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ᴺQ. *ungol n. “(monstrous) spider” (Category: Spider)

ᴺQ. *ungol, n. “(monstrous) spider” [created by Paul Strack] (Category: Spider)

A “neologism” extracted from the name Q. Ungoliantë, which was untranslated in Tolkien’s later writings. Given that S. ungol meant “spider” (Let/180; RC/490, 767) and √ungu- was the basis for spider words (PE22/160), it is very likely that ungol in the Quenya also meant “spider” in Tolkien’s later conception of the languages. However, the latest Quenya word for “spider” in currently published material is ᴹQ. liante. To retain that word I assume that [ᴺQ.] ungol was limited to monstrous spiders, the descendents of Ungoliantë, while liante was used for ordinary spiders; see ᴹQ. liante for further discussion.