Quenya Words

#-a suf. “adjectival suffix”
#a- pref. “infinitive prefix”
á particle. “imperative particle”
interj. “O, Oh”
article. “accusative definite article”
acas n. “neck” see axë
accar- v. “to do back, react; to requite, avenge” see ahtar-
aha n. “rage”
ahtar- v. “to do back, react; to requite, avenge”
ahto n. “wright, maker”
#ahya- v. “to change”
ai¹ interj. “ah, alas”
ai² adv. “supposing, suppose, maybe”
aia interj. “hail” see aiya
aian n. “holy thing or object or place”
aica adj. “fell, terrible, dire”
ailin n. “a large lake”
aimenal n. “lark”
aina adj. “holy, revered, numinous”
aina- v. “to hallow, bless, treat as holy”
ainas (*ainass-) n. “hallow, fane”
ainima adj. “blessed, holy (of things)”
Ainu n. “holy one, spirit”
aiquen pron. “if anybody, whoever”
aira adj. “holy, sanctified”
airë¹ (airi-) adj. and n. “holy; sanctity, holiness”
airë² n. “sea”
airëa adj. “holy (applied to persons)”
#airita- v. “to hallow”
airon n. “ocean”
aista adj. “*holy”
aistana adj. “*blessed”
aiwë n. “(small) bird”
aiya interj. “hail; behold, lo”
(a)lá interj. “yes”
ála particle. “do not”
al(a)-¹ pref. “in-, un-, not; †-less, without”
ala-¹ v. “to plant, grow”
al(a)-² pref. “well, happily”
ala-² v. “to deny”
alacarna adj. “well-done, well-made”
alahasta adj. “unmarred”
alahen (alahend-) adj. “eyeless”
alalbë n. “inflorescence” see alalmë
alalmë n. “inflorescence”
alalvëa adj. “having many elms”
alamen n. “good omen on departure”
alanessë n. “nicotiana, pipeweed”
alaquenta adj. “well (happily) said”
alasaila adj. “unwise”
alassë n. “happiness”
alatúlië n. “welcome”
alatulya adj. “welcome”
alba n. “flower” see alma
albë n. “elm” see alvë
alca- v. “to glitter”
alcar n. “glory, splendour, radiance, brilliance”
alcarin(qua) adj. “glorious, brilliant”
alda n. “tree”
aldarembina adj. “tree-meshed”
Aldauya n. “*Tuesday, Day of the Two Trees” see Aldúya
Aldëa n. “*Tuesday, Tree-day (Númenórean)”
aldinga n. “tree-top”
Aldúya n. “*Tuesday, Day of the Two Trees”
aleldarin adj. “unelvish”
aleldarinwa adj. “unElvish”
alenessë n. “nicotiana, pipeweed” see alanessë
alima adj. “fair, good”
alla interj. “welcome, hail”
alma n. “flower”
almë n. “good (or blessed) thing, blessing, piece of good fortune”
alqua n. “swan”
alta n. “radiance” see nalta
alvë n. “elm”
alya adj. “fair, good”
alya- v. “to cause to prosper, bless (a work), help one”
#am- pref. “up”
ama- pref. “*well, happily”
am(a)- pref. “intensive prefix” see an-
amaltil n. “*mother finger”
amanya adj. “*blessed”
amatúlië n. “blessed arrival”
amatulya adj. “welcome (of something blessed)”
*amaurë n. “dawn, early day, morning”
amaurëa adj. “dawn, early day, morning”
amba¹ adv. “up(wards)”
amba² adj. and pron. “more”
ambalotsë n. “uprising-flower”
Ambar n. “The World, Earth, (lit.) Habitation, Settlement”
ambar (ambart-) n. “fate, doom” see umbar
ambarónë n. “dawn”
ambë adv. “more”
ambela adv. “further still beyond, far away beyond”
am(be)na adv. “nearer to”
ambo n. “hill, rising ground, mount”
ambona n. “hill” see ambo
ambuna adj. “hilly”
#amilessë n. “mother-name”
amil(lë) n. “mother”
am(il)ye n. “*mummy” see amya
amna adv. “nearer to” see am(be)na
#amorta- v. “to heave”
ampa n. “hook”
amya n. “mummy, (orig.) my mother”
amya-¹ pref. “excellent, admirable”
amya-² v. “[unglossed]”
an conj. and adv. “for, but, then, or; moreover, furthermore”
an- pref. “intensive prefix”
an(a) prep. “to, towards, to a point near, alongside”
ana-¹ pref. “to, towards”
ana-² pref. “plu-” see na-¹
(a)nacca n. “narrows, defile, pass, cut”
Anar (Anár-) n. “Sun”
Anarya n. “Sunday, (lit.) Sun-day”
anastorna adj. “*extremely hard”
anca n. “jaws”
ancárima adj. “easy, (lit.) very doable”
an(da)- pref. “superlative prefix” see an-
anda adj. “long, far”
#andamacil n. “long sword”
andanéya adv. “long ago, once upon a time”
andatehta n. “long-mark”
andavë adv. “long, at great length”
ando n. “gate, [great] door; †entrances, approaches”
andú- pref. “going down, setting (of sun), west”
andúna adj. “western”
andúnë n. “sunset, evening, (orig.) going down; west”
andúta- v. “to lower” see núta-
andúya- v. “to descend” see núya-
anel n. “daughter”
anessë n. “given (or added) name, nickname, surname”
anga n. “iron”
angal n. “mirror”
anna n. “gift, (orig.) thing handed, brought or sent to a person”
anon n. “son”
anqualë n. “*death agony” see unqualë
anta n. “jaw”
anta- v. “to give, present; †to add to”
antil n. “*middle finger”
anto n. “mouth”
#antorya- v. “to strengthen [of sound]”
antoryamë n. “strengthening”
anwa n. “gift” see anna
anya- v. “to reach, arrive at, go to”
#ap- v. “to touch one, concern, affect”
apa¹ prep. “after (of time)”
apa² prep. “touching, against, on (above but touching)” see
apa³ conj. “but”
#apacen n. “foresight, *(lit.) after-sight”
#apacenya adj. “of foresight”
(apa)ruivë n. “wild fire, fire as conflagration”
appa- v. “to touch”
#apsen- v. “to remit, release, forgive”
apta- v. “to refuse, deny, say nay”
aqua adv. “fully, completely, altogether, wholly”
aquapahtië n. “privacy, *(lit.) full-closedness”
aquet- v. “to answer”
ar conj. “and”
ar- pref. “by-, beside, near”
ar(a) prep. “beside, next [to]; out”
ar(a)- pref. “noble, high”
aran n. “king”
arandil n. “king’s friend, royalist”
arandur n. “minister, steward, (lit.) king’s servant”
aranel n. “princess”
#aranië n. “kingdom”
aranus(së) n. “kingship”
aranya adj. “*royal”
arata adj. “high, noble, exalted, lofty”
aráto n. “champion, eminent man, noble, lord, king”
arauco n. “demon” see rauco
arca- v. “*to pray, petition”
#arcandë n. “*petition”
#arcanwa n. “*throne” see tarhanwa
arda n. “region, realm, particular land or region”
árë (ári-) n. “sunlight, warmth (especially of the sun); day”
árë nuquerna n. “árë-reversed”
ar(i)- pref. “superlative prefix; good”
arimaitë adj. “skilful”
arma n. “ray of sunlight”
armaro n. “*neighbor”
arpo n. “seizer, thief”
arquen n. “noble, knight”
arra adj. “[unglossed]”
arta¹ adv. “etcetera”
arta² adj. “high, noble, exalted, lofty” see arata
artarindo n. “bystander; supporter” see astarindo
-arya suf. “*inceptive”
arya adj. “excelling, *better”
arya- v. “to excel”
#as prep. “with”
as(a)- [þ] pref. “easily”
asa- [þ] v. “to be willing, agree”
asalastë [þ] adj. “easily heard”
asambar(o) n. “*neighbor” see armaro
asanótë [þ] adj. “*easily counted”
asar [þ] n. “fixed time, festival”
asar(o) [þ] n. “doctor, leech”
asarta [þ] n. “leech, doctor”
ascenë [þ] adj. “visible, easily seen” see ascénima
ascénima [þ] adj. “visible, easily seen”
asëa [þ] n. “healing herb, athelas”
asëa aranion [þ] n. “kingsfoil, asëa of the Kings”
asië [þ] n. “ease, comfort”
asta n. “month; division, part (esp. one of other equal parts)”
asta- v. “to heat, bake (by exposure to sun)”
astalda adj. “strong, *valiant”
astar n. “faith, loyalty”
astarindo n. “bystander; supporter”
astarmo n. “bystander; witness”
asumo [þ] n. “friend at need, friend with shared interests, colleague”
asya- [þ] v. “to ease, assist, comfort”
at(a)- pref. “double, second time”
ataformaitë adj. “ambidextrous”
atalantë n. “collapse, downfall”
atalantëa adj. “ruinous, downfallen”
atamaitë adj. “two-handed”
atamir n. “heirloom”
Atan n. “Man, (lit.) the Second (People)”
ataquanta- v. “*to refill, fill a second time, double fill”
ataquetië n. “saying again, repetition”
atar¹ n. “father”
atar² prep. “*for”
atartil n. “thumb [nursery rhymes]”
(a)taryo n. “daddy” see atya¹
atatya adj. “double”
atta num. card. “two”
#attalya n. and adj. “biped, *(lit.) two-footed”
attëa num. ord. “second”
atto n. “daddy, father (familiar/family)”
atya¹ n. “daddy, (my) father”
#atya² num. ord. “second” see †tatya
atyo n. “*daddy” see atya¹
aþa- v. “to be willing, agree” see asa-
aþa adv. “I agree of course, of course I do” see
aþumo n. “friend at need, friend with shared interests, colleague” see asumo
au- pref. “away (from)”
au¹ adv. “away, off, not here (of position)”
au² adv. “if only”
#aucir- v. “to cut off (and get rid of or lose a portion)”
aunotë(a) adj. “not counted, uncounted” see únotë(a)
aura n. “possession, thing owned”
aurë n. “day (as opposed to night), daylight, sunlight, morning”
ausa [þ] n. “dim shape, spectral or vague apparition”
auta adv. “ago”
auta-¹ v. “to go (away), depart, leave; to disappear, be lost, pass away”
auta-² v. “to possess, own, keep” see öa-
autas (*autass-) n. “a former occur[rence]”
auvanëa adj. “without beauty” see úvanë(a)
auvië n. “possession (abstract), *the act of possessing”
áva particle. “don’t, negative imperative”
ava-¹ v. “to refuse, forbid”
#ava¹ adv. and adj. “*outer”
ava-² pref. “negation (refusing or forbidden)”
ava² interj. “strong or curt refusal” see
avalatya- v. “to close, shut”
avalda [w] adj. “move[d], stirred, excited”
avalerya- v. “to restrain, to deprive of liberty”
avanir n. “unwill”
avanwa adj. “refused, forbidden, banned”
avanyárima adj. “unspeakable, what one must not tell, not to be told or related”
avaquétima adj. “not to be said, that must not be said”
#avatyar- v. “*to forgive, (lit.) do away with”
awalda adj. see avalda
axan n. “law, rule, commandment”
axë n. “neck (vertebrae), rock ridge”
axo¹ n. “bone”
axo² n. “neck” see axë
áya n. “awe”
ca prep. “behind, at back of place” see #ca(ta)
caina num. ord. “tenth” see quainëa
cainen num. card. “ten” see cëa(n)
cairë ? “[unglossed]”
caista fraction. “one tenth”
caistanótië n. “decimal system”
caita-¹ v. “to lie (down)”
caita-² v. “*to lay (transitive)”
#cal- v. “to shine”
cala n. “light”
calambar adj. “*light-fated”
calar n. “lamp”
calarus (calarust-) n. “polished copper”
calca n. “glass”
cálë n. “light”
calima adj. “bright, luminous”
calina adj. “light, bright, sunny, (lit.) illumined”
calma n. “lamp, (device for shining) light”
calmatan n. “lampwright”
calmatéma n. “k-series”
#calta- v. “to kindle”
#cam- v. “to receive”
camba n. “(cupped) hand, hollow of the hand”
#cambë n. “hand”
cana prep. “behind, at back of place” see #ca(ta)
ca(na)sta fraction. “one fourth”
cáno n. “commander, chief(tain), ruler, governor; †crier, herald”
cansat fraction. “one fourth” see ca(na)sta
canta- v. “?”
canta¹ num. card. “four”
canta² n. “shape, framework”
cantëa num. ord. “fourth”
#cantië n. “pattern”
cantil n. “fourth finger”
canwa¹ n. “announcement, order”
#canwa² n. “face”
canya- v. “?to command”
car- v. “to do, make”
cára n. “head” see cas
caraitë (caraiti-) adj. “active, busy”
caraitië n. “activity, business”
carassë n. “built fort or dwelling surrounded by bulwarks”
carasta- v. “to build”
#caraxë n. “*jagged hedge of spikes”
carca n. “fang; [sharp] rock”
carda n. “deed”
-carë suf. “action, doing, making”
carië n. “doing, making”
cárima adj. “feasible, possible (to do), able to be done”
carina adj. “done”
carma¹ n. “helm”
carma² n. “tool, implement, means, weapon”
carma³ n. “deed” see carda
carmë n. “production, making; structure; art”
carnë (carni-) adj. “red, scarlet”
carpa n. “(entire) mouth; phonetic system”
carpa- v. “to talk, speak, use tongue”
carpassë n. “mouth-system; full organized language, including system, vocabulary, metre, etc.”
carrëa n. “tressure”
#carva n. “*womb”
#-carya suf. “-doing”
cas (car-) n. “head”
Casar n. “Dwarf”
cast fraction. “one tenth” see caista
cas(ta) adv. “to(wards) the top, upwards”
castol(o) n. “helmet”
cat- v. “to shape, fashion”
#ca(ta) prep. “behind, at back of place”
cauma n. “protection, shelter, shield”
#cav- v. “to receive”
-cca suf. “your (dual)”
-ccë suf. “you (dual)”
cé¹ adv. “may (be)”
cé² conj. “if”
cëa n. “*hedge”
cëa(n) num. card. “ten”
céla adv. “maybe not”
celima adj. “fluent”
celumë n. “flowing, flood (tide), stream”
celundë n. “welling forth”
celussë n. “freshnet, water falling out swiftly from a rocky spring”
#celva n. “animal, living thing that moves”
cemen n. “the earth; earth”
#cen n. “sight”
cen- v. “to see, behold, look”
cenai conj. “if it be that”
cenasit adv. “if it be so, may be, perhaps” see cenasta
cenasta adv. “if it be so, may be, perhaps”
#cenda n. “inspection, reading”
cenda- v. “to watch (intensively), observe (for some time); to read”
cendë n. “point”
cendelë n. “face”
cénima adj. “visible”
cenítë adj. “seeing, *able to see”
centa n. “enquiry, *essay”
cenwa n. “?reading”
#cenya adj. “*seeing”
Cermië n. “July”
certa n. “rune”
ces- [þ] v. “to search, examine (in order to find something)”
cesta-¹ v. “to seek, search for”
cesta-² v. “to ask”
cesya- [þ] v. “to cause interest, interest (oneself), (lit.) to cause one to enquire”
ceu adj. “fresh, new,” see céva
ceula adj. “?alive (of vegetable)”
ceulë n. “*renewal”
ceura adj. “renewed”
ceuran (*ceurán-) n. “new-moon”
ceuranar (ceuranár-) n. “new sun after solstice”
ceurë adj. “renewed” see ceura
ceuta- v. “to renew, refresh”
céva adj. “fresh, new, renewed”
cilin n. “glass”
cilintilla n. “looking-glass”
cilintír n. “looking-glass” see cilintilla
cilinyul (*cilinyulm-) n. “drinking-vessel (made of glass)”
cilmë n. “choice, choosing”
#cilmessë n. “self-name”
címa n. “edge of a cutting weapon/tool”
cimba n. “edge, brink”
cinta adj. “small”
#cir- v. “to cut”
circa n. “sickle”
#cirincë n. “scarlet-plumed species of bird”
#cirma n. “knife”
cirmacin (cirmacim-) n. “knife-edge”
cirya¹ n. “(sharp-prowed) ship; swift gliding”
cirya² n. “cleft, pass”
ciryamo n. “mariner”
ciryando n. “sailor”
ciryaquen n. “shipman, sailor”
ciryatan n. “shipbuilder, shipwright”
cíta- v. “to suppose”
ciuca n. “*thigh”
cöa n. “house; outhouse, shed, hut, booth; building used for a dwelling or other purposes; †body”
cöacalina n. “light of the house, indwelling spirit”
coimas (*coimass-) n. “life-bread, lembas”
coimen (coimend-) n. “life-year”
coirë n. “stirring, early spring”
coirëa adj. “living”
#coita- v. “*to live, be alive, have life”
coivë n. “life” see coivië
coivië n. “life”
#col- v. “to bear, carry, wear”
#colba n. “*womb”
colbamarië n. “gestation, *(lit.) womb-residence”
colbanavië n. “gestation, *(lit.) womb-being”
cólima adj. “bearable, light (of burdens and things comparable, troubles, labors, afflications)”
#colindo n. “bearer”
colla adj. and n. “borne, worn; vestment, cloak”
collo n. “cloak”
cólo n. “burden”
coloitë (coloiti-) adj. “capable of bearing, tolerant (of), enduring”
coloitië n. “endurance, staunchness, fortitude”
combë n. “gathering, assembly, assemblage, collection” see (o)combë
comya- v. “to collect”
condo n. “lord” see cundo
conta- v. “[unglossed]”
coranar (coranár-) n. “(solar) year, (lit.) sun-round”
#corma n. “ring”
coron (corn-) n. “mound”
#corto n. “circle”
#cotto n. “*enemy”
#cuima n. “creature, animal”
cuita- v. “to live”
#cuiva n. “animal”
cuivë n. “awakening” see cuivië¹
cuivië¹ n. “awakening”
cuivië² n. “life” see coivië
culumalda n. “laburnum, *(lit.) orange-tree”
cúma n. “[unglossed]”
cúna adj. “bent, curved”
cúna- v. “to bend”
cundo (cundu-) n. “lord, guardian”
cunta- v. “to rule” see cunya-
cunya- v. “to rule”
curo (curu-) n. “skillful (?device)”
curu n. “skill”
curwë n. “skill of the hand, technical skill and invention”
#cuv- v. “to conceal”
cúvima adj. “concealable”
#cuvo n. “hider”
cuvoitë (cuvoiti-) adj. “hiding, secretive; treacherous”
cyúca n. “*thigh” see ciuca
-da suf. “product of an action”
-dil suf. “-friend, -lover” see -(n)dil
-duinë suf. “(large) river” see -(n)duinë
-dur suf. “-servant” see -(n)dur
-e suf. “plural of adjectives”
e pron. “one, (neut[er]) it, a thing”
n. “Creation, the (Material) Universe, Cosmos, World; it is, let it be”
ëa- v. “to be, exist”
-ëa¹ suf. “continuative present”
-ëa² suf. “ordinal suffix”
ëala n. “spirit (not incarnate), being”
ëar n. “sea, great sea”
ëaren n. “ocean, great sea”
ëarendur n. “(professional) mariner, *(lit.) servant of the sea”
Eärenya n. “Sea-day, *Thursday”
eäron n. “ocean, great sea” see ëaren
ec- v. “to have a chance of; may, can”
ecces- [þ] v. “to find out, bring out by examining or eyeing[?]”
ecellë n. “urchin, hedgehog”
ecet n. “short stabbing sword”
effírië n. “death” see fírië
ehtelë n. “spring, issue of water”
él n. “star”
ela interj. “behold!”
Elda n. “Elf, (lit.) one of the Star-folk”
Eldalië n. “People of the Elves, Elven-folk”
Eldarin adj. and n. “of the Eldar; Elvish (language)”
elen n. “star”
Elenya n. “Saturday, *Star-day”
elenya adj. “adjective referring to the stars, *of the stars, stellar”
?elmë pron. “we (emphatic inclusive), *we (emphatic exclusive)”
?elp- v. “to anoint”
elvë pron. “we (emphatic inclusive)”
elvëa adj. “starlike”
elyë pron. “thou (emphatic polite)”
emel n. “love [abstract]”
#emer- v. “?to herd (sheep)”
emerwen n. “shepherdess”
#emil n. “mother” see amil(lë)
emma n. “*picture”
emmë¹ pron. “we (emphatic exclusive), *we (dual emphatic exclusive)”
emmë² n. “mummy, mother (familiar/family)”
empollië adv. “*harder”
emya n. “mummy, (orig.) my mother” see amya
en adv. “then soon”
en- pref. “re-, again”
en(a) adv. “still”
éna ? “[unglossed]”
-enca suf. “without, -less”
enda n. “heart; centre”
endaquet- v. “to answer”
endë n. “centre, middle”
#endëa adj. “middle”
enel prep. “in the middle, between”
eneldë n. “*middle finger” see enestil
enellë n. “*middle finger” see enestil
enelmo n. “go-between, intervener, intermediary, mediator”
enenquë num. card. “sixteen”
enestil n. “*middle finger”
engë adv. “ago, in the past”
#engwa adj. “sickly”
engwë n. “thing [that exists]”
enquanta- v. “to refill”
enquë num. card. “six”
enquëa num. ord. “sixth”
enquesta fraction. “one sixth”
enquet- v. “to repeat, say again”
enquië n. “Elvish week of six days”
enta adj. “another, one more”
entan n. “tomorrow”
entë¹ adv. “moreover, further(more), what is more”
entë² n. “centre” see endë
#entul- v. “to come again, *return”
entulessë n. “return”
entya adj. “central, middle”
#envinyata- v. “to renew, heal”
enwina adj. “old”
enya adv. “then soon” see en
#enyal- v. “to recall”
#enyalië n. “memory, (lit.) recalling”
eo pron. “person, somebody (unnamed)”
epë prep. “after (of time), following; before (in all relations but time)”
epessë n. “after-name”
ep(e)ta conj. “following that, thereupon, thence, whereupon” see epetai
epetai conj. “consequently, thereupon, thence, whereupon, (lit.) following which (fact)”
equë v. “say, says, said”
eques (equess-) n. “saying, (current or proverbial) dictum, quotation from someone’s uttered words”
er adj. and adv. “one, alone”
erdë n. “singularity”
#eressë n. “solitude”
eressëa adj. “lonely”
erinqua adj. “single, alone”
erma n. “(physical) matter”
Eru n. “The One, God”
Eruva adj. “divine”
essë¹ n. “name”
essë² pron. “he, *she, it (emphatic)” see issë
estat- v. “to distribute in even portions”
estel n. “hope, trust, *faith”
*estirnë n. “brow”
esto pron. “they (dual emphatic)”
et prep. “out (of)”
#et(e)- pref. “*out”
etelehta- v. “*to deliver”
eteminya adj. “prominent”
eterúna- v. “*to deliver”
ethenta- v. “to read aloud”
etsat- v. “to distribute in even portions” see estat-
etsurya- [þ] v. “to go out”
etta conj. “*therefore, (lit.) out of that”
#etya adj. “exiled”
exa adj. “other”
exe n. “the other”
ezel(la) adj. “green” see Van. ezel(la)
fá¹ n. “*ray of light, flame”
fá² n. “breath, puff of breath” see föa
fai adv. “*before of time”
faila adj. “fair-minded, just, generous”
fairë n. “spirit (disembodied), phantom; †radiance”
falassë n. “(wave-beaten) shore, seashore, line of surf”
falasta- v. “to foam, surge”
falma n. “(crested or foaming) wave, breaker”
fana n. “raiment, veil; (bright) shape or figure; bodily form of an angelic spirit”
fána adj. “white”
fánë adj. “white” see fána
#fanga n. “beard”
fanta- v. “to veil, cloak, mantle”
fantercenya adj. “perspicacious, penetrating of sight or understanding”
?fanto n. “whale”
fanwa n. “veil, screen”
fanwë n. “vapour, steam”
fanya n. “(white) cloud, white and shining [thing]”
fanyarë n. “the skies (not heaven or firmament), the upper airs and clouds”
fara- v. “to hunt”
faralë n. “hunting”
farnë (farni-) n. “ash, rowan”
fëa n. “(indwelling or incarnate) spirit, soul”
fëafelmë n. “*spirit-impulse”
felca adj. “[unglossed]”
felco n. “cave, mine, underground dwelling”
felehta- v. “[unglossed]”
felmë n. “*impulse, emotion”
felya n. “mine, boring, tunnel, underground dwel[ling]”
fendë n. “door”
fenna n. “door” see fendë
férima adj. “ready to hand, (quickly) available”
ferya- v. “to make ready (promptly)”
fifíru- v. “to slowly fade away”
filincë n. “finch”
#fimbë (fimbi-) adj. “slender”
finca¹ adj. “clever (in petty ways)”
finca² n. “[unglossed]”
finda¹ adj. “having hair, -haired”
finda² adj. “fine and delicately made”
findë n. “hair (especially of the head), tress or plait of hair”
findelë n. “tress, lock [of hair]”
findessë n. “head of hair, person’s hair as a whole”
findilë n. “head of hair”
finë (fini-) n. “(single) hair, filament”
fínë n. “dexterity”
fínëa adj. “dexterous”
finta- v. “to make, finish off, decorate a thing with delicate work; to show skill”
#fintalë n. “trick”
finwa adj. “clever, fine, delicate; dexterous”
finya adj. “clever”
finya- v. “to do/make a thing (with fine work)”
fir- v. “to die, fade, †expire, breathe forth”
fírië n. “death (of Men), *natural death”
fírima adj. “mortal, *(lit.) able to die”
firya adj. “mortal; human”
interj. “nay, no”
föa n. “breath, puff of breath”
föalócë n. “*breath-dragon”
forma n. “right-hand”
#formaitë adj. “righthanded, dexterous”
formen n. “north”
forna adj. “northern”
#hac- v. “to yawn”
hácala adj. “yawning”
hahta n. “fence, hedge”
haila adj. “far beyond”
hala n. “cast shadow”
halda adj. “tall” see halla
halla adj. “tall”
#ham- v. “to judge”
hamna n. “pile, (artificial) mound”
hampa adj. “restrained, delayed, kept”
han prep. “beyond”
han- pref. “*back as an answer or return by another agent”
hanno n. “brother (diminutive)”
háno n. “brother”
hanquenta n. “answer”
#hantalë n. “thanksgiving”
hanwa n. “seat”
har- v. “to sit, stay”
haranyë n. “century (100 years)”
χarina adj. “marred”
*harina adj. “marred” see †χarina
harma n. “treasure”
háro ? “[unglossed]”
#harya- v. “to have”
hasa- [þ] v. “to treat (medically), (help to) cure; to treat kindly, make easy”
#hasta- v. “to mar”
hastaina adj. “marred”
hatal n. “spear”
haura¹ adj. “huge”
haura² n. “hoard, store”
háva n. “bread (collective)”
havar n. “a loaf or cake of bread”
pron. “other person, him (the other)” see hye
heca v. “be gone!, stand aside!”
hecil n. “one lost or forsaken by friends, waif, outcast, outlaw”
hecile n. “one lost or forsaken by friends, waif, outcast, outlaw (f.)”
hecilo n. “one lost or forsaken by friends, waif, outcast, outlaw (m.)”
hehta- v. “to put aside, leave out, exclude, abandon, forsake”
hela conj. “*other than”
helca adj. “icy, ice-cold”
#hen (hend-) n. “eye”
hendas ? “[unglossed]”
hendumaica adj. “sharp-eye[d]”
henfanwa n. “eye-screen, veil upon eyes”
henta- v. “to eye, examine, read, scan”
hententa- v. “to spot with eye”
hentië n. “reading”
hequa prep. and adv. “leaving aside, not counting, excluding, except”
hér n. “lord” see heru
heren n. “order”
#heri n. “lady”
hérincë n. “*little lady”
heru n. “lord, master”
adv. “here”
#hildë (hildi-) n. “heir, follower”
hína n. “child”
hindë n. “[unglossed]”
hindo n. “[unglossed]”
hintil n. “baby (finger)” see hinyë
hinyë n. “baby”
hir- v. “to find”
#hísë (hísi-) [þ] n. “mist”
hísië [þ] n. “mist, mistiness”
hísilanya [þ] n. “mist thread, grey elvish rope”
Hísimë [þ] n. “November, *Misty-one”
hlapu- v. “to blow, fly or stream in the wind”
#hlar- v. “to hear”
hlas (hlar-) n. “ear”
hlimbë adj. “sliding, gliding, slippery, sleek”
hlöa n. “flood, fenland”
hlócë (hlóki-) n. “reptile, snake, serpent, worm”
hloima n. “poison, poisonous substance”
hloirë n. “venom, poison, poisonousness”
hloirëa adj. “venomous”
hloita- v. “to poison, envenom, fill with poison”
hlón(a) (hlon-) n. “noise, sound”
hlonaitë adj. “phonetic” see hlonitë
hlonitë adj. “phonetic”
hlúvo (hlúvu-) adj. “greasy, fat”
hó- pref. “away, from, from among”
n. “hound (or ?heart)”
höa adj. “big, large”
#hócir- v. “to cut off (so as to have or use a required portion)”
holdë n. “[unglossed]”
holla adj. “?shut”
holma adj. “?shut” see holla
holmo adv. “sincerely, heartily”
holta- v. “to shut, close” see holya-
holya- v. “to shut, close”
hón (hom-) n. “heart (physical organ)”
#honda adj. “hearted”
hondo n. “(seat of the) deepest feelings”
hosta- v. “to gather (hastily together), collect, assemble, pile up”
hótul- v. “to come away”
hrá prep. “*for, on behalf of” see rá²
hrai- pref. “hard, *difficult”
hrai adj. “awkward, difficult, stiff” see hrai(a)¹
hrai(a)¹ adj. “awkward, difficult, stiff”
hrai(a)² adj. “easy”
hraicenë adj. “scarcely visible, hard to see” see hraicénima
hraicénima adj. “scarcely visible, hard to see”
hrainotë adj. “*hard to count”
hranga adj. “awkward, difficult, stiff, hard”
hranga- v. “to thwart”
hráva adj. “wild, savage”
hravan n. “wild beast”
hrávë n. “flesh”
hresta n. “beach, shore”
hrissë n. “fall of snow”
hristil n. “snow (?peak)”
hrisya- [þ] v. “to snow (impersonal)”
hrívë n. “winter”
†#hriz- v. “to snow”
hró- pref. “east” see ro-
hröa n. “body, bodily form, flesh; physical matter”
hröafelmë n. “*body-impulse”
hröangolmë n. “lore of the body and arts of healing”
hróme(n) n. “east” see rómen
hrón n. “matter, substance, flesh; body”
(h)róna adj. “eastern, east”
hrondo n. “(physical) body, corporeal form”
hróta n. “dwelling underground, artificial cave or rockhewn hall”
hróva¹ adj. “dark, dark brown (of hair)”
hróva² adj. “savage, wild” see hráva
hru- pref. “evil-”
hrúcarë n. “evil-doing”
hruo n. “*wickedness”
hrú(y)a adj. “evil, wicked”
n. “hound (or ?heart)”
huinë n. “gloom, (unrelieved) darkness, deep shadow, night shade; dark (as a substance)”
húna adj. “cursed, accursed”
húta- v. “to curse”
hwá n. “violent wind” see hwarwa
hwarwa n. “violent wind”
hwermë n. “gesture-code”
hwesta n. “breeze”
hwesta sindarinwa [hwesta þindarinwa] n. “Grey-elven hw”
hwindë n. “birch”
hya¹ conj. “or”
hya² pron. “other thing”
#hyam- v. “*to pray”
hyana adj. “other”
hyanda n. “pressed mass, crowd”
#hyando n. “cleaver”
hyanna adj. “compact” see hyarna²
hyar- pref. “left-hand, south”
hyárë n. “*today, this day”
hyarma n. “left hand”
hyarmen n. “south, (lit.) left-hand direction”
hyarna¹ adj. “southern”
hyarna² adj. “compact”
hyázë n. “*this day” see hyárë
hye pron. “other person, him (the other)”
-i¹ suf. “general plural for nouns”
article. “the”
-i² suf. “simplest aorist infinitive”
pron. “who, what, which, that”
-ië¹ suf. “abstract noun, adverb”
-ië² suf. “gerund suffix, -ing”
-ië³ suf. “perfect suffix”
-iel suf. “-daughter; feminine suffix”
-ien¹ suf. “feminine ending; feminine patronymic, -daughter”
#-ien² suf. “-land”
ier prep. “*as”
#il- pref. “every, *all”
-(i)la suf. “active participle”
ilaurëa adj. “*daily”
ilca- v. “to gleam (white)”
ilcë pron. “you (plural emphatic)”
-ilco suf. “you (dual)”
illi n. “all”
-(i)llo suf. “you (dual)” see -ilco
illumë adv. “*always”
ilquárëa adj. “general”
ilquen pron. “everybody”
ilu n. “everything, all, the whole”
ilucara adj. “omnificent”
iluisa adj. “omniscient”
ilúvala adj. “omnipotent”
ilúvë n. “the whole, the all, allness”
ilvan(y)a adj. “perfect”
ilya adj. “every, each, all (of a particular group of things)”
ilyarëa adj. “*daily”
ilyë adj. “all” see ilya
im- pref. “same”
-ima suf. “-able, possibility”
imba pron. “same, self-same” see imma
Imbar n. “Habitation” see Ambar
imbë¹ prep. and adv. “between, among”
imbë² n. “deep valley, wide ravine, (lit.) tween-land”
imbilat n. “*deep valley”
imi prep. “in” see mi
imíca prep. “among”
imlë pron. “yourself (polite)”
imli pron. “*yourself (polite)” see imlë
imma pron. “same, self-same, same thing”
immë¹ pron. “ourselves (exclusive)”
immë² pron. “ourselves (dual, emphatic)”
immë³ pron. “?the same person” see immo
immo pron. “same one (person), self”
imnë pron. “myself” see imni
imni pron. “myself”
imya adj. “same, identical, self-same”
in article. “the” see
-ina suf. “adjective suffix; passive participle”
incánu n. “mind master”
incánussë n. “mind mastership”
#-incë suf. “diminutive ending”
incë pron. “*you (dual emphatic)” see inquë
indë pron. “yourselves”
indemma n. “mind-picture (of apparition in dream)”
indil n. “lily, other large single flower”
indis (indiss-) n. “wife”
indo n. “(state of) mind, (inner) thought, mood; will, resolve”
indómë n. “settled character; will of Eru”
indu- v. “to will, do on purpose”
induinen n. “purpose”
indyel n. “small bell”
inga n. “top, highest point”
ingaran n. “high-king”
ingolë n. “lore, science, philosophy”
ingolmo n. “loremaster, wizard, one with very great knowledge”
ingor n. “summit of a mountain”
-inqua suf. “-ful, complete”
inquë pron. “thou-and-I (emphatic)”
-inquë suf. “thou-and-I (dual)” see -nquë
insa pron. “itself”
#insangarë n. “*temptation”
insë pron. “himself, herself”
insil n. “flower, lily” see indil
intë¹ pron. “themselves”
intë² pron. “they (emphatic)”
intyë pron. “yourself (familiar)”
inwalmë n. “mood of mind”
inwë pron. “ourselves (inclusive)”
inwis (inwist-) n. “change of mind/mood”
inyë pron. “I (emphatic)”
-ion suf. “-son, masculine patronymic”
ipsin n. “fine thread”
iqui conj. “if” see qui
#írë n. “desire”
írima adj. “desirable, lovely”
Isil [þ] n. “Moon, (lit.) Sheen”
isilmë [þ] n. “moonlight”
Isilya [þ] n. “*Monday, Moon-day”
isima n. “imagination, mind” see síma
-issë suf. “ending in feminine names”
issë pron. “he, *she, it (emphatic)”
ista- v. “to know”
istima adj. “wise (in sense knowing very much), knowledgeable, very well informed, learned”
-ita suf. “particular infinitive”
ita conj. “that which, what”
ita- v. “to sparkle”
íta¹ n. “flash”
íta² adv. “very, extremely; (lit.) multiplied, increased”
itara adj. “gleaming”
itas adv. “in that case”
-itë (-iti-) suf. “adjectival ending; [with verbs] capable of doing, generally (and naturally) doing”
?it(ë) adv. “if”
itila adj. “twinkling, glinting”
ixal n. “cast shadow” see hala
#kyermë n. “prayer”
-l suf. “you (polite)” see -l(yë)
-la suf. “active participle” see -(i)la
la- pref. “not, in-, un-”
lá- v. “to not be”
lá¹ adv. “no, not”
lá² prep. “beyond, over, across, athwart”
lá³ interj. “yes” see (a)lá
lacalima adj. “not possible to be kindled (made to shine)”
**lacaltaima adj. “not possible to be kindled”
lacaraitë adj. “impossible”
lacarë n. “inaction, (lit.) not-doing”
lacárima adj. “not feasible, impossible”
lacarina adj. “undone”
lacenítë adj. “unseeing, blind”
lahta- v. “to cross, pass over, go over; to surpass, excel”
laica adj. “green”
laicalassë adj. “green-leaf, green as leaves”
laima n. “plant”
laiqua adj. “green”
laiquë n. “herb”
lairë n. “summer”
lairelossë n. “summer-snow-white, species of tree in Númenor”
lairus (lairust-) n. “verdigris”
laista n. “ignorance, (lit.) not-knowing”
laistëa adj. “ignorant” see laistila
laistila adj. “ignorant”
laita- v. “to praise, bless”
#laitalë n. “praise”
lala- v. “to laugh”
láma n. “sound”
laman (lamn-) n. “animal”
lamate n. “fasting, a fast”
lámatyávë n. “*sound-taste”
lamba n. “(physical) tongue”
lambë n. “language, tongue, dialect”
lambelë n. “phonetics”
#lambetengwë n. “consonant”
lambina adj. “of tongue, spoken with tongue”
lamélima adj. “unlovable”
lamma- v. “?to echo”
lan conj. “*while”
lanca n. “sharp edge (not of tools), sudden end”
landa n. “boundary”
lane (lani-) n. “hem”
langa- v. “to cross, go over, pass over” see lahta-
langa n. “thing that crosses, ferry, ford, crossway, bridge, cross-bar”
langë adv. “surpassingly, superlatively, extremely”
lango n. “neck”
lanna adv. and prep. “athwart, (to a point) beyond”
lanotoitë (lanotoiti-) adj. “innumerable”
lanta n. and adj. “fall; falling”
lanta- v. “to fall”
lantalca n. “boundary post or mark”
#lantë n. “fall”
lanwa adj. “within bounds, limited, finite, (well-)defined”
lanwë n. “ebb-tide” see nanwë
#lanya n. “thread, warp”
lanya-¹ v. “to bound, enclose, separate from, mark the limit of”
lanya-² v. “to cross” see lahta-
laptë n. “gluttonous eating”
láquet- v. “to deny (fact or accusation); (lit.) to say ‘it is not’”
laqui conj. “unless”
lár n. “league; †stop, pause”
#larma n. “raiment”
larmo n. “listener (spy or scout)”
las adv. “it is/was not so”
lasir conj. “rather the reverse”
lassë n. “leaf”
lasselanta n. “(late) autumn, (lit.) leaf-fall”
lassewinta n. “leaf fall, autumn, *(lit.) leaf blowing”
lasta- v. “to listen”
láta adj. “open (not closed)”
látie n. “openness”
latina adj. “free (of movement), not encumbered with obstacles”
latya n. “opening”
latya- v. “to open anything (so as to allow entry)”
lauca adj. “*warm”
laurë n. “gold (light or colour)”
laurëa adj. “golden (of hue)”
laurië n. and adv. “goldenness; like gold”
laurinquë n. “yellow-flowered tree”
lauya- v. “to flourish (green), grow”
lav- v. “to lick”
lávar n. “(golden) blossom”
-lda¹ suf. “your (plural)”
-lda² suf. “your (dual)”
-lda³ suf. “a comparative suffix”
-ldë¹ suf. “you (plural)”
-ldë² suf. “feminine agent”
-lë suf. “abstract noun, adverb”
le pron. “you (plural)”
lé¹ n. “way, method, manner”
lé² prep. “with”
lehta adj. “free, released”
lélë n. “will”
#lelta- v. “to send, *(lit.) cause to go”
?leluya adj. “thick (of a single thing)”
lelya adj. “delicate, beautiful and fine, slender, lovely”
lelya-¹ v. “to go, proceed (in any direction), travel”
lelya-² v. “to appear (of beautiful things); to attract, enchant (with dative)”
lelya-³ v. “?thick, thicken & congeal” see nelya-
lelya-⁴ v. “to will with conscious purpose, immediate or remote”
lemen num. card. “five” see lempë
lemenya num. ord. “fifth” see †lepenya
lemnë num. card. “five” see lempë
lempë num. card. “five”
lempëa num. ord. “fifth”
lenda n. “journey”
lenda- v. “to go free”
lenga- v. “to behave”
lengë n. “gesture, characteristic look, gesture or trait”
lengwë n. “yearning, desire for what is lost or absent”
#lenna- v. “to come”
lenwë n. “leaving, departure”
lenweta- v. “to go away, migrate, leave one’s abode”
lepecan (lepecant-) n. “fourth finger”
lependë n. “middle finger”
lepenel n. “middle finger”
lepenquë num. card. “*fifteen”
lepente n. “fourth finger”
lepenya num. ord. “fifth”
leper n. “finger”
lepesta fraction. “one fifth”
lepetas (lepetass-) n. “index finger”
lepetta n. “Gondorian hardwood”
lepinca n. “little finger” see lepincë
lepincë (lepinci-) n. “little finger”
lepsat fraction. “one fifth” see lepesta
lepsë n. “*finger”
lepta adj. and n. “fingered; thumb”
lepta- v. “to pick (up/out); to finger, feel with the fingertips”
leptafinya adj. “clever-fingered”
leptas n. “*index finger” see lepetas
leptenta- v. “*to point to, indicate with finger”
leptollë n. “*thumb” see tollë²
léra adj. “free (of persons)”
lerembas n. “bread taken on leaving home (for a long journey)”
lerina adj. “free (of things)”
lerta- v. “to be free to do”
lerya- v. “to release, set free, let go”
#lesta n. “*girdle”
leuca n. “snake”
leuta n. “finger”
-li suf. “partitive plural (suffix); many, some, a lot of”
líco (lícu-) n. “wax”
lícuma n. “taper, candle”
lië n. “people, folk”
lillassëa adj. “having many leaves”
lilómëa adj. “many-shadowed, very dark, full of darkness”
lilótëa adj. “having many flowers”
limbë (limbi-) adj. “quick, swift”
#limë (limi-) n. “link”
limpa adj. “frail, slender and drooping”
#li(n)- pref. “many”
linda adj. “beautiful (of sound), sweet, melodious; soft, gentle, light”
#linda- v. “*to sing, make music”
lindalë n. “music”
#lindë (lindi-) n. “singing, song, musical sound”
lindimaitar n. “composer, musician”
*linga- v. “*to hang, dangle”
lingë n. “musical sound”
lingëa adj. “with a musical sound”
lingi- v. “[unglossed]” see *linga-
#lingwë (lingwi-) n. “fish”
linquë¹ n. “(leaf of a) hyacinth”
linquë² n. and adj. “light-substance; liquid light, *photons”
linta adj. “swift”
lintië n. and adv. “swiftness, speed; swiftly, *quickly”
#lir- v. “to sing”
liralë n. “merry singing”
lírë (líri-) n. “song”
liru- v. “to sing”
lirulin n. “lark”
lís (liss-) n. “honey”
lissë¹ (lissi-) adj. “sweet”
lissë² n. “grace”
liyúmë n. “host”
-lla¹ suf. “your (plural polite)”
-lla² suf. “your (dual)” see -lda²
-llë¹ suf. “feminine agent”
-llë² suf. “you (plural)”
-llë³ suf. “you (dual polite)” see -stë¹
-llo suf. “(movement) from, ablative suffix”
-lma¹ suf. “our (exclusive)”
-lma² suf. “our (inclusive)”
-lma³ suf. “our (inclusive dual)”
-lmë¹ suf. “we (exclusive)”
-lmë² suf. “we (inclusive)”
-lmo suf. “we (inclusive dual)” see -ngo
prep. “(away) from; by agent [of]”
löa n. “(seasonal) year, (lit.) (time of) growth, blooming”
löar n. “(golden) blossom” see lávar
lócë¹ n. “bight, bend, curl of hair”
lócë² n. “snake, serpent” see hlócë
locin adj. “bent”
loëndë n. “mid-year (Númenórean calendar), *(lit.) year-middle”
loi- pref. “mistaken, mistake in ...”
loica adj. “failing, short, inadequate”
loicarë n. “mistaken action”
loico n. “corpse, dead body”
loicolícuma n. “corpse-candle”
loima n. “mistake”
loiparë n. “mistake in writing”
loiquetë n. “mistake in speech”
loita- v. “to miss, fail, fall short of (transitive)”
lomba adj. “blind”
lómë n. “night, dimness, twilight, dusk, darkness”
#lómëa adj. “shadowed, gloomy”
lómelindë n. “nightingale, (lit.) dusk-singer”
lomentie n. “?journey away, departure”
lóna n. “(deep) pool, mere, river-feeding well”
londë n. “(land-locked) haven”
#londië n. “harbourage”
lón(ë) n. “deep pool, river-feeding well” see lóna
#lónë n. “*isle”
#lopoldë n. “rabbit”
lórë n. “dream”
lós [þ] n. “inflorescence, mass of flowers”
lossë¹ n. and adj. “snow, fallen snow; snow-white, snowy”
lossë² n. “inflorescence (of white flowers)”
lossëa adj. “snowy, (snow) white”
losta- v. “to bloom”
lótë n. “flower, single blossom”
Lótessë n. “May, *(lit.) Flower-ness”
lotsë n. “small (single) flower”
lottë n. “small flower” see lotsë
loxa adj. “brown of hair”
-lta suf. “theirs”
-ltë suf. “they”
-ltya suf. “theirs” see -lta
#lucando n. “debtor, one who trespasses” see #lucindo
#lucassë n. “*debt, trespass”
#lucië n. “*debt, trespass”
#lucindo n. “*debtor, one who trespasses”
luhta- v. “to bow”
#luhta n. “*debt, trespass”
luimë n. “flood, floodwater, flooded land; flood tide, high tide”
luinë (luini-) adj. “blue”
#luinincë (luininci-) adj. “bluish”
luita- v. “to flood, inundate, drench”
lumba adj. “gloomy”
lumbo n. “cloud; gloom, dark, shade”
lumbulë n. “dark shadow, heavy shadow; deep in shadow”
lúmë¹ n. “time, period of time, hour”
lúmë² n. “darkness”
lúmequentalëa adj. “historical”
lú(n) n. “*deep pool” see lóna
lúna adj. “*dark”
lunca n. “heavy transport wain”
#lungo (lungu-) adj. “heavy”
lungumaitë adj. “heavy-handed”
luntë n. “boat”
luppo (luppu-) n. “clumsy piece or lump”
luqua n. “heavy transport wain” see lunca
lúva n. “bow (in forming tengwar), bight, bend, curve”
lúvo (lúvu-) adj. “greasy, fat” see hlúvo
-lva suf. “our (inclusive)”
-lvë suf. “we (inclusive)”
-lwa suf. “our (inclusive)” see -lva
-lwë suf. “we (inclusive)” see -lvë
-lya¹ suf. “your (polite)”
-lya² suf. “imperfect participle”
-l(yë) suf. “you (polite)”
lye pron. “you (polite)”
-ma suf. “instrumental”
n. “hand”
ma¹ pron. “something, a thing; anything”
ma² adv. “interrogative particle”
mac- v. “to hew with a sword”
macar n. “swordsman; †forger”
macil n. “sword, forged sword blade, cutting sword”
mahalma n. “throne”
mahta- v. “to handle, wield, use, make use of; to manage, deal with, treat, control”
mahtë n. “management” see mahtië
mahtië n. “management”
mai adv. “well”
mai-¹ pref. “excellent, admirable”
mai-² v. “to have, possess”
Maia n. “(angelic) spirit, the Beautiful”
maica¹ adj. “sharp, piercing”
maica² n. “blade of a cutting tool or weapon (especially sword-blade)”
maina n. “thing of excellence, treasure”
maira adj. “admirable, excellent, precious, splendid, sublime”
mairë n. “art, work of high and beautiful art, process of producing an art work”
mairëa adj. “beautiful (of things made by art), *artistic”
mairia adj. “beautiful (of things made by art)” see mairëa
maita adj. “hungry”
maita- v. “to make with art, design, compose”
maitalë n. “act of doing [artistic] work”
maitar n. “artist; poet”
maitë (maiti-) adj. “handy, skillful; having a hand, handed; shapely”
maitya ? “[unglossed]”
maiwë n. “gull”
Maiya n. “(angelic) spirit” see Maia
mal conj. “but”
malda¹ adj. “yellow, of golden colour” see malina
maldorne n. “golden/yellow tree” see malinornë
málë n. “good health”
málimë (málimi-) n. “wrist, (lit.) hand-link”
malina adj. “yellow, of golden colour”
malinornë n. “mallorn, (lit.) golden/yellow tree”
málo n. “friend, comrade”
malsa ? “[unglossed]”
malta n. “gold (metal), gold as material”
máma n. “sheep”
mamil n. “*mummy”
mammata- v. “to gobble up; to go on eating, gorge oneself”
man pron. “who”
mana pron. “what”
mána n. “blessing, good thing”
manaitë adj. “*blessed, having grace”
manaquenta adj. “*blessed”
mando n. “custody, safe keeping; prison, duress”
manen adv. “how”
manna adj. “*blessed”
#manta- v. “to bless”
manya- v. “to bless”
maqua n. “hand-full, group of five (similar) things; hand (colloquial); closing or closed [hand] (facing down) for taking”
maquanotië n. “decimal system”
#maquet- v. “*to question, ask”
mar- v. “to abide, be settled or fixed”
már (mar-) n. “home, dwelling, habitation”
mára adj. “good, proper”
máralë n. “goodness”
mar(da) (mard-) n. “dwelling, (great) house, residence, mansion, a thing or place dwelt in, home”
márië adv. and n. “well, happily; goodness, good estate, being well, happiness”
máriën n. “goodness” see márië
marta- v. “to define, decree, destine”
martaman (martamn-) n. “dwelling-house” see martan
martan (martam-) n. “dwelling-house”
marto n. “tower”
#massa n. “bread”
massánië n. “Lady, breadgiver”
massë¹ n. “bread” see #massa
massë² n. “handful, portion, share, capacity; the personal measure or capacity of a man, a talent”
masta n. “bread, cake, loaf”
mastima adj. “edible”
mat- v. “to eat”
mátengwië n. “language of the hands”
mátima adj. “edible”
matta n. “food”
#-matya suf. “-eating”
maxë n. “handiness”
maxo n. “mire”
Máya n. “angelic spirit” see Maia
#-më suf. “abstract noun”
me pron. “us (exclusive)”
mecin adv. “please”
#mehtar n. “warrior”
#mel- v. “to love”
méla adj. “loving, affectionate”
mélamar n. “(emotional) home”
melda adj. “dear, beloved”
#meldë n. “*friend (f.)”
#meldo n. “friend, lover”
melehta adj. “mighty”
melehtë n. “might, power (inherent)”
#meletheldë n. “love-sister”
#meletya adj. “mighty” see melehta
#mélië n. “*love, loving”
melima adj. “loving, very affectionate”
melmë n. “love (a particular case [between two people])”
#melotorno n. “love-brother”
#melu n. “honey”
melumatya adj. “honey-eating”
melya- v. “[unglossed]”
men n. “way”
men- v. “to go, proceed, move (generally); to come, arrive”
-men(d-) suf. “a single action” see -mie
#mendë n. “*will”
menel n. “the heavens, firmament, sky”
meneldil n. “astronomer, *(lit.) lover of the heavens”
menelluin adj. “cornflower (colour), *(lit.) sky-blue”
Menelya n. “*Wednesday, Heavens-day”
#menta n. “sending, message”
menta-¹ v. “to send, cause to go (in a desired direction)”
menta-² v. “have as object[ive], (in)tend, proceed, make for, go towards”
mentië n. “passage, journey, direction of travel”
menya pron. “*our (exclusive)”
mer- v. “to hope”
mestanyatsë n. “suffixion”
meter prep. “*for (the purpose of), towards the end”
métima adj. “last, ultimate, final”
metta n. “ending, end”
*mette ? “*end”
Mettelairë n. “August, *(lit.) End-summer”
Metterrívë n. “January, *(lit.) End-winter”
mi prep. “in”
mica prep. “*among” see imíca
mici prep. “among” see imíca
-mie suf. “*noun ending”
miχa adj. “sharp-pointed” see *mixa
#millë n. “?ring”
mimíre adj. “very beautiful” see mimírima
mimírima adj. “very beautiful”
min num. card. “one”
mina prep. and adv. “into, in”
mína adj. “desiring to start, eager to go”
mína- v. “to desire to go in some direction, wish to go to a place, make for it; to have some end in view”
minassë n. “fort, city (with a citadel and central watch tower)”
minasurië [þ] n. “enquiry, *research”
minaþurië n. “enquiry” see minasurië
mindë n. “turret”
mindon n. “(lofty) tower”
minquë num. card. “eleven”
minquesta fraction. “*one eleventh”
minquetyarmë n. “accentuation”
minya ordinal. and adj. “first; eminent, prominent”
miqu- v. “to kiss”
miquelis (miqueliss-) n. “(soft, sweet) kiss”
míra adj. “beautiful, lovely” see mirya
mírë n. and adj. “jewel, gem, precious thing, treasure; precious”
mírëa adj. “jewelled”
miriéla adj. “?sparkling”
mírima adj. “very valuable, very precious, very lovely”
#mirröanwë n. “incarnate”
miruvor n. “special wine or cordial” see miruvórë
miruvórë n. “mead, nectar, special wine or cordial, drink of the Elves, (lit.) precious juice”
mirwa adj. “precious, valuable”
mirya adj. “beautiful, lovely (of works of art only)”
mísë (*mísi-) [þ] adj. “(light) grey”
mista adj. “grey”
mistë n. “drizzle”
mitta prep. and adv. “between”
mitta- v. “to insert”
mittandë n. “infixion, intrusion”
mittanya- v. “*to lead (into)”
#mittar(ë) n. “*entering”
*mixa adj. “sharp-pointed”
-mma¹ suf. “our (exclusive dual)”
-mma² suf. “our (exclusive)”
-mmë¹ suf. “we (exclusive dual)”
-mmë² suf. “we (exclusive)”
-mmo suf. “we (exclusive dual)”
-mo suf. “agental suffix”
mo pron. “one, anyone, someone, somebody”
moia- v. “to labour, be afflicted”
mol- v. “to labour”
mól n. “slave”
molda adj. “big, large”
mólë n. “labour, *work”
#móna n. “*womb”
#mondo n. “ox” see mundo
morë (mori-) adj. and n. “dark, black; darkness, night”
morimaitë adj. “black-handed”
morna adj. “black, dark; black of hair”
mornië n. “darkness, blackness”
motto n. “fen, marsh”
mulë n. “meal”
mundo n. “bull, ox”
mussë adj. “soft”
-n¹ suf. “I” see -n(yë)
-n² suf. “dative”
na prep. “to, towards” see an(a)
interj. “yes, it is so, it is a fact”
ná- v. “to be”
na-¹ pref. “plu-”
na-² pref. “infinitive prefix” see #a-
#nac- v. “to hew, cut”
nacca n. “narrows, defile, pass, cut” see (a)nacca
nácë interj. “it may be seeming, *qualified yes”
náha adj. “narrow”
nahta-¹ v. “to slay; to hurt, injure, wound”
nahta-² v. “to confine, oppress”
nahtana adj. “*slain”
nahte n. “wounding, wound”
nai adv. “maybe; be it that, may it be that; perhaps, it may be, there is a chance or possibility”
nai- pref. “ill, grievously, abominably”
naica adj. “bitterly painful or grievous”
#naicando n. “*sinner”
#naico n. “*sinner”
nainië n. “lament”
#naiqua- v. “*to sin”
naiquet- v. “to curse or blaspheme”
naira¹ [ñ-] adj. “vast, wide, empty”
naira² adj. “dreadful, horrible, unendurable”
naitë adj. “true”
naitië adv. “indeed, truly”
nalda [ñ-] adj. “bright, polished (of metal)”
nalta [ñ-] n. “radiance, glittering reflection”
naltalma [ñ-] n. “heliograph”
nam- v. “to judge”
náma n. “judgment or desire”
namárië interj. “farewell, (lit.) be well, let it be well (to you)”
námië n. “single judgment or desire”
namma n. “claw, talon” see nappa
namna n. “statute”
námo¹ n. “person, somebody (unnamed)”
námo² n. “judge”
nan- pref. “back (again)”
nan (nand-) n. “valley, vale” see nan(do)
nanca adj. “*hewn, slain”
#nancar- v. “to undo”
nanda¹ adj. “?back”
nanda² n. “vale (wide)” see nan(do)
nandë n. “valley” see nan(do)
nan(do) n. “(wide) valley, vale”
nanquer- v. “*to turn back”
nanwa¹ adj. “existing, actual (true)”
nanwa² n. “(large) bowl”
nanwë n. “ebb, lowtide”
nanwen- v. “to return, go/come back”
napan- v. “to add”
nápat n. “thumb and index [fingers] as a pair” see nápo
nápo n. “thumb, (lit.) picker”
nappa n. “claw, talon”
náquet- v. “to assent, agree (on fact); (lit.) to say ‘it is’”
nár n. “fire (as an element)”
Nárië n. “June, *Fire-ness”
Narquelië n. “October, Sun-fading”
Narvinyë n. “January, *New-fire”
narwa adj. “ruddy, red of hair”
nása interj. “yes, it is so” see
násan interj. “*amen, (lit.) may it be so”
násië interj. “*amen, (lit.) may it be so”
nasquë n. “bondage, durance”
nassë n. “nature, true-being; material; person, individual”
nat n. “thing”
náto interj. “it is that; *yes (emphatic)”
nattir- v. “to look back”
nattira- v. “to despise”
nauca adj. “stunted, shortened, dwarf(ed)”
nauco n. “dwarf”
naucon (naucond-) n. “Dwarf” see nauco
naue ? “[unglossed]”
nauro [ñ-] n. “werewolf, wolf (not wild wolves)”
nav-¹ v. “to judge, think [have as an opinion]”
#nav-² v. “to try” see nev-
#náva¹ adj. “hollow”
náva² [ñ-] n. “*mouth (including tongue, lips and teeth), speech apparatus”
#náva-tengwë [ñ-] n. “consonant”
návë n. “being”
#návëa [ñ-] n. and adj. “consonant, *consonantal”
naxa¹ n. “bond, fetter”
naxa² adj. and n. “evil”
-nca suf. “your (plural familiar)”
-ncë suf. “you (plural familiar)”
#-ndacil suf. “-victor, -slayer”
-ndë suf. “feminine agent”
-(n)dil suf. “-friend, -lover; devotion, disinterested love”
-ndo suf. “(masculine) agent”
-ndon suf. “-like, -ily”
-ndor suf. “land, country”
-(n)duinë suf. “(large) river”
-(n)dur suf. “servant; to serve”
adv. “ago, behind (earlier time); yes (it was so)”
nëa adv. “once, at one time” see néya
nec- pref. “without”
néca adj. “pale, vague, faint, dim to see”
neccë n. “angle” see nehtë¹
necel n. “thorn”
*nef- v. “to breathe (air)”
#nefítë adj. “air-breathing”
nehta- v. “to deprive”
nehtano n. “one deprived, exile whose rights and goods have been confiscated”
#nehtar n. “slayer”
nehtë¹ n. “spearhead, gore, wedge, narrow prominitory; angle”
nehtë² n. “honey”
neldë num. card. “three”
neldëa num. ord. “third”
nel(d)esta fraction. “one third”
*nelquë num. card. “*thirteen”
nelquëa num. ord. “*thirteenth”
nelsat fraction. “one third” see nel(d)esta
nelta fraction. “one third” see nel(d)esta
nelya num. ord. “third”
nelya- v. “to thicken, congeal”
nem-¹ v. “to judge”
nem-² v. “*to seem, appear”
nemesta n. “appearance, seeming”
-nen suf. “instrumental”
nén (nen-) n. “water”
néna adj. “wet” see nenda
nenda adj. “wet”
nendë n. “lake”
#nendil n. “beast that lives in the water”
Nénimë n. “February, *Wet-ness”
nenya adj. “wet” see nenda
nér (ner-) n. “man, male person”
nerca adj. “sharp, angular” see nexa
nercë n. “little man”
nerdo n. “large, strong man”
ne(re)sta fraction. “one ninth”
nernehta n. “man-spearhead”
nersat fraction. “one ninth” see ne(re)sta
nertë num. card. “nine”
nertëa num. ord. “ninth”
nésa [þ] n. “sister”
nessamelda n. “species of tree in Númenor, (lit.) beloved of Nessa”
net(ë) n. “one more beyond (the middle)”
neterquë num. card. “nineteen”
!neterquëa num. ord. “nineteenth”
netil n. “trinket, (?small thing) of personal adornment”
nettë n. “(little) girl, sister (diminutive), daughter, pretty little thing”
netya adj. “pretty, dainty”
netya- v. “to trim, adorn”
nev- v. “to try”
nexa adj. “sharp, angular”
néya adv. “once, at one time”
-ngë suf. “we (inclusive dual)” see -ngwë
-ngo suf. “we (inclusive dual)”
-ngwa suf. “our (inclusive dual)”
-ngwë suf. “we (inclusive dual)”
ni pron. “me, I”
prep. “beneath, not touching, under”
níca adj. “little, small”
nícë n. “little finger”
nicu- v. “to be chill, cold, freeze (of weather), snow” see niqu-
nieninquë n. “snowdrop”
nieninquëa adj. “like a snowdrop”
nihtil n. “little [finger]”
-nil suf. “-friend, -lover” see -(n)dil
nílë (níli-) n. “a special concern with or love for”
nillë¹ [ñ-] n. “silver glint; Valinorian imagines [images of real stars]”
#nillë² (nill-) n. “small [woman]”
nilmë n. “love, concern for things other than self for their own sakes”
níma n. “phantom, a seeming” see nimulë
nimpa adj. “drooping, ailing”
nimulë n. “phantom, a seeming”
ninda adj. “wet” see nenda
ninquë (ninqui-) adj. “white; chill, cold; pallid”
#ninquita- v. “to whiten, grow white”
nípa adj. “small (usually with connotation of weakness)”
niqu- v. “to be chill, cold, freeze (of weather), snow”
niquë n. “cold”
niquessë n. “frost-patterns; snowflake, ice-flake; (lit.) chill feather”
niquis (niquiss-) n. “snowflake, ice-flake; petal (loose) of a white flower; frost-patterns”
nir- v. “to press, thrust, force (in a given direction)”
níra n. “will (as a potential or faculty), individual will (in potential)”
nírë n. “force”
nírítë adj. “forceful, exerting great thrust or pressure, driving”
nirmë n. “act of will, exercise of will”
#nis- [þ] v. “*to smell sweetly”
nís (niss-) n. “woman”
#nísima [þ] adj. “fragrant”
nissë n. “woman” see nís
nisto n. “large woman”
#nitya adj. “little”
nixë n. “frost; ice-flake or snow-flake”
-nna suf. “(movement) to, towards, onto, at (arriving at a point); allative suffix”
nó¹ prep. and conj. “before (of time); at back (of place)”
nó² conj. “but” see ono
nöa adj. and n. “former; yesterday; tomorrow”
#noirë n. “tomb”
nólë [ñ-] n. “lore, knowledge, long study”
nolmë [ñ-] n. “knowledge, philosophy (including science), department of wisdom (science, etc.)”
nolmo [ñ-] n. “wise person”
nolya [ñ-] adj. “dark-haired”
#nómë n. “place”
#nómessë n. “place-name”
#nóna adj. “born”
nonda n. “hand especially in (?clutching)”
nonwë n. “calculation, sum”
-nor suf. “land, country” see -ndor
nór (nor-) n. “land”
nor-¹ v. “to run (or leap, of animals or men)”
nor-² [ñ-] pref. “fear”
nordo n. “oak”
nórë n. “land, country; †people, race, tribe”
norië n. “race, running”
nórima adj. “strong/swift at running, swiftly running a course”
normë n. “race, running”
norna adj. “tough, stiff; hard, firm, resistant; thrawn, obdurate”
Norno n. “Dwarf”
norno n. “oak”
noroitë (noroiti-) adj. “(capable of) running”
norolinda adj. “*tripping lightly”
norta- v. “to make run (specially used of riding horses or other animals), ride”
nortil n. “cape (of land)”
nos(së) n. “kindred, family”
nosta- v. “to beget, be begotten”
#nostar n. “parent, begetter”
not- v. “to count”
#notessë n. “numeral”
#nótië n. “*counting”
nótima adj. “countable, limited in number (weight and measure); (colloquial) moderate in amount, some, few, several”
-nqua suf. “our (inclusive dual)” see -ngwa
-nquë suf. “thou-and-I (dual)”
-nta¹ suf. “their”
-nta² suf. “they (neuter)”
-ntë suf. “they”
-ntya suf. “theirs” see -nta¹
-ntyë suf. “you (plural familiar)”
nu prep. “under, beneath”
nú- pref. “going down, setting (of sun), west”
nuhta- v. “to stunt, prevent from coming to completion, stop short, not allow to continue”
nuinë suf. “river” see -(n)duinë
núla¹ [ñ-] adj. “dark, occult, mysterious”
núla² prep. “under [beyond]”
núlë [ñ-] n. “black arts, sorcery”
numba adj. “bent, humped”
númë n. “west” see númen
númen n. “west, direction or region of the sunset, occident, (lit.) going down”
núna adj. “western”
nuquerna adj. “reversed, inverted, *(lit.) under-turned”
-nur suf. “-servant” see -(n)dur
nurru- v. “to murmur, grumble, mumble”
#nurta- v. “*to hide”
nurtalë n. “hiding”
núta- v. “to lower”
nútaite (nútaiti-) adj. “?lowering (naturally), degrading”
nútil (nútill-) n. “under-point”
nútima adj. “*lowerable”
nuxo n. “Petty dwarf”
núya- v. “to descend”
-nwa suf. “passive suffix; active participle (intransitive verbs)”
nwalmë [ñ-] n. “torment”
nwámë [ñ-] n. “wolvish howling”
#nwar- [ñ-] v. “to fret, wear away”
-nwë suf. “we (exclusive dual)” see -mmë¹
-nya suf. “my”
nyar- v. “to relate, recite”
nyárë n. “history, account”
#nyarna n. “long epic tale, story, legend”
nyarnamaitar n. “storyteller, composer of long epic tales”
-n(yë) suf. “I”
nyellë n. “small bell”
-o suf. “of; genitive ending”
o prep. “from”
o- pref. “together”
#ó prep. “with”
öa adv. “away (of movement)”
öa- v. “to possess, own, keep”
öar adv. “away from”
ócama- v. “*to have mercy”
ócom- v. “to gather, assemble”
(o)combë n. “gathering, assembly, assemblage, collection”
ohlon n. “diphthong”
oholima adj. “confidential”
ohta n. “war”
ohtar n. “warrior”
oi adv. “ever, everlastingly” see oi(o)
oia(la) adj. “everlasting, unceasing, without end, for ever”
oialë n. and adv. “forever; everlastingly, eternally, in eternity”
oialëa adj. “eternal”
oiavë adv. “everlastingly” see oialë
oi(o) adv. and n. “ever, everlastingly; an endless period”
oiolairë n. “ever-summer (a species of tree)”
ola- v. “to become”
óla- v. “to dream (impersonal)”
#ólama n. “consonant”
#ólamaitë adj. “consonantal”
olass(i)ë n. “foliage, collection of leaves”
olba n. “branch”
olca adj. “bad, wicked”
olië n. “company, people together”
olla prep. “over [beyond]”
#ollë adj. “*other one”
ollo prep. “away from” see
olmen (olmend-) n. “growth-year”
olmië n. “growth”
oloirë n. “great flood”
oloiya- v. “to inundate, flood”
olor n. “dream, vision”
olos¹ (olós-) [þ] n. “inflorescence, mass of flowers (on one plant)”
olos² (olor-) n. “dream, vision” see olor
olosta adj. “dreamy”
olótë n. “bloom, the flowers collectively of a single plant”
#olva n. “plant, growing things with roots in the earth”
óma n. “voice, resonance of the vocal chords, vowel”
óman (omand-) n. “vowel”
ómatailë n. “vowel lengthening”
ómataima n. “vocalic extension”
ómataina n. “vocalic extension” see ómataima
#ómatehta n. “vowel-sign”
#óma-tengwë n. “vowel-sign”
ombari n. “company, dwellers together”
#ómëa n. and adj. “vowel”
*omen- v. “to move to a common point, meet”
omentië n. “meeting (of pathways), (lit.) coming together of journey-path, meeting or junction of the directions of two people”
ompa adv. see póna
-on¹ suf. “masculine suffix”
#-on² suf. “augmentative, great”
ondo n. “stone (as a material), (large mass of) rock”
ondolunca n. “stonewain”
ondomaitar n. “sculptor in stone”
ondórëa adj. “hard-hearted, pitiless”
onë conj. “but” see ono
ongwë n. “crime”
onna n. “child”
ono conj. “but”
onóna adj. and n. “twin-born; one of a pair of twins”
#onot- v. “*to count up, reckon”
#onótië n. “*reckoning”
onótimo n. “*reckoner”
onta- v. “to beget”
ontalë n. “descent”
ontamo n. “mason (sculptor)”
ontari(l) n. “*mother, (lit.) genetrix”
ontavalië n. “puberty, *(lit.) able to beget”
onwë n. “child” see onna
onya n. “my child”
ópa n. “mouth (opening of which the lips are the edges)”
opo prep. “before, in front (of place); after (of time)”
or prep. “above”
or- v. “to warn, urge, feel an urge/wish/desire”
ora- v. “to warn, urge, feel an urge/wish/desire”
órava- v. “*to have mercy”
orco n. “Orc”
orda adj. “profound”
órë n. “heart (inner mind); warning, caution, (pre)monition”
óricuvoitë adj. “uncommunicative, keeping one’s own counsel (not necessarily sinister)”
orma n. “(physical) matter” see erma
#ormo n. “riser”
orna adj. “high, lofty” see orwa
ornë n. “(tall) tree”
ornemalin n. “[tree] bearing yellow flowers”
ornendur n. “tree-keep, forester, woodsman”
oro n. “mount, mountain, hill”
oro- pref. “up, aloft”
#oroman (oromand-) n. “mountain dweller”
oromar (oromard-) n. “lofty hall, high-mansion, high (lofty) dwelling”
oron (oront-) n. “mountain”
orotinga n. “mountain-top”
orró- pref. “uprising, sunrise, east” see ro-
orróna adj. “eastern”
orta-¹ v. “to raise, cause to rise, lift (up)”
orta-² v. “to rise”
ortil n. “up-point”
#ortírië n. “*patronage, (lit.) watching over (from above)”
orto n. “mount, mountain, hill”
orwa adj. “high, lofty”
orya-¹ v. “to rise”
orya-² v. “*to raise”
oryandë n. “arising”
ósanwë n. “communication of thought, interchange of thought; (lit.) thinking together (dual)”
osco num. card. “seven” see otso
#ostimë n. “blend”
osto n. “fortress, stronghold, strong place”
otoquë num. card. “seventeen”
otos num. card. “seven” see otso
o(to)sta fraction. “one seventh”
otsat fraction. “one seventh” see o(to)sta
otsëa num. ord. “seventh”
otso num. card. “seven”
ovéa adj. “(con)similar, alike”
prep. “touching, against, on (above but touching); as regards, concerning”
pahta¹ adj. “closed, shut, private”
pahta² n. “speech”
pakta- v. “to speak, talk (intransitive)”
palan adj. and adv. “far, wide, afar, distant”
palantímië n. “telepathy” see palanyantië
#palantir- v. “to watch/look afar”
palantír n. “far-gazer, far-seer, (lit.) that which looks far away”
palanyantië n. “telepathy”
palda adj. “wide, broad”
palla prep. and adv. “far beyond”
palta n. “flat of the hand”
palta- v. “to feel with the hand, stroke”
pan conj. “*since”
#pan- v. “*to arrange, set in order”
par- v. “to learn”
parca adj. “naked (of persons)”
parma n. “book, writing, composition, written document of some size”
parmahenta- v. “*to read”
parmahentië n. “(book) reading”
#parma-resta n. “*book-fair”
parmatéma n. “p-series”
parna adj. “bare” see parnë
parnë adj. “bald, bare, naked”
pas- [þ] v. “to smooth”
passa adj. “smooth, glabrous” see pasta
pasta adj. “smooth(ed), sleek, glabrous”
pasta- v. “to smooth, iron”
pata- v. “to walk”
#pataca n. “consonant”
patta adj. “smoothed, sleek”
páva n. “mouth”
#pávatengwë n. “consonant”
n. “(closed) mouth; lip”
*pecco n. “nut”
peccuvo n. “squirrel, (lit.) nut-hider”
pel- v. “to go round, encircle”
pella prep. and adv. “beyond (boundary or limit)”
pelma n. “border, fringe, edge, limiting device”
pelo n. “boundary (fence)”
peltas (peltax-) n. “fence of fixed stakes, a ‘pale’”
#pempë n. “lip”
pen prep. “without, not having”
pen- v. “not to have”
penda adj. “sloping down, (steeply) inclined”
penda- v. “to slope, incline”
pendë n. “steep incline, hill side”
penga- v. “to pout”
penna adj. and n. “lacking; vowel”
penquanta adj. “full to the brim, with mouth full”
penya adj. “lacking, inadequate”
#per- pref. “half”
peresta fraction. “one half”
#Perian (Periand-) n. “Halfling”
perta fraction. “one half” see peresta
n. “small insect, fly”
pia adj. “little”
pic- v. “to lessen, dwindle, wane”
picina adj. “little”
pilinehtar n. “a reed-like plant, (lit.) ?arrow thorn”
pincë adj. “little” see picina
pirë n. “toe”
pirindë n. “flower that opened and shut quickly with any change of light”
pirnë n. “flower that opened and shut quickly with any change of light” see pirindë
pirucendëa adj. “on the point of her toes”
pitya adj. “petty, little”
prep. “before, in front (of place); after (of time)” see opo
pol- v. “can, to be able to”
polda adj. “big”
polë (poli-) n. “meal, grist”
póna adv. “forward”
pono prep. “in front (of place)” see opo
potai conj. “*therefore, (lit.) before which”
poto prep. “in front (of place)” see opo
psar- v. “to rub”
púlima adj. “pourable, liquid”
pupso n. “large fly”
púrëa adj. “smeared, discoloured, bleared”
quácë n. “frog”
quáco n. “crow”
quaican num. card. “*fourteen”
quailepen num. card. “*fifteen” see lepenquë
quain num. card. “ten” see quëan
quainëa num. ord. “tenth”
quainel num. card. “*thirteen” see *nelquë
quainque num. card. “*sixteen”
qual- v. “to die”
quanta adj. “full, filled”
quanta- v. “to fill”
quantemma n. “facsimile, *(lit.) full-picture”
quantolië n. “maturity”
quár(ë) n. “fist, closed hand”
quat- v. “to fill”
quëa n. “vegetable”
quëan num. card. “ten”
#quel- v. “to fade”
#quelië n. “*fading”
quellë n. “late autumn and early winter, (lit.) fading”
quén (quen-) n. and pron. “person, individual, man or woman; one, somebody”
Quendë n. “Elf, (lit.) One That Speaks”
Quenderin adj. and n. “Quendian, of the Quendi, belonging to the Elves as a whole”
quendi n. “female Elf” see Quendë
quendu n. “male Elf” see Quendë
Quendya n. “Elvish” see Quenya
quenelya adj. “of the Elves” see Quenderin
quenna n. “saying, proverb”
quenso n. “minstrel, reciter”
quenta n. “story, narrative, account, history”
quentalë n. “history, narration”
quentaro n. “speaker, reciter”
quentasta n. “historical account”
Quenya n. “Elvish, High-elven, Elf-latin, †speech”
Quenyarin adj. “*of Quenya”
quer- v. “to turn”
#queren (querend-) n. “pivot, revolving centre”
querma n. “spinning wheel, turn-table”
#querna adj. “*turned”
quessë n. “feather”
quessetéma n. “kw-series”
#questa n. “speech, language”
quet- v. “to say, speak, tell”
quetië n. “words”
#quétima adj. “speakable, pronounceable, *able to be said”
quetta n. “word”
qui conj. “if”
quië adv. “whenever” see quiquië
quín(ë) n. “crest, ridge”
quinna adj. “crested”
quiquië adv. “whenever”
quista- v. “to suppose”
quí(ta) conj. “if” see qui
-r¹ suf. “plural suffix”
#†-r² suf. “motion to or towards a point”
rá¹ (ráv-) n. “lion”
rá² prep. “*for, on behalf of”
rac- v. “to break”
#racina adj. “stripped, deprived”
rácina adj. “broken”
raf- v. “to wave, brandish”
raica adj. “crooked”
raima n. “net”
raina¹ adj. “netted, enlaced, caught in a net”
raina² adj. “smiling, gracious, sweet-faced”
rainë n. “*peace, good will”
raita-¹ v. “to make network or lace; to catch in a net”
raita-² v. “to smile”
raiwë n. “lace”
ral- v. “*to return” [created by Elaran]
ráma n. “wing”
ramba n. “wall”
Rána n. “Moon, (lit.) Wayward”
ránasta n. “lunar month”
ranga n. “yard, full pace”
rantala n. “ladder”
ranya n. “erratic wandering”
#ras- v. “to stick out”
rasillo [þ] n. “squirrel”
rassë n. “horn”
ráta- v. “to excel, surpass”
ratta n. “track”
rauca n. “demon” see rauco
rauco n. “demon, powerful hostile and terrible creature”
raumo n. “(noise of a) storm”
rauro n. “lion”
ráva adj. “free, unfettered, uncontrolled, lawless”
rávë n. “roaring noise”
rávëa adj. “roaring”
raxa n. “wain, *wagon”
#raxë n. “*danger”
#-rë suf. “abstract noun”
n. “day (period from sunset to sunset)”
rëa- v. “to make network or lace” see raita-¹
rëa adj. “single”
#rehta- v. “to rescue, save”
rehtië n. “rescue, saving”
#rem- v. “to snare”
remba- v. “to net, entrap”
rembë n. “mesh, net (for catching), hunter’s or fisher’s net”
rembina adj. “entangled, meshed, netted, woven”
remma n. “snare”
resta n. “sown field, tilled ground, acre; *fair”
retto n. “*climber”
ría n. “wreath, garland”
#ric-¹ v. “to try, put forth effort, strive, endeavour”
#ric-² v. “to twist”
rië¹ n. “garland”
rië² adv. “only”
riel(lë) n. “garlanded maiden, maiden crowned with a festive garland”
riendë n. “garland” see rië¹
rihta- v. “to strive” see #ric-¹
ríma n. “fillet, snood”
rimbë n. “host, great number”
#-rin suf. “-ian, racial-adjective, language”
rína adj. “garlanded, crowned”
#rindë adj. “swift”
ringa adj. “cold”
Ringarë n. “December, *Coldness”
rista- v. “*to cut”
#-r(o) suf. “agental suffix”
ro- pref. “uprising, sunrise, east”
adv. “the[?] [?next]”
röa n. “dog”
rocco n. “horse”
#rocindë n. “*debtor, one who trespasses”
#rohta n. “*debt, trespass”
#rohtalië n. “*those who trespass, (lit.) trespass-people”
róma n. “horn”
romba n. “horn, trumpet”
róme n. “east” see rómen
rómen n. “east, uprising, sunrise”
róna adj. “east” see (h)róna
ronda adj. “solid, firm”
rondo¹ n. “vaulted or arched roof, vaulted hall”
rondo² n. “staff (of hardwood)”
ron(go) adv. “soon”
roquen n. “knight, horseman, rider”
#rossë n. “rain; foam”
rotto n. “small grot, tunnel”
ru- pref. “evil-” see hru-
#ruc- v. “to feel fear or horror; *to flee (to)”
rúcare n. “evil-doing” see hrúcarë
rúcima adj. “terrible”
rúcina adj. “confused, shattered, disordered, ruined”
ruhta- v. “to terrify”
ruimen n. “fireplace, hearth”
ruina adj. “blazing, fiery”
ruinë n. “fire, blaze”
ruivë n. “wild fire” see (apa)ruivë
rum- v. “to shift, move, heave (of large and heavy things)”
rúna- v. “to free”
runando n. “*redeemer”
runda adj. “smooth, polished”
runya adj. “fiery red”
rúnya n. “red flame”
rusca¹ adj. “red-brown”
rusca² adj. “wroth” see ruxa
rusco (ruscu-) n. “fox”
ruscuitë adj. “foxy”
rúsë [þ] n. “wrath”
rúsëa [þ] adj. “wrathful”
russa adj. “red-haired”
russë n. “head or pelt of red hair”
ruxa adj. “wroth”
#ruxa- v. “to crumble”
ruxöalë n. “Great Bear-dance”
-rya¹ suf. “his, her, its”
-rya² suf. “their (colloquial)”
-s suf. “he, she, it” see -s(së)
[þ] interj. and adv. “very good, all right, I will, I agree of course, of course I do”
sa¹ pron. and conj. “it (inanimate); that”
sa² pron. “them (inanimate)” see tai¹
sac- [þ] v. “to close”
sahta adj. “marred”
sahta- [þ] v. “to induce”
sahtië [þ] n. “pressure or force (to do something against one’s will or conscience)”
saila adj. “wise”
#sal- v. “[unglossed]”
#sam- v. “to have”
sáma n. “mind”
samna n. “delved hole, pit”
*sámo [þ] n. “helper”
#sampanë n. “combination”
san conj. and adv. “*then, so, thus”
sana adj. “that very thing (already referred to)”
#sana- v. “*to think, reflect”
sanar n. “mind, thinker, reflector”
#sanda [þ] n. “shield”
sandastan (sandastam-) [þ] n. “shield-barrier”
sánë (sáni-) [þ] n. “pine”
sanga [þ] n. “throng, press, pressure”
#sangië n. “necessity, *pressing need or concern”
san na interj. “*amen, (lit.) may it be so” see násan
sanomë adv. “there” see tanomë
sanwë n. “thought, an act of thinking”
sanwecenda n. “thought-inspection, thought-reading”
sanwë-latya n. “thought-opening”
sanwementa n. “thought-sending, mental message”
sáquet- [þ] v. “I will, to agree (to do); (lit.) to say ‘yes’”
#sar (sarn-) n. “stone (small)”
sára adj. “*bitter”
sarat n. “letter (of the Rúmilian alphabet)”
sarda adj. “hard (*as stone)”
sarmë n. “writing”
sarnië n. “shingle, pebble bank”
sarta adj. “steadfast, trusty, loyal”
sarto n. “trusty follower, loyal companion” see satar
sat- v. “to set aside, appropriate to a special purpose or owner”
satar n. “trusty follower, loyal companion”
satya adj. “private, separate, not common, excluded”
sau- pref. “very badly”
saucarë n. “doing or making a thing very badly”
saucarya adj. “evil-doing”
saura [þ] adj. “cruel, evil, vile; stinking, foul; bad, unhealthy, ill, wretched”
#sav- v. “to believe”
-së suf. “he, she, it” see -s(së)
se¹ pron. “he, she, it (animate)”
se² prep. “at, in”
seldë n. “daughter”
selma [þ] n. “fixed idea, will”
sélo [þ] ? “[unglossed]”
seltil n. “daughter [finger name]”
selyë n. “daughter (diminutive)”
#sén n. “child”
sen- v. “to let loose, free, let go”
senna [þ] adj. “short”
senya¹ adj. “usual”
senya² n. “*my child”
#ser- [þ] v. “*to sew”
sercë (serki-) n. “blood”
sercilixa adj. “blood-thirsty”
sérë n. “*peace”
serindë [þ] n. “broideress, needlewoman, *seamstress”
adv. “now”
si¹ adj. and pron. “this”
si² adv. “here” see sís
siar(ë) n. “*today, this day”
sië adv. “thus”
sil- v. “to shine (white)”
silima n. “crystal substance devised by Fëanor”
sillë adv. “like this”
silma n. and adj. “crystal (white)”
silmë n. “starlight”
silmë nuquerna n. “s-reversed”
silo adv. “hence”
silumë adv. “now, (lit.) at this time”
síma n. “imagination, mind”
simen adv. “hither” see sir(a)
sin¹ adv. “*thus”
sina adj. “this”
sinar n. “today”
#sinca n. and adj. “flint”
sincahonda adj. “flint-hearted”
sinda [þ] adj. “grey”
Sindarin [þ] n. “Grey-elven”
sindë (sindi-) [þ] adj. “grey, pale or silvery grey”
Sindel (Sindeld-) [þ] n. “Grey-elf”
sindië [þ] n. “greyness”
sinen adv. “by this means, so”
sinomë adv. “here, (lit.) in this place”
sintamo n. “smith”
sinwa adj. “known, certain, ascertained”
sio adv. “hence” see silo
sír adv. “now” see
sir(a) adv. “hither”
síra n. “*today, this day”
sír(ë) (síri-) n. “river”
sirëa adj. “flowing, liquid”
sirya- v. “to flow”
sís adv. “here”
sisíla- v. “to shine (frequentative)”
sissë adv. “here” see sís
sítë adj. “of this sort”
sívë¹ prep. “*as”
sívë² n. “peace”
sívë³ n. “knowing, knowledge”
söa n. “filth”
soica adj. “thirsty”
sól [þ] n. “?helmet, ?top”
sóla ? “[unglossed]”
solma¹ [þ] n. “?helmet, ?top” see sól
solma² n. “hall, chamber”
solos [þ-] n. “?helmet, ?top” see sól
songa n. “mouth (interior cavity behind the teeth containing the tongue)”
sorna [þ] adj. “steadfast”
sorno [þ] n. “eagle” see soron
soron (sorn-) [þ] n. “eagle”
-ssa suf. “his, her, its” see -rya¹
-s(sa) suf. “3rd person singular neuter”
-s(së) suf. “he, she, it; him, her, it”
-ssë¹ suf. “locative ending”
#-ssë² suf. “abstract noun”
-ssë³ suf. “himself, *herself, itself”
-sta¹ suf. “land, *part”
#-sta² suf. “verbal noun suffix”
-sta³ suf. “your (dual)”
-sta⁴ suf. “their (dual)”
-s(të) suf. “3rd person singular animate”
-stë¹ suf. “you (dual)”
-stë² suf. “they (dual)” see -ttë¹
-stir suf. “face”
-sto suf. “they (dual)” see -ttë¹
n. “sound of wind”
súlë [þ] n. “breath; (movement of) spirit, emission of power (of will or desire)”
Súlimë [þ] n. “March, *Windy-one”
súma n. “hollow cavity, bosom”
sundo [þ] n. “base, root, root-word”
sundóma [þ] n. “determinant vowel, root-vowel”
*sur- [þ] v. “*to seek”
súrë (súri-) n. “wind, breeze”
*surië [þ] n. “*(an act of) seeking”
súriquessë n. “species of grass, (lit.) wind feather”
surya- [þ] v. “to blow (intr.)”
sussë [þ-] n. “puff (of air)”
susta- [þ] v. “to blow (tr.)”
súta- [þ] v. “to blow (tr.)”
-t¹ suf. “dual ending”
-t² suf. “they (object suffix)”
-t³ suf. “you (familiar)” see -tyë
-ta suf. “causative verb suffix”
adv. “then”
ta¹ pron. “that, there”
ta² pron. “them (inanimate)” see tai¹
ta³ adv. and conj. “so, like that, also; and also, then; etcetera”
tai¹ pron. “them (inanimate)”
tai² conj. “that which, what” see ita
tai³ adv. “then” see
#tailë n. “lengthening”
#taima n. “extension”
taina¹ adj. “stretched, elongated”
#taina² n. “extension” see #taima
taitë adj. “of that sort”
tál (tal-) n. “foot”
talan (talam-) n. “flat space, platform”
#talca n. “post, mark”
tal(da) adv. “to the bottom”
tallë adv. “like that”
#talma¹ n. “basis”
talma² n. “flat space, platform”
talo adv. “thence”
talta adj. “tottering, unsteady”
talta- v. “to slip, slide down, fall”
taltil (taltill-) n. “toe, *(lit.) foot-tip”
taltol n. “big toe”
talumë adv. “at that time”
tama pron. “that matter”
taman n. “thing made by handicraft”
tambë prep. “*as, so”
tamen adv. “thither” see tar(a)
tamma n. “tool”
tamna adj. and n. “artificial; artifact”
tamo n. “smith, builder, wright, artificer”
tana adj. and pron. “that”
tana- v. “to show, indicate”
tancal(a) n. “brooch, clasp”
tancarya- v. “*to become firm”
tancata- v. “to make firm, fix, confirm”
tanen adv. “in that way”
taniquelassë n. “*high-white-leaf”
tanna¹ n. “sign, token”
tanna² adv. “thither”
tanomë adv. “there, (lit.) in the place (referred to)”
tanta- v. “to play a harp”
tant(il)a n. “harp”
tanwa n. “sign, token” see tanna¹
tapta adj. “impeded”
-tar suf. “honorific”
tar n. “honorific, sir, madam”
tar-¹ affix. “high”
#tar-² v. “to stand”
tar(a) adv. “thither”
tára¹ adj. “lofty, tall, high”
tára² adj. “wise”
taras n. “a great towering building (fort/city/castle), tower”
tarhanwa n. “throne, (lit.) high seat”
tári n. “queen”
#tárië n. “height”
Tárion n. “alternate name of the last day of the Eldarin six-day week”
táris(së) n. “queenship”
tarma n. “pillar”
tarminas n. “great towering building (fort/city/castle), tower”
tás adv. “there” see tassë
tasar(ë) (tasari-) [þ] n. “willow”
tassa n. “index finger”
tassë adv. “there”
tastil n. “*index finger”
#tata n. “*daddy”
tatya num. ord. “second”
tauca adj. “stiff, wooden”
taura adj. “(very) mighty, masterful; vast, of unmeasured might or size”
taurë n. “forest, (great) wood”
#taurëa adj. “forested”
tautamo n. “carpenter, [wood] carver”
#tav- v. “*to endure”
táva n. “great tree”
te pron. “them”
tëa- v. “to indicate”
tecil n. “pen”
tehta n. “(written) mark, sign, symbol, †written letter”
#tel- v. “to end, finish (intr.)”
telco (?telcu-) n. “leg; stem”
#telconta- v. “to stride, *(lit.) to leg it”
telda adj. “last, final”
telepta adj. “silver”
telluma n. “dome, cupola, vault”
telma n. “conclusion, anything used to finish off a work or affair”
telpë (telep-) n. “silver”
telperin adj. “like silver (in hue or worth)” see telpina
telpina adj. “like silver (in hue or worth)”
#telu adj. “last”
telumë n. “roof, canopy; heaven, sky”
telya- v. “to finish, wind up, conclude (trans.)”
téma n. “series”
ten- v. “to arrive, come to”
tengwa n. “(written) letter; sign, token, indicator”
tengwa- v. “to read written matter”
tengwacilmë n. “spelling”
tengwassë n. “alphabet”
tengwë n. “sign, token, indication; writing”
tengwelë n. “language (general term)”
tengwesta n. “grammar, morphology, system or code of signs, collection of matter concerning writing, *language structure”
tengwestië n. “language [as a concept]”
#tengwië n. “reading; language (*signing)”
tenna¹ prep. “until, up to, as far as, to the point, to reach”
tenna² n. “letter (epistola)”
tenna³ n. “thought, notion, idea”
tennoio adv. “forever”
tensi adv. “already, still, up to now/here; yet [from present]”
tenta adv. “still, yet [past]”
tenta- v. “to point (to/out), indicate; to direct toward, be directed toward; to go forth towards (with object)”
tenya- v. “to arrive, end (not at speaker’s[?] place)”
tér prep. “*so” see tier
ter prep. “through”
tercáno n. “herald”
tercen n. “insight, *(lit.) through-sight”
#tercenya adj. “of insight, *perceptive”
terfantië n. “*temptation”
termar- v. “to stand, *endure, last, (lit.) through-abide”
#terpellië n. “*temptation”
thar- v. “[unglossed]”
-tië suf. “verbal suffix”
tië n. “path, road, way, line”
tier prep. “*so”
tihta- v. “to blink, peer”
tildë n. “a fine sharp point”
tillë n. “tip, point; [within compounds] finger, toe”
tilma n. “point” see tillë
-tima suf. “*-able” see -ima
tin- v. “to spark, glitter”
tinco n. “metal”
tincotéma n. “t-series”
tindómë n. “(starry) twilight, (usually) time near dawn”
tinga- v. “to go (for a long while)”
tinta- v. “to kindle, cause to spark”
tintila- v. “to twinkle, sparkle, glitter, give tremulous light, †tremble”
tinwë n. “spark, [apparent] star”
tir- v. “to watch (over), guard, heed; to look (at), gaze, observe”
tirila adj. “watching (something)”
tírima adj. “able to be watched, observable”
tirion n. “watch-tower”
tirítë (tiríti-) adj. “watchful, vigilant”
#tirmo n. “watcher”
adv. “thence” see talo
to prep. “on, above”
töa n. “wood (as material)”
toina adj. “wood”
tol (toll-) n. “island, (steep) isle” see tollë¹
tolbo n. “big toe; stump, stub; thumb”
toldëa num. ord. “eighth”
toldo num. card. “eight”
tollë¹ n. “island, (steep) isle”
tollë² n. “thumb”
tollo n. “sticker-up” see tolyo
tolma n. “protuberance contrived to serve a purpose, knob, short rounded handle”
to(lo)sta fraction. “one eighth”
tolpë n. “thumb”
tolsat fraction. “one eighth” see to(lo)sta
toltëa num. ord. “eighth” see toldëa
toltil n. “thumb”
tolto num. card. “eight” see toldo
*tolya adj. “prominent”
tolyo n. “sticker-up”
tomba n. “[unglossed]”
tompë n. “[unglossed]”
tóquet- v. “to answer”
#torna adj. “hard”
tornanga adj. and n. “hard-iron, iron hard”
-ttë¹ suf. “they (dual)”
-ttë² suf. “themselves”
tu pron. “them (dual)”
tuilë n. “spring”
tuilérë n. “*spring-day”
tul- v. “to come”
tulta- v. “to send (from point of view of receiver)”
tultaima adj. “*fetchable, summonable”
tulusta n. “advent, arrival”
tulya- v. “*to lead”
tulyandë n. “fetching”
tumba adj. “deep valley”
tumbalë n. “depth, deep valley”
tumbo (tumbu-) n. “deep vale, valley”
tup- v. “to cover”
-tur suf. “master, lord, ruler”
tur- v. “to master, conquer, dominate, win”
túra adj. “big, great”
#turca adj. “strong, powerful (in body)”
#turco¹ n. “chief”
turco² n. “*stronghold”
#túrë n. “*might, mastery”
túrëa adj. “mighty, masterful”
túrin n. “lord”
#túrinasta n. “*kingdom”
#túrindië n. “*kingdom”
turindo n. “purposeful mind, strong will”
turindura adj. “done necessarily”
turmen n. “realm”
turu- v. “to master, defeat, have victory over”
#turúna adj. “mastered” see turu-
turya- v. “*to strengthen”
turyandë n. “fortification”
tutulla- v. “to keep on coming (and going)”
#tuv- v. “to find, discover”
túvima adj. “discoverable”
-twa suf. “their (dual)”
-tya¹ suf. “your (familiar)”
-tya² suf. “their (dual)” see -twa
tyal- v. “to play”
tyalië n. “mirth”
#tyar- v. “to cause”
tyav- v. “to taste”
tyávë n. “*taste”
-tyë suf. “you (familiar)”
tye pron. “you (familiar), thee”
tyelca adj. “hasty”
tyellë n. “grade, order, step (in a stairway or ladder)”
tyelpë (tyelep-) n. “silver”
tyelpetéma n. “palatal series”
tyulma n. “mast”
þá adv. “I agree of course, of course I do” see
þáquet- v. “to say ‘yes’, I will, agree (to do)” see sáquet-
þelma n. “fixed idea, will” see selma
þolon n. “helmet”
þorya- v. “to dread, feel fear”
þossë n. “fear”
þosta- v. “to put to fright, terrify”
þúlë (þúli-) n. “spirit” see súlë
þúna ? “[unglossed]”
#†þur- [þ] v. “*to seek” see *sur-
#†þurië n. “*(an act of) seeking” see *surië
-u suf. “dual ending”
ú- pref. “no, not, un-, in-; hard, difficult, bad, uneasy; hardly, with difficulty, ‘badly’”
ú¹ prep. and adv. “without, destitute of”
ú² particle. “not”
ua- v. “to not be, to not do”
úcalima adj. “dim, murky”
#úcar- v. “*to trespass, do wrong, sin”
#úcarë n. “*sin, debt, trespass”
úcárima adj. “hard to do, difficult”
#úcarindo n. “*sinner”
**úcarnë adj. “not red”
úfantima adj. “not concealable”
úfantuma adj. “not concealable” see úfantima
úfanwëa adj. “not veiled, unveiled”
úχarin adj. “unmarred”
*úharin adj. “unmarred” see †úχarin
uhta- v. “to dislike, feel disgust with, avoid as painful or nasty”
ui interj. “no, it is n[ot]”
ui- v. “to not be, to not do”
uito interj. “it is not that”
#ul- v. “to rain”
*-ula suf. “likelihood or aptitude”
ulca adj. “evil; dark, gloomy, sinister”
#ulcarindo n. “*sinner”
ulco (ulcu-) n. “evil”
ulo (*ulu-) n. “rain”
úlumë adv. “ever, at all times (in a series or period)”
úma- v. “to teem”
úmaitë adj. “clumsy(-handed), unskilled”
úmara adj. “bad, ill-used, evil, sinister”
úmárë n. “not good = evil”
um(ba)- pref. “[unglossed]”
umba n. “swarm”
umbacarin n. “[unglossed]”
umbar (umbart-) n. “fate, doom, curse”
umbarta- v. “to define, decree, destine” see marta-
umbë n. “imminence, threat; premonition, fear, unwelcome expectation”
umbo(n) n. “hill, lump, clump, mass”
-úmë suf. “[large], of quantity”
úmë n. “great collection or crowd of things of the same sort, throng”
úmëa adj. “abundant, swarming, teeming”
úna¹ adj. “deprived of, destitute, forlorn”
úna² ? “*it is not”
únat n. “thing impossible to be or to be done”
undómë n. “twilight, time near evening”
undu prep. and adv. “down, under”
undulav- v. “to drown, swallow, submerge, (lit.) lick down”
undumë n. “abyss”
#únehta n. “*atom”
ungwë n. “spider’s web”
únotë(a) adj. “not counted, uncounted”
únótima adj. “numberless, innumerable, countless, difficult/impossible to count”
unqualë n. “death agony”
unquë n. “a hollow”
#untup- v. “to cover (over or up), (lit.) to cover down”
únyárima adj. “impossible to recount”
uo adv. “together”
úpa adj. “dumb [unable to speak]”
úpa- v. “[unglossed]”
úpahtëa adj. “speechless”
úquétima adj. “unspeakable, impossible to say or put into words, unpronounceable”
úr n. “heat” see úrë
úra¹ adj. “nasty”
úra² adj. “torrid, sultry, unpleasantly hot”
urcarne adj. “hard to make / do” see urucárima
urco (urcu-) n. “bogey, orc”
urda adj. “hard, difficult, arduous”
úrë n. “heat”
Úrimë n. “August, *Hot-one”
urnótima adj. “*difficult to count”
úro n. “*evil, nastiness”
urra adj. “bad”
ursa [þ] n. “rage”
ursa- [þ] v. “to rage”
?urtu n. “death”
ur(u)- pref. “hard, difficult”
urucárima adj. “hard to make / do”
urucarin adj. “made with difficulty”
urulócë n. “fire-serpent, fire-drake”
urunóte adj. “*difficult to count” see urnótima
urus (urust-) n. “copper”
urya- v. “to be hot”
us- [þ] pref. “[wrong] with a bad sense; unsuitable, bad, improper, useless, wrong”
úsahtië [þ] n. “inducement to do wrong, *temptation”
uscarë n. “doing wrong” see uxarë
úsië conj. “on the contrary”
úsir conj. “on the contrary”
usquë n. “dusk, dim light”
uv- v. “*to be going to”
-uva suf. “future tense suffix”
úva- v. “to impend, be imminent, draw near”
úvana adj. “marred”
úvanë(a) adj. “without beauty”
úvanima adj. “not fair, ugly; hard to call beautiful, hideous”
úvanimo n. “monster, corrupt or evil creature”
úvano n. “monster, corrupt or evil creature” see úvanimo
úvië n. “pondering, consideration”
uxarë n. “doing wrong”
úyalë n. “twilight” see yúyal
vá- pref. “negation (refusing or forbidden)” see ava-²
-va suf. “possessive or adjectival ending”
va prep. “(away) from”
interj. and adv. “will not, do not, shall not”
vailë n. “wind”
vailima adj. “windy”
vaina [w] adj. “blonde, fair of hair”
vaire adj. “?wavy”
vaiwë n. “wind” see vailë
Vala n. “(Angelic) Power, ‘God’, Authority”
vala- v. “to have [divine] power”
Valanya n. “*Friday, Vala-day”
valca [w] adj. “fierce, ferocious”
valda [w] adj. “excited, wild”
Valië n. “Female Vala”
valmë [w] n. “excitement, emotion”
valta- [w] v. “to excite, rouse, stir up”
valwistë [w] n. “change of mind”
valya- [w] v. “to be excited (moved)”
vana adj. “fair-haired (yellow to golden)” see vanya
vanda n. “oath, pledge, solemn promise”
vanë (vani-) adj. “fair”
vanessë n. “beauty”
vangwë n. “storm; blow”
vanië n. “beauty”
vanima¹ adj. “beautiful, fair”
vanima² n. “beautiful one, fair one”
vanimalda adj. “most beautiful, exceeding fair; thou beautiful”
vanimelda adj. “beautiful and beloved, elven-fair”
vanwa adj. “gone, lost, departed, vanished, past, over, no longer to be had, passed away, dead”
vanya adj. “fair, beautiful, unmarred; fair-haired (yellow to golden)”
vanya- v. “to pass”
váquet- v. “to refuse, forbid, prohibit; (lit.) to say no, to say ‘I will not or do not’”
var adv. “*from, away to”
varanda adj. “sublime”
vardarianna n. “fragrant evergreen tree”
*varnë (varni-) adj. “russet, brown”
vasar [þ] n. “veil”
vasarya- [þ] v. “to veil”
váva n. “*wind”
vávëa adj. “(con)similar, alike” see ovéa
váya n. “ocean, sea”
váya- v. “to blow”
-vë suf. “abstract noun, adverb”
ve¹ prep. “as, like, similar, after the manner [of]”
ve² pron. “us (inclusive)”
vëa¹ adj. “seeming, apparent”
vëa² n. “wind” see vailë
vecca adj. “active”
vehtë n. “[a span of] life; habitat, haunt”
vehtequentalë n. “biography”
véla adj. “*alike, having a likeness or similarity”
velca adj. “large, great, big”
vendë [w] n. “maiden, *virgin”
vendelë [w] n. “maidenhood”
vénë n. “*virgin”
#vénëa adj. “*virginal”
vëo n. “living creature”
véra adj. “personal, private, own”
veri n. “wife”
verta- v. “to give in marriage (a) to (b), take as husband or wife (to oneself)”
veru n. “husband”
verya- v. “to marry (of husband and wife), be joined to”
veryanwë n. “wedding”
vi pron. “us (inclusive)” see ve²
vilva adj. “fluttering to and fro”
vilvarin (vilvarind-) [w] n. “butterfly”
vilvarindëa [w] adj. “like a butterfly”
vilya [w] n. “air, sky”
vínë n. “youth”
vingë [w] n. “foam, spindrift, spray”
#vingil (vingild-) [w] n. “*nymph, mermaid, foam-maid”
vinimetta n. “end of youth”
vinimo [w] n. “baby, little-one”
vinta- [w] v. “to scatter, blow about”
vinya adj. “young, new”
vinyamo [w] n. “youngster”
vinyarë n. “youth”
Víressë n. “April, *Freshness”
virya- v. “to change, alternate”
vista- v. “to change (transitive)”
*vistë [w] n. “change”
vorë adv. “*always”
vórima adj. “faithful”
voronda adj. “faithful, steadfast (in allegiance, in keeping oath or promise)”
voronwë n. “steadfastness, loyalty, faith(fulness)”
wa- pref. “together” see o-
walda adj. see valda
walmë n. “excitement, emotion” see valmë
walta- v. “to excite, rouse, stir up” see valta-
walwistë n. “change of mind” see valwistë
walya- v. “to be excited (moved)” see valya-
waya n. “ocean” see váya
-wë suf. “ancient name suffix (usually but not always masculine)”
wendë n. “maiden” see vendë
wendelë n. “maidenhood” see vendelë
wenya adj. “fair, beautiful”
were- v. “to weave”
wilwa adj. “fluttering to and fro” see vilva
wilwarin (wilwarind-) n. “butterfly” see vilvarin
wilwarindëa adj. “like a butterfly” see vilvarindëa
wilya n. “air, sky” see vilya
winë (wini-) n. “baby, little-one, child not yet full grown”
wing(a) n. “foam, spray” see vingë
wingë n. “foam, spindrift, spray” see vingë
wingil (wingild-) n. “*nymph, mermaid, foam-maid” see #vingil
win(i)cë n. “baby, little-one” see vinimo
winima adj. “childish”
winimo n. “baby, little-one” see vinimo
winta- v. “to scatter, blow about” see vinta-
winyamo n. “youngster” see vinyamo
wirnë n. “change”
†*wistë n. “change” see *vistë
-xa suf. “your (dual)” see †-cca
-xë¹ suf. “reflexive verbal inflection”
-xë² suf. “you (dual)” see †-ccë
xiétë (xiéti-) adj. “passing, impermanent”
ya pron. “which, that (relative pronoun)”
conj. “when”
-ya¹ suf. “adjective suffix”
-ya² suf. “suffix of endearment”
-ya³ suf. “his, her, its (colloquial)”
-ya⁴ suf. “verbal suffix”
yaimë n. “wailing”
yaimëa adj. “wailing”
yal- v. “to summon”
yallë adv. “as, in the same way as, like”
yan conj. and adv. “*as”
yána adj. “wide, vast, huge”
yanda adj. “wide”
yanta n. “bridge”
yanwë n. “joining”
yára adj. “old, ancient”
yarra- v. “to growl, snarl”
yáva n. “*fruit” see yávë
yavannamírë n. “Jewel of Yavanna”
Yavannië n. “September, *Yavanna-ness”
yávë n. “fruit”
yávië n. “autumn, harvest [time or act]”
yáviérë n. “*autumn-day”
-ye suf. “and (pairs)”
ye pron. “who”
interj. “lo!, what a ..., what is more”
yëa interj. “what is more” see
yeldë n. “daughter”
yén n. “Elvish long year (144 solar years)”
yénië n. “annals”
yermë n. “sexual desire (for marriage and procreation)”
yesta n. “beginning”
yo conj. “both ... and”
#yo- pref. “together (used in words describing the union of three or more things)”
yó(m) prep. “[together] with”
yomenië n. “meeting, gathering”
yón (*yond-) n. “region” see yondë
yonda¹ adj. “enclosed”
yonda² adj. “wide, roomy, extensive”
yondë n. “region, any fairly extensive region with well-marked natural bounds”
yondo n. “son, boy”
yonna adj. “enclosed” see yonda¹
yontil n. “boy, son [finger name]”
yonwa n. “fence, border, boundary”
yonyo n. “(big) boy, son”
yor- v. “to enclose, set bounds to/about”
yosanwë n. “(pl.) congruence”
yu- pref. “both”
yul- v. “to drink”
yulda¹ n. “drink, draught, thing drunk; cup”
yulda² adj. “drunk”
yúlima adj. “drinkable”
yulma n. “cup, drinking vessel, drinking implement, goblet”
yulmë n. “drinking, carousal”
yuluitë (yuluiti-) adj. “drinking (as a habit), *aquatic”
yulunefítë adj. “amphibious, *(lit.) drinking-breathing”
yunquë num. card. “twelve”
yunquenta num. card. “thirteen” see yunquentë
yunquentë num. card. “thirteen”
yunquesta fraction. “*one twelfth”
yúyal n. “twilight”
yúyo adj. “both”