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HEN root. “again; middle”

⚠️HEN root. “again; middle”
EN “again, once more, go on doing; further, beyond; [ᴹ√] yonder, over there”
ENED “centre, middle; ⚠️three”

This root and its extensions √HENET and (deleted) √HENED appeared in notes from 1968 as a way to better distinguish the roots for √EN “again” and √ENED “middle”; Tolkien alternately explored assigning both these meanings to √HEN(ET) instead, leaving √EN(ED) with the other meaning (VT41/16). Since the resulting forms in Quenya had no initial h-, this must have been in a period where Tolkien felt ancient voiceless velar spirants vanished in Quenya. These roots are problematic within the larger framework of Tolkien’s languages, and were most likely transient ideas.

References ✧ VT41/16