S. Haldir m.

S. Haldir, m.

Silvan Elf of Lórien (LotR/343). The meaning of this name is unclear, but it might be a combination of [N.] hall¹ “hidden” and dîr¹ “man”.

Conceptual Development: This name is also shared by a man of the Edain from the First Age, Ed. Haldir, as well as a (rejected) son of Orodreth N. Haldir; the derivation above comes for that of the son of Orodreth (Ety/DER, SKAL¹). As applied to this Silvan Elf, this name first appeared in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s as N. Hathaldir, revised to Halldir and finally Haldir (TI/262).

Reference ✧ LotRI/Haldir



N. hall¹ “veiled, hidden, shadowed, shady”
dîr¹ “man”

N. Halldir m.

See S. Haldir for discussion.

References ✧ TI/262; TII/Haldir, Hathaldir