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ᴺQ. !cenya- v. “to study” (Category: to Study)

⚠️ᴺQ. !cenya-, v. “to study” [created by Eddin Najetovic, PPQ] (Category: to Study)
ᴺQ. !nolya- “to study, ⚠️learn”
Q. henta- “to eye, examine, read, scan”
A neologism appearing in PPQ in the early 2000s, suggested by Eddin Najetovic, as a verb meaning “to study” derived from the root √KEN “see”, perhaps with the original sense “to examine”. For “study”, I prefer the neologism ᴺQ. nolya-, and there is now a published verb from PE17 with the sense “to examine”: Q. henta-.