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RAS root. “horn”

RAS root. “horn; [ᴹ√] stick up”
ᴹ√TARAK “horn (of animals)”
ᴹ√PHELEK “(animal’s) horn; steep mountain peak”

This root first appeared as ᴹ√RAS “stick up (intr.)” in The Etymologies of the 1930s with derivatives like ᴹQ. rasse and N. rhas or rhasg “horn (especially on living animal, but also applied to mountains)” (Ety/RAS; EtyAC/RAS). It reappeared as ᴹ√RASA “stick up” on an rejected page of roots in the Quenya Verbal System from the 1940s (PE22/127). Finally, √RAS “horn” appeared in Common Eldarin: Noun Structure of the early 1950s, but that was merely the last appearance of the root in Tolkien’s published writings. Q. rassë and S. rass “horn” continued to appear regularly as an element in mountain names in the 1950s and 60s.

Reference ✧ PE21/82 ✧ “horn”


ᴹ√RAS root. “stick up (intr.)”

See √RAS for discussion.

References ✧ Ety/RAS; PE22/127