Q. Elemmírë pn. “Elven-gem, Star-gem”

Q. Elemmírë, pn. “Elven-gem, Star-gem”

The name of a star (S/48), possibly Mercury (MR/435). It was also the name of the Vanyarin elf of unknown gender who composed the Aldudénië (S/76). This name is a compound of elen “star” and mírë “jewel, gem” (SA/mîr, PE19/96), with the n assimilated to the m.

Conceptual Development: When this name first appeared, it was Elemírë with only a single m (MR/100). It also appeared in some places with a short i (MR/435).

References ✧ MR/100, 435; MRI; PE19/96; SA/mîr; SI/Elemmírë¹, Elemmírë²




elen “star” assimilated ✧ PE19/96 (Elem)
mírë “jewel, gem, precious thing, treasure; precious” ✧ PE19/96; SA/mîr