Q. Quendingoldo m. “*Loremaster of the Elves”

Q. Quendingoldo, m. “*Loremaster of the Elves”

Quenya name of S. Pengolodh (PM/401, VT48/5), also appearing in the shorter form Quengoldo (PM/404). His name seems to be a compound the plural of Quendë “Elf” and ✶ñgolodō in its original sense “lore-master” (later used for the tribal name Q. Noldo).

References ✧ PM/401, 404; PMI/Pengoloð; VT48/5



Quendë “Elf, (lit.) One That Speaks” plural
ñgolodō “lore-master, sage”

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