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ᴺS. !dannod- v. “to untie, undo, unloose” (Category: to Bind)

ᴺS. !dannod-, v. “to untie, undo, unloose” [created by Gilruin] (Category: to Bind)

A neologism suggested by Gilruin in a Discord chat from 2023, a combination of dan “back” and [N.] nod- “to tie” and replacing G. botheb- of the same meaning; compare dangar- “undo” (PE17/166).


S. dan “back to, (back in return) against, down upon, back on, back again”
N. nod-² “to tie”

G. botheb- v. “to untie, undo, unloose” (Category: to Bind)

A verb appearing as G. botheb- “undo, untie, unloose” in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s, a combination of G. bod- “back” (also = “un-”) and G. heb- “bind” (GL/23).

Neo-Sindarin: Neither the prefix or the sense of the verb survived in Tolkien’s later writings, so I would using the neologism ᴺS. dannod- “to untie, undo, unloose” instead, a reversed form of the later verb [N.] nod- “to tie”.

References ✧ GL/23



bod- “back, again; un- (= backwards)” ✧ GL/23
heb- “to bind, bind round” ✧ GL/23


Phonetic Developments

ᴱ✶bod-heb > botheb- [bodheb] > [boθeb] ✧ GL/23