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ᴺS. [ᴱN.] blê n. and adj. “fat of meat; *fatty, oily, greasy” (Category: Fat, Grease)

ᴺS. [ᴱN.] blê, n. and adj. “fat of meat; *fatty, oily, greasy” (Category: Fat, Grease)
ᴱN. hiw “rich”
See ᴱN. blé for discussion.



ᴱN. blé n. and adj. “fat of meat” (Category: Fat, Grease)

A word appearing as ᴱN. blé “fat (n. & adj.) of meat” in Early Noldorin Word-lists of the 1920s, likely derived from some variant of ᴱ✶mḷgo; compare to ᴱN. bliw “oil” on the same page (PE13/139).

Conceptual Development: Possible precursors include the noun G. ilm “oil, fat, grease” and the adjective G. ilbrin “oily, fat, greasy” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s (GL/50), likely derived from the early root ᴱ√ILI¹ “shine oily” (QL/42).

Neo-Sindarin: I think it is worth retaining ᴺS. blê for purposes of Neo-Sindarin as both an adjective meaning “*fatty, oily, greasy” and a noun meaning “fat (of meat)”, derived from the Neo-Root ᴺ√MILIG “oil”. It could perhaps be from a primitive form m’ligā where the initial ml- became bl- and the e is the result of a-affection of the i to e.

Reference ✧ PE13/139 ✧ “fat of meat”



G. ilbrin adj. “oily, fat, greasy” (Category: Oil)

See ᴺS. blê for discussion.

Reference ✧ GL/50 ✧ “oily, fat, greasy”


ilm “oil, fat, grease” ✧ GL/50