Ilk. final [mb], [mm] became [m]; [-m{bm}] > [-m]

Ilk. final [mb], [mm] became [m]; [-m{bm}] > [-m]

In Ilkorin, it seems that final [-mb] and [-mm] reduced to [-m], the former probably developing as [-mb] > [-mm] > [-m]. The clearest example of this change is ᴹ✶turumbē > trumb > Ilk. trum (Ety/TURÚM). A similar changed occurred in Noldorin, but unlike Noldorin, this change did not occur medially in Ilkorin, as indicated by Ilk. umboth.

Phonetic Rule Elements

[-mb] > [-m]
[-mm] > [-m]

Phonetic Rule Examples

demb > dem -mb > -m ᴹ✶dimbā > Ilk. dem ✧ Ety/DEM
dimb > dim -mb > -m ᴹ✶dimbē > Ilk. dim ✧ Ety/DEM
dimb > dim -mb > -m ᴹ✶dembē > Ilk. dim ✧ EtyAC/DEM
trúmb > trúm -mb > -m ᴹ✶turúmbē > trumb > Ilk. trum ✧ Ety/TURÚM
timm > tim -mm > -m ᴹ✶tinmē > Ilk. tim ✧ Ety/TIN