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Q. #envinyata- v. “to renew, heal” (Category: to Cure, Heal)

Q. #envinyata-, v. “to renew, heal, *restore” (Category: to Cure, Heal)
ᴺQ. !nesta-² “to heal”

A verb for “to renew, heal” implied by the names Q. Envinyatar “Renewer” (LotR/1110) and Q. Arda Envinyanta “Arda Healed” (MR/405). It is a combination of en- “re-”, vinya “new”, and the causative suffix -ta, so literally “*to make new again”. Hence “renew” or “*restore” is probably a more accurate translation than “heal”.

References ✧ MR/405


Envinyanta passive-participle “healed” ✧ MR/405


en- “re-, again”
vinya “young, new”
-ta “causative verb suffix”

Element In