Q. Salmar m.

Q. Salmar, m.

A Maia who served Ulmo and made his horns, the Ulumúri (S/40). The meaning of this name is unclear.

Conceptual Development: Even in the earliest Lost Tales, ᴱQ. Salmar was listed among the companions of Ulmo (LT1/58). At this stage, he was also known as Lirillo or Noldorin¹, the “Valar of Song” (QL/54, 67), and he had a larger role in the stories. As suggested by Christopher Tolkien, the early form of this name was probably a derivative of the root ᴱ√SALA “*harp(ing), lyre” (LT1A/Salmar) since it was said he played the harp and lyre (LT1/75), but there is no evidence that this root remained valid in Tolkien’s later writing.

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ᴱQ. Salmar m.

See Q. Salmar for discussion.

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