S. ir Ithil ammen Eruchín “*when the Moon, for us, the Children of God”

S. ir Ithil ammen Eruchín “*when the Moon, for us, the Children of God”

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The first phrase of Lúthien’s Song (LB/354). Three translations of this phrase are:

The first word ir is the most controversial in the poem. Wynne suggested that it might be a cognate of ᴹQ. íre² “when” appearing in Fíriel’s Song from the 1930s (LR/72), but Salo suggested that it might be a variant form of the definite article used before another i to avoid repetition (GS/211). In support of Salo, the form ir appeared as definite article in the Túrin Wrapper: ir Ellath “*the Elves” (VT50/23), but elsewhere in the wrapper this was written in Ellath, and so ir there may only have been a slip. Furthermore, proper names like Ithil don’t generally need a definite article, as pointed out by Carl Hostetter (VT50/23, note #36). Absent further evidence, I am inclined to agree with Wynne in this case, but even this is quite speculative, since more than a decade separates the two poems.

The rest of the phrase is straightforward. The second word is Ithil “Moon”. The third word is ammen “for us”, the preposition an “for” assimilated to the pronoun men¹ “us”. The last word is Eruchîn “Children of God”, appearing elsewhere as Eruhîn (Let/345, MR/330).

Reference ✧ LB/354 ✧ Ir Ithil ammen Eruchín


ir “?when, while” ✧ LB/354
Ithil “Moon” ✧ LB/354
an “to, for” assimilated ✧ LB/354 (am)
men¹ “us” ✧ LB/354
Eruchîn “Children of Eru (God)” ✧ LB/354 (Eruchín)

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