf named Inglor, either a relative of Finrod or simply an inhabitant of Nargothrond.

Reference ✧ LotRI/Gildor


-ion¹ “-son”

N. Inglorion m.

See S. Inglorion for discussion.

Reference ✧ RSI/Gildor


Inglor “*Heart of Gold”
-ion¹ “son”