S. Dírhael m. “*Wise Man”

S. Dírhael, m. “*Wise Man”

Father of Gilraen (LotR/1057). His name may be a combination of dîr¹ “man” and the lenited form hael of sael “wise”, hence: “*Wise Man” (as suggested by David Salo, GS/346).

Conceptual Development: In drafts of the Lord of the Rings appendices, this name first appeared as Dirhael with a short i (PM/196), sometimes alternating with Dirhoel with an oe (PM/238, 263), before Tolkien settled on the form Dírhael used in the published version of The Lord of the Rings.

References ✧ LotRI; PMI/Dirhael




dîr¹ “man”
#sael “wise” soft-mutation