S. Eruchîn coll. “Children of Eru (God)”

S. Eruchîn, coll. “Children of Eru (God)”

The Sindarin equivalent of Q. Eruhíni “Children of God” (LB/354). This name is a combination of Q. Eru “God” and the lenitied plural chîn of hên “child”.

Conceptual Development: This name first appeared in the tales of the Fall of Númenor from the 1940s as the Adûnaic word #Êruhin, attested only in its plural forms Êruhîn(im) (SD/247-8, 311). In this period, the Adûnaic name was sometimes written with a short E: Eruhîn (SD/358). In the 1950s Tolkien introduced the Quenya form of the word, Eruhin (MR/320, WJ/403), but it occasionally still appeared as Eruhîn (MR/330, Let/345). It is unclear whether these later examples are Adûnaic, the Quenya plural without the final i, the Sindarin form without the soft mutation ch, or the Sindarin form of the Quenya variant Q. Erusēn (MR/423, RGEO/66). The only clear example of the Sindarin form Eruchîn appears in “The Lay of Leithian Recommenced” from the 1950s (LB/354).

References ✧ LB/354; LBI; Let/345; MR/330; MRI/Eruhín




Eruhín plural “Children of God” ✧ MRI/Eruhín


Q. Eru “The One, God” ✧ MR/330
hên “child” soft-mutation plural

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