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ᴺQ. !vel- v. “to meet” (Category: to Meet)

⚠️ᴺQ. !vel-, v. “to meet” [created by Helge Fauskanger, NQNT] (Category: to Meet)
Q. *omen- “to meet, move to a common point, *(lit.) move together”
A neologism for “to meet” used in NQNT, deduced from ᴱQ. véla “see”, assuming this is a present-continuative verb form and that the actual sense is “meet” (QQ/vel-). I am of the opinion that omen- (lit. “to move together”) is a better Quenya word for “to meet”.

ᴱQ. véla v. “to see” (Category: to See)

Reference ✧ LFC/30 ✧ “see”

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